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CASA Soccer League: Matchweek 2 Fall 2021

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Philadelphia’s biggest soccer league is back in swing as another wild week of CASA Soccer League action is in the books as Philly Soccer Page brings you all of CASA’s 11v11 Spring season results. A big thank you is always in order to CASA’s chief executive, Nolan Bair, the CASA writing team, and all the captains for their continued communication and camaraderie throughout the season!



Roy Kent FC 1-4 Bluestar Legends

These two teams came to Marcus Foster Stadium looking for their first win of the season. Bluestar Legends got the head start with a 9th minute goal from their #9 Hines. Despite the quick go ahead goal Bluestar Legend were unable to finish more opportunities in the first half but it would not be the case in the second half.  Hines scored his second of the game at the 69th minute, while both #2 Ewurum and #3 Idun added to the scoreboard later to secure the first win of the season for Bluestar Legends. Roy Kent Fc was able to secure a consolation game through their #9 Csonjradi but it would not be enough. Bluestar Legends will face Oaklyn United next week while Roy Kent FC will be looking for their first win of the season against Kensington FC Blue Bells.

Goals:  Bluestars Legends: # 9 Hines (9’,69’), #2 Ewurum (79’), #3 Idun (81’)
Roy Kent FC: #9 Csonjradi
Cards: Bluestar Legends #3 Idun

Man of the match: Bluestars Legends #9 Hines.

Barenjager SC 5 – Cracovia 2Barenjager SC and Cracovia faced off in the first game of the day at Marcus Foster Stadium with both teams looking for the first win of their season. Barenjager SC looked ready to get their first points from the starting whistle and got ahead to a 2 goal lead just 11 minutes into the game thanks to a quick brace from #27 Shaffer. #Tweh added a third goal in the 34rd minute of the game and Barenjager went into halftime with a 3-goal lead. The second half was a little more contested with Cracovia netting a goal in the 70th minute through #7 Astafyev to which Barenjager would respond with a goal from #7 Tweh to demolish any chance of a comeback. The game would see one more goal for each team with #7 Astafyev securing his brace for Cracovia while #23 Thomas joined Shaffer and Tweh in the scoresheet for Barenjager who will face Liberty City Football Club next week. Meanwhile, Cracovia will look to get their first points of the season against SJ Gentleman.

Goals: Barenjager SC: #27 Shaffer (4’,11’), #7 Tweh (34’, 82’), #23 Thomas (86’)
Cracovia: #7 Astafyev (70’, 85’)
Cards: None
MOTM  Berenjager #34 Tweh

Washed Up United 2 – Oaklyn United FC 3At Marcus Foster Stadium we had a matchup between two teams looking to build on their week 1 wins when Washed Up United faced Oaklyn United. The score was opened by Oaklyn United through #19 Hendrickson at the 11th minute to which Washed Up United would respond with a 35th minute equalizer from their #9 Mullock. IT was a hard fought game that would go tied into halftime. In the second half it was Washed Up United who would go ahead early with another goal from #9 Mullock. The second half was high intensity as Washed Up United tired to hold on to the lead and it seemed they may be able to do so until the 77th minute when #19 Hendrickson scored his second goal of the game for Oaklyn United who would then find an 85th minute goal from #7 Moore to complete the comeback and secure the win. Oaklyn United will look to build from this amazing effort next week when they face Bluestar Legends. On the other hand, Washed Up United will look to bounce back when they face Kensington SC Blue Bells.

Goals: Oaklyn United; #19 Hendrickson (11’, 77’), #7 Moore (85’)
Washed Up United; #9 Mullock (35’, 56’)
Cards: None
MOTM  Oaklyn United #19 Hendrickson

Liberty FC 0 – Kensington SC Blue Bells 1

Liberty City faced Kensington SC Blue Bells at Abraham Lincoln High School. Liberty City was coming from a 7-goal thriller win in game 1 while the Blue Bells were looking to collect their first points of the campaign after being shutout in week 1. Both teams came looking to play and it was a fairly contested match that will eventually see the Blue Bells get the win after #21 Rocha scored the only goal of the game to give his team the three points. Liberty FC will face off against Barenjager SC while Kensington Blue Bells will battle Washed Up United in their next game.

