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News roundup: Monteiro on the move?

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

It appears the Union are sending Jamiro Monteiro to the San Jose Earthquakes for allocation money.

The Union earned a 2-1 win over Montreal in their latest preseason game.

MLS has launched the “Our Soccer” campaign for 2022.


Austin and Dallas picked up wins in their latest preseason matches. 

Taty Castellanos does not appear to be leaving NYCFC.

Charlotte’s coach says the team is “screwed” based on its current roster. 

Jozy Altidore is getting closer to joining the New England Revolution. 

Who are the most expensive incoming transfers in MLS history?


Manchester United were held at home by Southampton. 

Chelsea and Cristian Pulisic are Club World Cup Champions. 

Everton secured a big win over Leeds.

Bayern Munich was shocked by Bochum. 

While Borussia Dortmund cruised past Union Berlin. 


  1. John P. O'Donnell says:

    Now why oh why would they want an international spot to give them two extra ones?

    • Gotta think there’s one or two more guys on their way in, especially if they can dump Monteiro’s salary since he doesn’t seem to want to be in Philly anyway.

  2. … or to send Miro further away from his family?

    Has to be more to this, based on his last summer seeking a transfer due to family immigration issues… and in the middle of spring training with Uhre still NOT in house yet.

    Immigration issues seem to be a challenge for the Union. Think back…. too many times to be coincidental.

    Can’t wait for 26th, no matter who takes the field.

    PS…. New kit?

    • Not really. The Brotherly Game dug into this:

      “Found that of 12 international signings in MLS the week Mikael Uhre signing was announced, 6 still have visas pending.

      Marinos Tzionis (SKC), Ruben Gabrielsen (Austin FC), Miloš Degenek (Columbus Crew), James Igbekeme (Columbua Crew) and Alan Velasco (FC Dallas) are the others.”

  3. Given the transfer fee they paid for him and how much higher his value seems now, it seems like they are not getting enough for Monterio, especially given that it is an in league transfer.

    • John P. O'Donnell says:

      I think the value is getting rid of a player who is not all in for the team. For me he’s no Bedoya when it comes to being a DP who makes players around him better. To many times I watched him slow down the attack and give away an advantage. It got to the point that I thought Kacper stopped making runs because he didn’t think he would get the ball. I think Gazdag playing the ten was the final straw for Monteiro and wish him luck out West.

  4. My read is that Tanner will not easily hand out long-term deals to players who have reached their top level and will turn 30 during the deal. That would be consistent with the underlying business plan of the Union. They are not going to make back more money from selling such a player on.
    Supporting my theory is how they handled re-signing Ilsinho. Tanner got as close to year-by-year as he could, and Ilsinho clearly didn’t like it because I doubt his sister spoke out in defiance of instruction.
    And it’s not just Tanner. Remember Carlos Valdes.

    • John P. O'Donnell says:

      If that’s true I support it all the way as a brilliant strategy. Let’s look at Ilsinho. He went from casual starter to secret weapon late in games to injury riddled and playing very little. He also started out fat and out of shape wasting a season of his prime. Came back slimmed down but at the tail end of his career. His last three years he featured 30/20/5 games for the season. Looks like Tanner made a good call. I’ll agree he’s a club legend but in a salary budgeted league I believe he was treated fairly.
      For me he is in the top ten list at number five of all time Union players.
      Le Toux

    • I think it’s part of a bigger strategy where if Tanner believes a player’s salary or playing time demands exceed his evaluation of the player, he transfers them for the best available offer. We’ve had a lot of good players leave the Union under his watch. Keegan Rosenberry, Auston Trusty, Kacper Przybylko and now Jamiro Monteiro leave at points where they still had a lot to offer the club. While the jury is still out on Monteiro and Przybylko, the club didn’t really suffer for losing Rosenberry or Trusty despite their obvious talents. Especially with Trusty, it would have been nice to have gotten a slightly higher return, but for the most part, the Union have done fine at Center Back and Right Back. I imagine we’ll see a similar story with Monteiro.

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