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Player ratings: Philadelphia Union 1-0 Columbus Crew

Photo: Stephen Speer

The Philadelphia Union continued their strong run of form in MLS play with another win at home, this time over the Columbus Crew. Philadelphia was heavily out-possessed by the Crew but came away with the win thanks to a goalkeeper error by Eloy Room.

On to the ratings.

Player Ratings

Andre Blake – 8

Despite facing more shots than usual, Blake had some easy saves for the most part. Made the one big save on the Lucas Zelarayan free kick. Luckily wasn’t seriously injured when he banged into the post.

Nathan Harriel– 6

Another good outing from the young right back, had a chance for his first goal but headed it wide on the corner. Wasn’t caught out for any major defensive issues, did well handling Pedro Santos on his side.

Jack Elliott – 7

A pretty good afternoon for Elliott, did well to step up and clear away any loose balls. Wasn’t caught out defensively except on the one counter attack Columbus had off a corner kick. Another clean sheet boosts his score.

Jakob Glesnes– 7

Similar to Elliott, wasn’t caught out defensively at all. Blocked a few shots and didn’t give away any dangerous free kicks.

Kai Wagner– 6

A good outing for Wagner, got up in the attack and helped recover defensively. Misplayed some passes but none that really hurt the team.

Leon Flach – 5

Had some nice defensive recoveries but had trouble linking passes in the midfield. Gave away the foul leading to the dangerous free kick that forced a save out of Blake.

Alejandro Bedoya – 5

A lot of running for the captain but not much other than that. Had some good looks on offense but went for goal instead of looking for an open teammate.

Daniel Gazdag – 6

More of a 6.5 for Gazdag, but rounded him down to a 6 for missing a few chances. Showed a lot of hustle to set up some chances but finishing left some to be desired.

Jose Martinez – 7

Gave Martinez an extra point for technically setting up the lone goal of the match, even if he didn’t do much to cause it. Provided a good defensive and physical presence in a match that needed.

Julian Carranza – 5

Wasn’t much for Carranza to do on the day, but was willing to shoot when he got the ball. An off day in a recent run of good form for the Argentine.

Mikael Uhre – 6

Like Gazdag, the big Dane got himself in good positions but was lacking in the finishing department. A good first start for the new Designated Player, who seems to be integrating with the team well.


Cory Burke – 5

A short 30 minute stint for Burke, who didn’t have much to do and chose to tie his shoe at a unfortunate time.

Quinn Sullivan- N/A

A short 15 outing to see out the win.

Paxten Aaronson – N/A

Played the final 4 minutes to see out the win.

Player of the Match – Andre Blake

Has to go to the goalkeeper who made a terrific save to stop Zelayran. Captured his 4th straight clean sheet and battled through injury.

Geiger Counter

Armando Villarreal   – 6

A good outing for Villarreal, who kept the game under control for the most part and gave out cards when necessary.


  1. Andy Muenz says:

    I thought this was an “opposite” game for Martinez. Usually he is solid but makes one or two blunders that either result in a card or a chance for the other team. Saturday he had one shining moment on offense taking the ball down the sideline but then was somewhat mediocre the rest of the game.
    I’d probably dock Villarreal a point for not giving a yellow when Uhre was fouled by an elbow 10 seconds into the match. I know it was early but a yellow is a yellow. Also, some of the Columbus fouls could have been given yellows as professional fouls preventing counterattacks.

    • It was “opposite day” for el Brujo in that not only did he show some offense … he was the one telling teammates to stop arguing with the refs.
      Plus….he didn’t get a card, which should boost his number some….

  2. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Stephen Speer’s photo of Blake saving Zelarayan’s FK is well done!

  3. soccerdad720 says:

    Is it me, or does Burke seem simply lazy? I am not a fan.

    It seems he just wants to work, when he MIGHT get he ball. Tracking back, marking up on offense, creating the press…? not so much…

    • I don’t think that Burke is lazy–in fact, just the opposite. I saw him running a lot during his 30 minutes of play. He also brings physicality in the box and in the air. Unfortunately, he is not very good with the ball at his feet as his somewhat blundered 2 on 1 demonstrated. When he is on defense, he is towards the midfield line looking for the break–that seems to be how the Union are playing offense this year.

      • In what way do you think he blundered the 2 on 1? He passed to Gazdag, who unfortunately didn’t finish. Imo Cory did exactly what you’re taught to do there, which is force the defender to commit to either the pass or the shot and then do the opposite.

  4. Gazdag and Uhre were both a little unlucky not to score- Room made excellent/lucky saves on both from close range.

    Carranza’s running really impressed me live, he’s a great fit for our pressing system. It’s clear he buys into it and it’s already led to a goal vs. CLT.

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