Goals: Kensington SC Blue Bells;  #21 Rocha
Yellow Cards:  Liberty City FC:  #20 Brown
MoM: Kensington SC Blue Bells – #21 Rocha

SJ Gentleman 1 – Fishtown FC 0At Abraham Lincoln High School we had a matchup between two old rivals that were able to secure wins in week 1 as SJ Gentleman faced Fishtown FC. Both of these teams remember each other from the Cuarto division Spring season in which they were able to secure promotion to this year’s Tercera. The game was as competitive as you could imagine with two very intense teams that know each other very well but it was SJ Gentleman who were able to get the win with a goal from #17 Coby Gluck to secure the 3 points. SJ Gentleman will look to make it 3 wins in a row without allowing a goal when they face Cracovia next week while Fishtown FC will face Berber United in hopes to go back to winning ways.

Goals: SJ Gentleman #17 Coby Gluck
Cards: None

MOTM: SJ Gentleman #1 Kosta Minos

Berber United 3 – Brothers of the Gourd FC 2The morning matchup at Abraham Lincoln High school saw Berber United, coming off a win in week one, face off against Brothers of the Gourd FC who lost their first game of the season. The first goal of the game came early as Brother of the Gourds got a head start in the 8th minute through #66 Sancolari. The rest of the first half was a little quiet as the teams went into halftime with the 1-0 on the scoreboard. On the second half Berber United came out firing and secured an equalizer in the 52nd minute with a goal from #0 Douak. Berber United was not done and would score gain in the 69th through #4 Juba to go ahead in the scoreboard, and then again a couple of minutes later through #19 Moses. With 10 minutes to go #10 Kiemaka scored for Brothers of the Gourd to give us and exciting finish but Berber United would be able to hold the result and sget their second win of the season. Berber United will look to make it three wins in a row next week when they face Fishtown FC while Brothers of the Gourd will face Roy Kent FC to try and get their first points of the fall season.

Goals: BOG: #66 Sancolari (8’), #10 kiemaka (81’)
Berber United: #0 Douak (52’)  #4 Juba(69’), #19 Moses (71’)
Cards: BOG: #10 kiemaka yellow card(78’)
Berber United:  #33 Itimur yellow card (60’)



Vidas FC 5 – Leaders FC 1

After a tough win in week 1, Vidas FC was ready to face Leaders FC who came from conceding 6 goals in their first game and looked to do better in week 2. Vidas got an early lead with #10 Barnes securing a brace in just 15 minutes of action. Leaders FC got a goal back just a couple minutes after with #9 Seya scoring at the 17th minute. In the second half, Vidas would once again get a quick goal, this time from #69 Borteni. Vida’s would then score two more goals later in the 2nd half to cap off their 5-1 victory which leaves them with 6 points out of 6 possible in the early season. Vida’s will try to make it a 3-game winning streak next week when they face FC Delta. Meanwhile, Leaders FC will look to get their first points when they face Philly Falcons in their next game.

Goals: Vidas FC: #10 Barnes (8’,15’), #69 Borteni (53’,78’) & #9 Burak (87’)
Leaders FC: #9 Seya (17’)
Cards: None
Man of the match: Vidas FC #10 Barnes

Philly Skyliners 2 – FC Sköge 2With both teams coming from getting wins in week 1 we were in for a treat when Philly Skyliners faced FC Sköge at Abraham Lincoln High School. It was an intense battle which would see its first goal in the 40th minute when #19 Sullivan put the Skyliners ahead just before halftime. FC Sköge put up a great fight in the second half and with a couple goals from #13 Weah they managed to get ahead on the scoreboard but would not be able to hold onto victory as the Skyliners found an equalizer with 15 minutes to go that would be the last goal of the game. The tie leaves both teams with 4 points in the first 2 games. Philly Skyliners will play against old rivals Club Sandwich while Fc Sköge will play against Rebels FC.

Goals: Skyliners – #19 Sullivan (40’), #12 McEvaine (75′)
FC Skoge – #13 Weah (58’, 62′)
Cards: Skyliners – #6 Gallagher (Y)
FC Skoge – #17 Morales (Y)
MOM: FC Skoge – #13 Weah (2 Goals)

Sporting Philadelphia FC 1 – Box to Box FC 4An early morning game at Ben Johnston Field had Sporting Philly FC facing Box to Box FC as both teams looked for their first points of the early season. Box to Box FC looked to be the better team and found their way to a victory behind a hat-trick from #23 Gray and a late goal from #2 Gaton to get them their first win of the season. Sporting Philadelphia was able to cut one back in the 72nd through #7 Moussa but ended up being just a consolation goal for the early efforts. Box to Box FC will hope Gray continues his form next week when they face Dead Ball SC while Sporting Philadelphia will look to tighten up their defense for next match against FC Neman.

