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CASA Soccer League: Matchweek 3 – Fall 2021

Photo courtesy of CASA Soccer League

Philadelphia’s biggest soccer league is back in swing and another wild week of CASA Soccer League action is in the books.

As always, Philly Soccer Page is here to bring you all of CASA’s 11v11 Fall season results. A big thank you continues to be in order to CASA’s chief executive, Nolan Bair, the CASA writing team, and all the captains for their continued communication and camaraderie throughout the season!




Brothers of the Gourd 1 – 2 Roy Kent FC

A couple of teams looking for their first win of the season met very early at Marcus Foster Stadium. The game started with Roy Kent only fielding 10 players, which Brothers of the Gourd tried to take advantage of early as they created multiple chances but were unable to finish them until their #10 Kivimaki finally broke the deadlock in the 28th minute. Roy Kent FC finally got an 11th player in the field, which allowed them to hold off the attacks from Brothers of the Gourd better and allow them to even tie the game before the half on a counter attack finished by #8 Osorio in the 41st minute. During the second half Brothers of the Gourd still enjoyed most of the possession and even had a couple more chances that they could not capitalize while Roy Kent FC defense was here, there, and everywhere to hold off. Eventually, after holding off Brothers of the Gourd for 80 minutes,  Roy Kent FC managed to get another counter attack and once again it would be #8 Osorio who would find himself in the end of it putting the ball in the back of the net to get his team their first win of the season. Roy Kent FC will look to build up off this resilient effort next week when they meet SJ Gentlemen. Meanwhile, Brothers of the Gourd will have to wait at least until next week when they face Barenjager SC to try and get their first points of the campaign.

Goals:  Brothers: #10 Kivimaki (28’)
             Roy Kent #8 Osorio (41′, 80’)
Yellow Cards:  #10 Brothers Kivimaki
MoM,(Man of Match):  Roy Kent FC:  Osorio

Barenjager SC 2 – 2 Liberty City FC

Coming in with 3 points each, Barenjager SC and Liberty City were ready to face off in an afternoon game at Bristol Municipal Park. Liberty City looked like the better team in the first half as they controlled the game early and jumped to an early lead scoring twice just 13 minutes into the game, with the goals coming from #22 Lomkong and #11 Rodgers. The game took a 180 in the second half with Barenjager SC showing no intention of putting their arms down and bagging 2 goals close to another when #22 Goodwill scored in the 59th minute, followed by #23 Thomas in the 61st. A very contested game continued on that way until the end as neither team was able to find a game winning goal after being very equal through 90 minutes of action. The result leaves both teams with 4 points so far. Barenjager SC will try to make it 3 undefeated games in a row when they face Brothers of the Gourd next week while Liberty City will face Washed Up United looking for 3 points.

Goals: Barenjager SC – #22 Goodwill (59’), #23 Thomas (61’)
Liberty City – #22 Lomkong (11’), #11 Rodgers (13’)
Cards: No Cards
MOTM:Barenjager SC #23 Thomas

Kensington SC Blue Bells 2 – 9 Washed Up United

It was goals galore at Bristol Municipal Park when Washed Up United faced Kensington SC Blue Bells. After dropping points to a late game-winner last week, Washed Up United were ready to turn things around and Kensington Blue bells were just unlucky to be on the other side of the coin. Washed Up scored first through #7 Ozdeimer at the 18th minute, followed by two quick hitters from #14 R. Logar and #10 MacKinnon in the 34th and 36th minute. Kensington SC got on the board a few minutes later with a goal from #28 Haun and the first half ended with a 2-goal lead for Washed Up United. The second half was action packed and after allowing a team to come back last week, Washed Up United had no intention of letting that happen again. They scored their 4th goal at the 58th minute which opened the floodgates as they scored again 5 more times in the second half for a total 9 goals. Kensington Blue Bells scored their 2nd in the 85th minute through #8 Campos but it would clearly not be enough to get them points. Kensington Blue Bells will look to put this game behind them and have a better outing next week when they face Bluestar Legends. Washed Up United will look to ride the high scoring wave to their next match against Liberty City FC.

