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In pictures: NYCFC 0-2 Philadelphia Union

It was an overcast day when the Philadelphia Union traveled to Yankee Stadium to take on NYC FC.

This was a matchup that many Union fans have been waiting for since the end of last season when 11 of the team’s starters were not able to play in the Eastern Championship. For this “rematch,” the field became a battleground to prove a point and seek redemption.

Captain Alejandro Bedoya and Kai Wagner received and gave remarks to the crowd, while Daniel Gazdag bantered with other players throughout the match. A total of eight yellow cards were issued, four to each team. A red card was given to Jack Elliot – but it was rescinded after VAR determined there was a handball prior to the foul. A scrum happened in the second half when mercurial striker Taty Castellanos tried to take the ball from Union goalkeeper Andre Blake. A pushing and yelling match proceeded the first exchange between the two and near the end, Castellanos head butted Wagner.

No one was carded or sent off and play resumed.

The fire was not only on the field but between the fans and supporters groups as well. With the Union earning their first win at Yankee Stadium, combined with last season’s ending, a fierce rivalry has been born.

With the this win, the Union are in first place in the Eastern Conference and are unbeaten in their first four matches.

The pictures

A collage of head coaches, Jim Curtain and Ronny Deila, teams and the game ball during pregame festivities.


Julián Carranza, along with the players for the match, enter the field via the dugout at the start of the game.


Sergio Santos is focused under pressure from Alexander Callens.


José Martínez anticipates the trajectory of the ball headed by Maxi Moralez


Nathan Harriel defends Talles Magno as he receives the ball.


Ted Unkel marks the spot for the free kick after Julián Carranza was fouled.


Maxi Moralez gives a thumbs up to goalkeeper, Sean Johnson before the free kick.


Sergio Santos is held by Malte Amundsen before a corner kick.


Jack Elliot bursts through the line trying to get his toe on the ball in front of the net on a corner kick.


Ted Unkel issues a yellow card, one of 8 yellows cards given during the match.


Goal celebration after Alejandro Bedoya put one in the net putting the Union up in the first 15 minutes of the game. This is Bedoya’s 156th start and his 18th goal for the club.


The Sons of Ben celebrate Beodya’s goal with their own version of the DOOP song.


Maxi Moralez tries to take out José Martínez leg as he receives the ball midfield.


Sergio Santos wins a header against Keaton Parks in the first half of the game.


The players discuss the red card given to Jack Elliot in the first half. The card was retracted due to Santiago Rodríguez’s handball prior to the contact with Elliot.


Maxi Moralez is defended by both Sergio Santos and José Martínez.


A photo from field level of the players in the stadium.


An amazing cross in front of the net by Nathan Harriel led to the Union’s second goal by Daniel Gazdag.


Julián Carranza and Sergio Santos react to Nathan Harriel’s connection with Daniel Gazdag. Sean Johnson also reacts but with disbelief.


Nathan Harriel reacts after he crossed the ball in front of the net for Daniel Gazdag to finish for the second goal of the day.


Daniel Gazdag celebrate with teammates Sergio Santos and Nathan Harriel


Sergio’s face says it all!


Alejandro Bedoya takes a minute to congratulate Nathan Harriel on his assist.


Sergio Santos was called offside on this goal which would have taken the Union to 3 goals.


Daniel Gazdag waves his finger at sideline judge, Kathryn Nesbitt, as she called Sergios goal “no good”.


Leon Flach is tackled by Talles Mango, who received a yellow card for the dangerous play.


Andre Blake makes a save. He kept a clean sheet during the game, his 2nd consecutive on the year.


A scrum broke out in the second half of the game, surprisingly, no one was issued a card.


Sergio Santos continues to keep possession even late in the second half of the game.


The supporter’s section for NYC FC lost its momentum in the second half of the game.


Maxi Moralez grabs Cory Burkes shirt, keeping him from the ball.


Cory Burke avoids a slide tackle by Maxi Moralez.


Cory Burke and Thiago Martins battle for the ball while Alfredo Morales comes in for a slide tackle.


José Martínez wins the pushing match and the ball against Maxi Moralez.


Valentín Castellanos defends Daniel Gazdag’s attempt at another goal.


Daniel Gazdag and Valentín Castellanos exchange words after the play.


Kai Wagner salutes the Sons of Ben after the game.


A young fan supporting the Union is with his Dad who is wearing a NYC FC jersey.

The MLS will be on an International break until April 2nd when the Union return take on Charlotte FC at Subaru Park.


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