GOALS; Sporting Philly FC;  #7 Moussa (72′)
Box to Box FC;  #23 Gray (43’,67’,69’), #2 Gaton (83′)
MAN of the MATCH;  Box to Box FC;  #23 Gray

Club Sandwich 2 – FC Delta 7Bristol Municipal Park saw a lot of goals on Saturday for the Cuarto division starting with this game. FC Delta started fast and furious, scoring just 4 minutes into the game and netting a total of 7 goals in just the first half. A hat-trick from #97 Nas and a brace from #10 Yolvy highlighted the scorers for FC Delta. Club Sandwich was able to get 2 goals back in the second half but the game had already been decided before that. FC delta will hope to keep their goalscoring form when they face Vidas FC. As for Club Sandwich they will hope to do better next week against Philly Skyliners.

Goals: FC Delta – #97 Nas (4’,22’,31’); #0 Altland (24’); #10 Yolvy (28’,43’); Own Goal (37’)
Club Sandwich: #0 Lewis (59’); #75 Spangler (86’)
Cards: None
MOTM: FC Delta #97 Nas

Rebels 1-8 Dead Ball SCGoals kept raining in Bristol Municipal Park, this time with Dead Ball SC facing a shorthanded Rebels team. Dead Ball took the lead early in the game as they scored a couple of goals in the first 15 minutes of the game and then a 38th minute goal would have them going into halftime with a 3 goal lead. Dead Ball did not hold back any punches and took advantage of their shorthanded rivals as they scored 5 more goals in the second half, two of which came from #11 Bordia who would finish the game with 4 total goals. Rebels showed some pride as they were able to score one through #13 Shaddow in the 70th minute of a tough game that would end up forfeiting. Dead Ball will now focus on their next rival Box to Box FC while Rebels look to be back in full force for their matchup against FC Sköge.

Goals: Rebels – #13 Shaddow (70’)
Dead Ball SC – #11 Bordia (12’, 38’, 63’, 65’); #26 Staudenmayer (10’); #8 Borisov (62’); #5 Schoenblum (75’); #13 Staudenmeyer (78’)
Cards: None
MOTM: Rebels #12 Roche



Washington Square SC (A) 2 at  Aston Phila FC (H) 4
(0-0-1)                                                      (1-0-0)Another strong showing for Aston Phila FC who’s high press and aggressive play from their strikers tested the backline and more so the keeper of a very impressed Washington Square SC club. A Man of the Match performance from #0 Wilkins who’s double digit saves kept the score line respectable, Washington Square SC captain Jeff Gilson said it’s his belief that Aston Phila FC is the favorites to win the division, that’s a tall order considering we are only in week 2 of the fall season but with the scoring ability that Aston Phila has demonstrated it would be wrong to dismiss his observation. The Man of the Match honors may have gone to Washington’s keeper because of his high save count but #11 Evans of Aston Phila got one by the keeper that included him flicking the ball over a Washington defender, leaving the defender flat footed and letting off a laser of a one timer volley that Washington’s keeper had no chance of stopping. Washington put in a good effort but fell flat and will look to week 3 to grab their first win of the season and Aston Phila FC hope to continue their dominating run in week 3.-
Aston – #2 Smeriglio-17′; #11 Evans-60′; #11 Evans-65′; #14 Ashiotes-67′
Washinton – #17 Cagnetta-70′; #17 Cagnetta-82′
MOM – Washington #0 Wilkins

Grapes FC (A) 5 at  Devon SC (H) 4
(1-0-0)                        (0-1-0)

Starting their season off strong with a 3-2 win over the Sexto Spring Divisional Champs, Grapes FC were feeling confident that their performance against Honey Badgers FC was no fluke and looked to continue their good run of form against Devon SC who lost 6-0 in their week 1 matchup against Ashton Phila FC. Devon SC jumped out to a 2-0 lead before #7 Kyle Doorley would put the Grapes on the board just before half with his stunning free kick, his first goal since coming back from a 2 season absence where he focused on getting his bird house business off the ground. Devon SC were determined to get their first win of the season and #6 Switucha’s hat trick looked like it would put it away in the 61st minute but Grapes FC came storming back like a pack of raccoons at a waste management facility. Scoring 3 unanswered goals in the 64th, 82nd and 89th minute, Grapes FC come back and snag a win away from Devon SC with a fantastic cross from #7 Doorley to #3 Guerin that sprung the striker 1v1 against Devon’s keeper that resulted in Guerin getting the game winner with under a minute left to play.