Goals: Kensington Blue Bells: #28 Haun (38’) , #8 Campos (85’)
Washed Up United: #7 Ozdemier(18’,58’), #14 R. Logar (34’,84’), #10 MacKinnon (36’), #18 T. Logar (65’,87’) #9 Marino (66’), #4 Connolly (73’)
Yellow cards: No Cards
MOTM: Washed Up United #7 Ozdemier

Cracovia 0-3 SJ Gentleman

A couple of teams coming with very different form as undefeated SJ Gentleman faced winless Cracovia at Bristol Municipal Park. SJ Gentleman was the better team throughout the game and opened up the scoring midway through the first half through #12 Warwick. SJ Gentleman enjoyed a lot of scoring opportunities but were unable to convert on many occasions due to a great showing from Cracovia’s goalkeeper Kluczynski. Unfortunately for Cracovia, Kluczynski would suffer an injury in the second half after coming out for a 50-50 ball and had to leave the game. During the second half, SJ Gentleman continued dominance and were able to extend their lead, first through #17 Gluck in the 57th minute, and later through #23 Green in the 82nd to seal the win and secure their 3rd win of the season. SJ Gentleman will look to keep their goal unbeaten for the 4th straight game to extend their winning streak next week when they face Roy Kent FC. Meanwhile, Cracovia will look to get their first points next week when they face Fishtown FC.

Goals: SJ Gentleman – #12 Warwick (33’), #17 Gluck (57’), #23 Green (82’)
Yellow Cards: Cracovia – Blackburn (37’), Kluczynski (25’)

Man Of The Match: Cracovia Kluczynski

Berber United 1-0 Fishtown FC

Two teams that expect to be playoff contenders in the division this year met at Bristol Municipal Park early on Saturday in a very contested matchup. Berber United came into the game undefeated in its first two games while Fishtown FC was coming from a very contested game against SJ Gentleman that they ended up losing by a goal. It was a very well played, intense match with both teams looking to attack. Berber United got ahead with a goal by #22 Vlacidy in the 39th minute to bring its team ahead before the half. The game continued in the second half with the same level of intensity and Fishtown looking for an equalizer. A turning point in the game came in the 77th minute when #5 Pardo of Fishtown Fc saw its second yellow card of the game, leaving his team down a man and still down a goal on the scoreboard. With the man advantage, Berber United were able to hold on to their lead until the last whistle to extend their winning streak to 3 games and remain among the top teams in the standings. They will look to extend that winning streak to 4 when they face another undefeated team in Oaklyn United. For Fishtown they will look to turn things around after two tough losses when they face Cracovia next week.

Goals: Berber United – #22 Vlacidy (39’)
Cards: Berber United – #5 Akouba (Yellow 60’)
Fishtown FC – #5 Pardo (Yellow 66’), #5 Pardo (2nd yellow/red 77’)
MOTM: #5 Akouba




Philly Falcons 2 – 2 Leaders FC

After 2 losses, Leaders FC came into the game looking for its first points of the season against Philly Falcons who had gotten a win in their only game so far this season. Leaders  got into an early lead with a goal from #18 Billy at the 8th minute of the game. Philly Falcons did not want to go into halftime losing and they responded with two quick goals towards the end of the first half, courtesy of #19 Halo and #7 Erik. Despite going into halftime down in the scoreboard, Leaders FC had no intention to let Philly Falcon walk away with this one, especially after being ahead early in the game, and they eventually found a goal to tie the game in the 66th minute through #00 Sergio and thus get their first points of the season. Leaders FC will  try to build from this tie and hope to get a win in their next game against FC Delta. For Philly Falcons they have now 4 points and will look to add to that count when they face Dead Ball SC next week.

Goals: Phillly Falcons – #19 Halo (42’), #7 Erik (45’)
Leaders FC  #18 Billy (18’), #00 Sergio (66’)
Yellow Cards:  Leaders FC  #18 Billy (82’), #13 Isac (86’)
MOTM: Leaders FC #00 Sergio

Box to Box FC 0 – 2 Dead Ball SC

An early matchup at Ben Johnston Field between two teams coming off resounding wins in week 2 when Box to Box Fc faced against Dead Ball SC. It was a clean and competitive game in which Dead Ball took the lead at the 19th minute with a goal from #13 Staudenmayer. Dead Ball found a second goal at the 30th minute of the game when #5 Schoenblum found the back of the net for the 3rd game straight in the start of the season. During the second half Box to Box FC tried to find a goal to get back in the game but were unable to as Dead Ball protected its lead until the end to secure themselves their second win of the season. Dead Ball SC will try to carry their good form into their next game against Philly Falcons while Box to Box FC will try to get a better result against FC Sköge in their next match.

