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News roundup: Union win, Charlotte get first win, Aaronson injured

Photo: Marjorie Elzey

Philadelphia Union 

The Union earned their first win in the Bronx, a 2-0 result on Saturday afternoon. 

What they’re saying in the Big Apple.

National coverage of the match. 

Video highlights of the match available here. 

The Union will host Charlotte next weekend.


Charlotte FC earned it’s first win, a 3-1 win over New England. 

Atlanta United is set to add another forward. 

Seattle flexed their depth in a win against Austin. 

Dax McCarty has offered an apology after his red card. 

Chicago Fire had a breakout game from their new stars. 


Manchester City is on their way to the FA Cup semi-final. 

Crystal Palace will join them at Wembley.

Brenden Aaronson suffered an injury with Salzburg, but is still reporting to USMNT camp.

Jesse Marsch and Leeds earned another win to keep climbing up the table. 

Arsenal kept pace with a 1-0 win over Aston Villa.


  1. Chris Gibbons says:

    It’s nice that Dax apologized, but he knew exactly what he was doing. That’s the kind of play that gets guys in amateur leagues a lifetime ban and the kind of thing that if he did to someone on the street would get him jail time.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      I disagree a bit. The guy appears to be a stand up athlete with a clean service record thus far after a lot of years in the crucible. IMO he was clearly backheeling the ball and blew a fuse. It seems the civilization in general is frayed a bit.
      Time served.

      • Deez Nuggs says:

        Beg to disagree. The chances of getting the ball free, hugged like that, is nil. Chances of dishing some pain? 100%. He knew what he was doing, and did so with anger. Not sure why it got the best of him, because his history has been better. But a couple extra matches banned are well deserved.

      • Chris Gibbons says:

        I’m glad you disagree with me. I can’t stand that stuff on the soccer field and genuinely think the Union would have been better with Dax almost every year he’s played. I don’t believe he was trying a back heel though but agree with the fraying of civilization. Onward, I guess.

  2. John P. O'Donnell says:

    The team is starting to take shape and Gazdag looks quite comfortable playing the ten. Quinn Sullivan getting real minutes closing out a clean sheet in one of NYCFC’S four home stadiums is big going forward towards his confidence. Still looking for the two DP’S to start together down the line makes you wonder if there is another level they can reach.

  3. Union next play in 2 weekends

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    …and once more for those in the back, FUC.KING Dude Wipes
    It would not be that far from a Portland Thorns player having Carefree on the side of her jersey. It’s very nearly insulting.
    Dude Wipes. This is a franchise backed by GaZILLIONAIRES… and someone thought it was a brite idea..to put a logo on the side of a professional jersey abs around the banner of a stadium that trumpets a solution for ‘Shituations’
    As New York North Jersey ….as it gets.
    I’m done here.

  5. Deez Nuggs says:

    Did anyone else read the NYC version of the story?? They spend multiple paragraphs defending their playoff win… ‘the star on the NYC jersey is not an asterisk’ and ‘it does not mean Philly would have won’, etc. Which tells me one thing OH IT IS ABSOLUTELY AN ASTERISK AND THEY KNOW IT!

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