Goals – grape – 7 doorley (40:00, 55:00), 3 guerin (64:00,89:00) 13 Grimes ( 82:00)
Goals – devon – #6 S. Switucha (12:00, 35:00, 61:00) #7 A. Wagner (49:00)(12:00, 35:00, 61:00), #7 (49:00)
Cards  – grape –  N/A
Cards – Devon – #17 Mack (conduct)
MoM – #13 Grimes

Mighty Ducks (A) 4 at  Oaklyn United Pride (H) 4
(1-0-0)                                     (1-0-0)

Oaklyn United Pride headed into their match against Fulton Reed and the rest of the Mighty Ducks feeling a tad bit cocky having easily dispatched their week 1 opponents in a 9-0 rout that saw #99 Amari run all over the pitch, picking up 4 goals and snagging Man of the Match honors. Oaklyn was scoring goals in bunches in week one but found themselves on the end of a 4-1 scoreline at halftime favoring the Ducks who were carried with a brace from #3 Gallagher who scored their first and last goal in the 17th and 45th minute respectively. A swing in momentum in the 50th minute and a goal from captain #18 Evan Duncan turned what should have been the Ducks 2nd straight win of the season into a draw, the Ducks allowed 3 unanswered goals with #99 Amari scoring the game tying goal in the waning minutes of the match to secure the draw and steal 2 points away from Gordon Bombay and the Ducks.

La Juve (A) 0 at  Mark Walhbergs Cousins FC (H) 1
(0-1-0)                         (0-1-0)Both La Juve and MWC FC suffered week one losses but both teams felt as though they lost games that they could have won if 2 or 3 plays went their way. Being “unlucky” is part of the game and this game between La Juve and MWC FC had a lot of unlucky moments. A few questionable offside calls and poor midfield play doomed La Juve who never got a rhythm going and were left chasing the ball for most of the match. Failing to obtain and sustain possession, La Juve’s tired legs were clearly evident as they looked gassed for much of the 2nd half. MWC FC took advantage of the one for their few solid looks on goal and secured their first win of the season and their first shut out of the season which is impressive considering they only managed one shut out all last season and it didn’t come until the back half of the season. MWC FC will hope this is a positive sign and a win the build off of while La Juve will need to work on their transition from the midfield into the final third.Goals- Mark Whalberg’s Cousins FC- #7 Luigi, 73rd minute
Yellow Cards- La Juve: #no number Omar Padilla UB, 82nd minute
Red Cards- None
Man of the Match- #7 Luigi

Still Processing FC 4 (A)  at  Rapid Daybreak  0
(0-0-1)                                          (0-1-0)

Still Processing FC earned a draw in week 1 on the back of their keeper’s outstanding performance that saw him stop more shots, but he was up to the task and did so with flair and earned his team a point. Unfortunately for Rapid it appears their struggles will continue for at least another week as they suffer another disappointing loss, dropping to 0-2-0 on the season after allowing Still Processing to find the back of the net 4 times. Failing to create any real tangible chances, Rapid Daybreak will look to bounce back next week.

Goals – Daybreak – N/A
Goals – Still – 18 Niangane (15:00), 14 Venture (32:00), 7 Connelly (65:00, 76:00)
MoM: 7 Connelly Still Processing
Cards: Daybreak – N/A
Cards: Still – 24 Pfeiffer – unsporting


Telle Bouche FC (A) 2 at  SoB Athletic (H) 1
(1-0-0)                                      (0-1-0)After fighting off a late surge to protect their lead and secure their first win of the season, Telle Bouche FC kept things simple with 1-2 touch passing and alot of defensive possession that smothered the offense of S.O.B Athletic and their tired legs didnt help much as they were fresh off a mid week 2-0 win over Kensington on Thursday night. Playing just 2 days prior is still no excuse for the lack of intensity that the S.O.B’s showed against Telle Bouche FC. If not for a couple of errant passes and poor first touches, the 2-1 scoreline could have looked more like 5 or 6-1 in favor of the former Sexto Div champs. If the S.O.B’s want to look for something positive to pull from their 2nd consecutive loss they allowed only 2 goals as opposed to the 9 they allowed last week so that’s a plus.