Goals: Dead Ball SC – #13 Staudenmayer (19’,) #5 Schoenblum (29’)
Cards: No Cards
MOM #13 Staudenmayer team Dead Ball SC

FC Delta 1 – 1 Vidas FC

At Abraham Lincoln High School we had a meeting between two teams each coming off wins with great scoring performances, so this promised to be a great game. Vida’s FC was the first team on the board with #10 Barnes scoring just 8 minutes into the game, carrying his form after scoring a brace in his last outing. FC Delta responded with a goal in the 29th minute by #97 Issabre to tie the game and go into halftime. Both teams enjoyed chances in the second half but, unlike last week, neither was able to score again which meant the game would end up in a tie. The result leaves Vida’s FC momentarily at the top of the standings and they will prepare to face Sporting Philadelphia Fc in their next game. For FC Delta they have now 4 points out of 9 possible and will try to get another win next week when they face Leaders FC.

Goals: FC Delta –  #97 Issabre (29’)
Vidas FC  – #10 Barnes (8’)
Yellow Cards: Vidas FC – 58’ #19 Kissel; 61’ #33 Heins
MoM: #98 Peltz FC DELTA

Club Sandwich 1 – 1 Philly Skyliners

After a tough loss last week, Club Sandwich came into this game looking to collect their first points of the season against the still undefeated Philly Skyliners. The game got up to a quick start as Club Sandwich opened up the action just 7 minutes into the game with a goal from #9 Brown. Philly Skyliners had a quick response and would tie the scoring just 3 minutes later with a goal from #16 Gallagher. Both teams kept looking for a go-ahead goal in a closely contested game, but with Philly Skyliners having the best chances going forward it was a remarkable game by Club Sandwch’s goalkeeper Black that ended up being the difference and keeping the scoreboard tied. For Club Sandwich the tie means they get their first points of the season, something they will try to build on for the next game when they face FC Neman. As for Philly Skyliners, they remain undefeated and will hope to stay that way after facing Rebels next week.

Goals: Club Sandwich #9 Brown (7’)
  Skyliners: #16 C Gallagher (10’)
Cards: Club Sandwich – No cards
Skyliners #11 S Nepal YC (85’);
MOM – Club Sandwich GK Black




Rapid Daybreak (A) 0 at  Mighty Ducks (H) 5
  (0-3-0)                                                 (2-0-1)

After allowing 3 unanswered goals in the 2nd half of their 4-4 draw against Oaklyn United Pride, Ducks captain Nick Green said he wasn’t too worried about the draw and would look forward to a good match against Rapid Daybreak. Rapid Daybreak has been suffering from a run of poor form that stretches back to their playoff loss in the spring season, Captain Jawuan Ross was determined he re-tooled the formations and had the players needed to compete against the high power offense of the Ducks. Holding on to a 1-0 deficit at halftime, Rapid came out in the 2nd half and tried to press the Ducks to get the tying goal but their inability to recover on defense allowed #57 Johnson to run all over the midfield on his way to a hat trick and his team to the 6-0 win over the ever struggling Rapid who has now gone 270+ minutes without a goal which is a far cry from the proficient offense they had last season. The 6-0 result is the Ducks first big win of the season as they make their case as the team to beat in Quinto and Rapid will look to turn it around and make one heck of a comeback to get back in the chase for a playoff spot.

GOALS;  Mighty Ducks;  #3 Gallagher (14′), #57 Johnson (61′), #57 Johnson (68′), #14 Dooley (73′), #3 Gallagher (84′) & #57 Johnson (88′)
MAN of the MATCH;  Mighty Ducks;  #57 Johnson

Devon SC (A) 2 at  Washington Square SC (H) 1
  (1-2-0)                                         (0-2-1)

With both Devon SC and Washington Square SC being winless heading into their week 3 match, both teams were determined to grind out a win with Devon starting the goal scoring early in just the 10th minute. The game would go quiet as both teams struggled to generate any real chances in front of goal. With a lack of possession and inability to finish their chances in the final third, Washington finally broke through and scored in the 53rd minute to bring the match level at 1-1 in the 53rd minute. The tie would be short lived as Devon SC would press Washington off the restart and catch them asleep at the wheel as #26 Meeham weaved his way through the midfield with a great run and finish that would be the game winner in the 55th minute lifting his team to their first victory of the season. Still winless after 3 matches, Washington Square SC will need to work on the quality of play in the offensive third and Devon SC will hope their good fortunes continue as they are relieved to have secured their first points of the season.

Goals:Devon   # 24 Michael Switucha  10th minute    # 26 Drew Meeham 55 minute  
Washington  #17 Thomas Cagnetta  53rd minute
Yellow cards  Zero
Red cards Zero
MOM- Devon # 26 Drew Meehan

Mark Wahlberg’s Cousins FC (A) 3 at  Oaklyn United Pride (H) 1
  (2-1-0)                                                                                  (1-1-1)

Carrying on with the tradition of early goals, Mark Wahlberg’s Cousins FC got on the score sheet just 14 minutes into their match against Oaklyn United Pride who fought back and scored 3 unanswered goals in the 2nd half of their week 2 match against the Mighty Ducks. MWC would snag another goal right before the end of the 1st half with $8 Laska scoring a beauty of a goal in the 44th minute. MWC would get a 3rd goal in the 55th minute from #28 Olavera that would seal the fate of Oaklyn as they were only able to muster a handful of chances with just one goal to show for the effort they put in. Both teams played hard and could have seen the game go either way but MWC were the better team today and took advantage of the mistakes from Oaklyn and walked away with 3 points. Oaklyn played well but will need to work on midfield movement and counter attacking if they want to stay in the hunt for promotion.

Goals : Mark Wahllberg’s Cousins FC : # 7 Luis- 14′ , # 8 Laska- 44′, # 28 Olavera- 55′
              Oaklyn United Pride                : # 9 Feldman- 69′
Yellow cards:  Mark Wal. Cou. FC.        : # 21- Vizzi -61′- Delay the restart of play.
MoM            :   Mark Wal.Cou. FC                 :# 28  Olavera

Inter Phila (A) 4 at  Grapes FC (H) 1
  (2-0-0)                                  (2-1-0)

With early goals becoming more and more frequent, it was no surprise when #9 Toma of Inter Phila put one past the keeper just 6 minutes into their match against Grapes FC who were riding a 2 game unbeaten streak. Grapes FC kept the game close with the ability to stop the counter attack of Inter after allowing that early goal and headed into halftime down only 1-0. The defense held strong for Grapes until #7 Bagramyan doubled the lead in the 70th minute and it was with this goal that Inter found their offense coming together as Toma would get another in the 74th minute to secure his brace and his Man of the Match honors. Inter would add another insurance goal and Grapes would play spoiler and prevent Inter from getting a shut out with a goal from #26 Goldberg in the 82nd minute. Inter continues to play strong and physical which can wreak havoc on a defense as Grapes can confirm with their complete collapse in the 2nd half. Both teams played well with Inter coming out on top but Grapes kept the game close and just needed to work finishing their chances in front of goal as multiple missed chances doomed them today.

Goals: Grapes: #26 Goldberg 37th min of 2nd half.
           Inter:  #9 Toma 6th min of 1st half; #7 Bagramyan 25th min of 2nd half; #9 Toma 29th min of 2nd half; No # Lukez 34th min of 2nd half.
Yellow cards: Inter: No # Dreilich 6th min of 2nd half–reckless tackle
                      Grapes: None.
No Red cards for either team.
Man of match: Inter #9 Toma

Honey Badgers FC (A) 4 at  La Juve (H) 1
  (1-1-0)                                                    (0-3-0)

After enjoying their unexpected bye last week, Honey Badgers FC exploded in the first half of their match against 9th place La Juve.
It only took 8 mins for #17 Marco Cruz to get his hat trick with goals in the 20′, 21′ and 27′ minute. Honey Badgers would add another goal just before half to increase their lead to 4-0. With his team down by 4, #0 Estrada tried to rally his La Juve teammates and his efforts appeared to work as La Juve held the Badgers scoreless in the 2nd half and hype man #0 Estrada topped off the great 2nd half turn around with a goal in the 80th minute that may not have been more than a statement goal but did lift the spirits of his team. La Juve will look to get their first points of the season next and Honey Badgers need to make no adjustments ahead of week 4 with the exception of maybe getting #17 the ball more often.