Goals:  SOB #17 Craighead 31′
Telle Bouche FC Felice 18′, Massi 48′
Yellow Cards: none issued
Red Cards:  none issued
MoM,(Man of Match):  Telle Bouche Felice

Philly Athletic Club (A) 1 at  Rapid Nightfall (H) 1
(1-0-0)                                             (1-0-0)

Both Philly A.C and Rapid Nightfall FC were big winners in week 1, scoring a total of 13 goals between the two teams (Rapid 9 – Philly 4) and showing no remorse for their opposing teams poor defensive tactics. With week 1 setting the stage, this game was expected to be an explosive match with alot of goals. Having to settle for a 1-1 draw was not the expectation or the result either team expected or wanted. With both teams lacking the cohesion they had in week 1, both Rapid and Philly A.C failed to convert and for the most part, make any real significant chances in front of goal and settled for the 1-1 stalemate.

UCFC (A) 5 at  Bench Mob FC (H) 0
(0-1-0)                    (0-0-1)

UCFC lost a close game to Telle Bouche in week 1 and came into their match against Bench Mob FC with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. Feeling like they had alot unlucky situations in week 1, UCFC made sure to finish their chances and did so in bunches. With an impressive showing by #6 Zach Miller, UCFC slotted home 6 goals in a match that could have seen a double digit goal tally and played the game with a swagger that was hard to ignore. Bench Mob did have their moments but lacked quality in the final third that left them scoreless. UCFC put on show and will look to continue this new found aggressive style of play in week 3 while Bench Mob FC will need to let this game fade away and focus on getting a better result, hopefully their first win, when they face off against the undefeated Telle Bouche FC.

UCFC- Marinaccio – (13m) Brooks (35m) Miller (38m, 82m ) Elhalabi (45m) Martelli (77m)
Bench Mob – NONE
UCFC – Marinaccio -for DISSENT
Bench Mob – NONE
MOM- Miller of UCFC

Green Street Hooligans (A) 3 at  FC BTC (H) 0
(1-0-0)                                            (1-0-0)Both FC BTC and Green Street Hooligans were victorious in week 1, FC BTC having earned a modest 1-0 victory and Green Street handing Kensington their first loss to the tune of 4-0. Both teams are capable of running up the score, FC BTC having the highest goals total from last season and Green Street already putting teams on notice with their high press and high scoring offense. It was much the same for the Hooligans who saw 39 J. Clifford snag a brace and Man of the Match honors for his stellar performance that left FC BTC’s midfield flustered most of the match. With only 1 goal scored in the first 2 games, FC BTC will need to get their offense going and learn to work out of the back as their long balls have been getting them nothing but lost possession. Still no sighting of Charlie Hunnam or Elijah Wood but who knows what will happen if the Hooligans keep up their impressive run.GOALS:

   FCBTC –
Green Street – 2 goals for #9 – J. Clifford and 1 goal for #29 – J. Flores
YELLOW CARDS:FCBTC – #8 – D. Schroeder – unsporting behavior
Green Street – none
Green Street – none
MAN of the MATCH: Green Street – #9 – J. Clifford
Dyslexia Untied (A) 0 at  Boys Do Cry FC (H) 5
(0-1-0)                                (0-0-1)Having left their last game feeling like they could have and should have done more, Boys Do Cry unloaded on a weaker and somewhat fatigued Dyslexia Untied who lost their season opener but looked to get a result this week. Unfortunately for Dyslexia, #12 Roche of BDC went off and scored a hat trick +1 in one of his best performances since joining the club, a performance which had BDC veteran #19 Tice smiling as he looks to retire after this season and likes what he sees in Roche. Dyslexia looked confused with their formations and their man marking to which BDC took full advantage and all 3 points for their first win of the season. Dyslexia will need to re-tool and look to shore up the back line if they want to get their first win sooner rather than later.Goals:
Boys Do Cry- #12 Roche (6′, 42′, 65′, 75′), #9 Colleb 20′, #19 Tice 87′
Dyslexia United –
Yellow Cards –
None issued to either team
Red Cards –
None issued to either team
MOM – Boys Do Cry – #12 Roche

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