Goals:  Team La juve:  #0 Estrada 80′
            Team Honey Badgers: #17 (3) Marco Cruz 20′, 21′ 27′, #7 Justin 40′
Yellow Cards:   None
Red Cards:  none
MoM,(Man of Match): Honey Badgers #17 Marco Cruz

Still Processing FC (A) 0 at  Aston Phila FC (H) 5
  (1-1-1)                                                  (3-0-0)

With Still Processing FC off to a positive start to their fall season, having earned 4 out of 6 possible points, they ran head first into a bull dozing Aston Phila FC who have been on a tear this season winning both of their first 2 matches, scoring 8 goals while only allowing 2. Still Processing kept it close and had a solid chance against a Aston Phila team that displayed a much higher skill set on the ball and in their movements through the midfield as they ended the first half with a respectable score line of 2-0. The 2nd half would not play out the same as Aston Phila FC put the throttle down and ran at the defense of Still Processing in waves that felt like they lasted 5-10mins long with the defense scrambling to just clear the ball out of their defensive area. The walls came crashing down on Still Processing just around the hour mark as Aston would put in another 4 goals in the 2nd half with 3 of the 4 coming in a span of just 10mins. The defense of Still Processing was caught out of position multiple times and will need to correct this and work on man marking during set pieces. Aston Phila kept a perfect record and got their second shut out of the season.

          ASTON – (Defacis -12m) (Petrov – 32m, 80m ) (Dempsey- 56m) (Reber- 70m) (Bobalilla- 78m)
        SPFC – NONE
        ASTON – NONE
       SPFC-   #8  Hamid  (68m) for unsporting behavior
M.O.M. – #10 Petrov – ASTON




SoB Athletic (A) 0 at  Philly Athletic Club (H) 5
  (0-3-0)                                           (2-0-1)

For the 2nd week in a row the rag tag team of S.O.B Athletic were on the winning side of a midweek match with a 2-1 victory over Dead Ball SC only to lose big just a few days later. With the impressive win on Wednesday, S.O.B Athletic were hopeful they would obtain their first win of the fall season only to have that hope crushed in the opening minutes of the match as Philly Athletic Club would find themselves with a 1-0 lead just 2 minutes in. Both teams appeared surprised with the early goal and matched up fairly well for the remainder of the first half with Philly sneaking one more by the S.O.B’s just before the half came to a close. The 2nd half, specifically the final 10 minutes, would see the tired legs and exhausted minds of the S.O.B’s get worked over resulting in 4 goals in just a matter of minutes. With their focus on the Casa League Cup, S.O.B Athletic for the time being appear to be putting their fall season on the back burner. Philly Athletic Club continue their unbeaten streak with their impressive 7-0 victory and look like real contenders for promotion.

Goal Scorers: Philly Athletico: #99 Tuli (2’), #9 Baker (40’), #20 Julio (50’), #14 Vaccarelo (81’) # 14 Vaccarelo (83’), #7 Castilldo (85’), #7 Castillo (86’)
Yellow cards: no
Red cards: no
MOM: #14 Vaccarelo: Philly Athletico

Green Street Hooligans (A) 4 at  Dyslexia Untied (H) 3
  (3-0-0)                                                                    (0-3-0)

Green Street Hooligans were on a great run to start their season but had a scare in this week’s match up against 8th place Dyslexia Untied who jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the 13th minute. Dyslexia were feeling themselves and the wind to their backs as they put another past GSH keeper who posted back to back shutouts to start the season. With a 2-0 deficit hanging over them at halftime, Green Street Hooligans circled around their captain Anthony Ky who spoke to his team about grit, heart, tireless effort on defense and led his team in a beautiful rendition of “I’m forever blowing bubbles” would get his team on the score sheet in the 47th minute. That goal would be the catalyst for GSH who scored another 3 goals with Jake Clifford netting the game winner in the 86th minute. That late game winner will keep their record clean of any draws or losses but with the 3 goals allowed it shows the rest of the league it is possible to beat GSH but this match also shows they have a no quit attitude and will be hard to beat on any given day.

Goals scores GSH : Antonny KY 47′, Jim Finney 53’ Ricky Depaul 67’ and Jake Clifford 86’

Goalscores DU :  E.Rarroyo 13’ F castello  23’ 58’

Philadelphia Strikers (A) 3 at  Rapid Nightfall (H) 4
  (0-2-0)                                                          (2-0-1)

Suffering a 4-0 loss in week 1, Philadelphia Strikers enjoyed a bye in week 2 and looked to work out some of the kinks that were discovered in week 1. Rapid Nightfall came into their match still reeling from a week 2 draw against Philly Athletic Club and came out firing with a quick goal in the 6th minute. Philly Athletic would counter that with a goal of their own in the 12th and both teams would go goal for goal and head into the 2nd half tied up at 2-2. Rapid were quick off the restart again and would net 2 goals in under 5 mins in the 50th and 55th minute. Philly would pull one back in the 67th minute and force Rapid into dropping from a 4-3-3 to a more defensive minded 4-5-1 to ride out the remaining 20+ minutes to secure their 4-3 victory and their unbeaten streak.

Goals:  rapid nightfall: #18 baxevane-connell -6′, #17 raman -42′, #6 yarosh -50′, serota -55′
            philly: #18 nascimento – 12′, #36 mckenaa -35′, #19 morton -67′
Yellow Cards:  n/a
Red Cards:  n/a
MoM,(Man of Match):  nightfall – #17 raman

FC BTC (A) 4 at  Kensington SC BIG C.A.T.S (H) 0
  (2-1-0)                                      (0-2-0)

Suffering their 1st loss of the season at the hands of division leading Green Street Hooligans in week 2, FC BTC looked forward to their week 3 match up against the not so big Kensington SC BIG C.A.T.S who have struggled to find any cohesion with each other. With Kensington coming out in one formation only to switch to several others on the fly, Kensington failed to keep possession and FC BTC capitalized on those mistakes and cruised to the 4-0 victory that saw #47 Bernstein get a brace before he broke a sweat and the clock passed 15 minutes. FC BTC are still far off the goal tally they had in the spring season but scoring 4 goals against a still decent defensive unit in Kensington is a sign that FC BTC captain Ryan White is steering his team in the right direction.

Goal Scorers: FC BTC: #47 Bernstein (4’), #47 Bernstein (14’), 12 Kravitz (37’), #11 Pshakis (46’)
Yellow cards: no
Red cards: no
MOM: #47 Bernstein

Boys Do Cry FC (A) 3 at  UCFC (H) 4
  (1-1-1)                                 (2-1-0)

After falling behind 1-0 then 2-1 before then end of the first half, Boys Do Cry captain Andrew Stevens said his team lost focus in the first half but would reset and start the 2nd half with a “game is now 0-0 mindset” which appeared to work as the Boys would find themselves out in front 3-2 after #9 Tice, playing in his 3,000th league match and scoring his 761st goal all before his 49th birthday, would give the Boys a lead that would be short lived. With just under 5 minutes remaining, UCFC would surge ahead and press Boys Do Cry for what only lasted a few short minutes but seemed like ages to the defense for Boys Do Cry who spent the last few moments frantically trying and failing to prevent the tying goal and the go ahead goal as #25 Brookes would sang the game winner in the 87th minute. The loss was the Boys first of the season and will be hard to top in means of overall disappointment.

Goals: UCFC – #13 Garthoff (15′); #10 Martinelli (40″); #17 Diehl (86′); #25 Brooks (87)
           Boys Do Cry – #9 Tice (13, 75′); #10 Tutu (63′)
Yellow Cards: UCFC -N/A
                       Boys Do Cry – N/A
Red Cards: UCFC – N/A
                       Boys Do Cry – N/A
MoM: UCFC – #12 Roche

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