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Jamiro Monteiro in transfer talks away from Union; Anderlecht and Feyenoord looming

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union manager Jim Curtin announced midfielder Jamiro Monteiro is in transfer talks away from Philadelphia Union.

The news was announced during Sunday night’s postgame press conference, after the star player was noticeably and surprisingly absent from the gameday roster for the match against Chicago Fire.

“I hope you guys can respect that,” said Curtin. “That’s kind of all I can say about the matter right now.”

More details emerged following the shock announcement.

Monteiro’s agent, Carlos Barros of Prestige Sports, confirmed to PSP where the Union’s Designated Player may land. Negotiations are currently between Anderlecht of the Belgian Pro League and Feyenoord of the Netherlands’ Eredivisie.

Barros also noted that there is concrete interest in Monteiro from a “top Brazilian team” and a top Western Conference MLS side.

The latter seemingly conflicts reports from The Inquirer’s Jonathan Tannenwald regarding the primary reason for the transfer.

Barros confirmed that the family situation is an issue, saying, “Family not being able to be with [Monteiro] is very frustrating. But that’s being worked on by lawyers.”

The Union paid a club record $2 million transfer fee for Monteiro from French Ligue 1 FC Metz in early 2020 after initially acquiring the player on loan in 2019. His contract runs through 2023, which includes a club option year. There were doubts the Union would be able to afford the player’s wage demands at the time.

From a tactical standpoint, the Dutchman and Cape Verde international would be missed. He was instrumental in the Union winning the 2020 Supporters’ Shield, the first bit of silverware in Union history. He’s played in 15 of 17 matches for the Union this season, notching two goals and four assists, and has nine goals and 19 assists in three seasons in MLS.


  1. I don’t want to see Monteiro leave, but its pretty hard to fend off interest from clubs like Feynoord and Andrerlecht as a MLS side. Can’t fault the Union here if they sell, especially when there are family reasons for the transfer as well.

  2. In Tanner We Trust says:

    So what price should we expect to make this worth it? Considering they’ve done nothing with BA and MM money, I’m gonna say there is no correct answer. Do whatever it takes to keep him.

    • Daniel Gazdag did not come on a free transfer. Neither did Jesus Bueno. Neither would Matheus Davo should he prove worthy of being signed permanently. Neither did Stuart Holden.
      The expenses of keeping the front office almost completely intact when revenue took a substantial hit from truncated match attendance is also real.
      As is the ongoing expense of the extra medical procedures necessary to operate during the pandemic, including the exclusive use of charter flights for away matches.
      and There are all the bumps in player salary I have documented elsewhere, reflecting possibly having won silverware last year.
      I seriously doubt the McKenzie / Aaronson revenue remains in touched and unallocated.

      • Thanks Tim.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        I get that, but Findlay hasn’t even been given a chance despite Glesnes clearly struggling, so he’s nowhere near an upgrade. And give me Aaronson over Gazdag and Bueno combined. I forgot about Davo, thanks for pointing that out. But that’s still a rumor and it’s going to be too late for him to impact the CCL semis. All your points about circumstances are valid, by the way. I certainly can’t dispute any of what you said. But Findlay not being used and Bueno making a debut in August are part of the frustrations. I don’t trust that Sugarman is giving Tanner the resources he needs. Too much bad history.

  3. McMohansky says:

    This sucks. The Union are much poorer without Monteiro on the field. There is no direct replacement either.

  4. Very strange…. lawyers working on getting family into country?

    I’d say it’s all about money. If McKenzie and Aaronson are worth $2m… $4m for Monteiro? Take it.

    Bueno on the way!!!! SMILE

    BTW last nights match was a disgrace. 10 men Chicago side and Shuttleworrh played OOHA.. and yet no winner in the Ole Onion Bag.

    Jim…. the last 3 matches show America is gonna make mince meat out of us. Yup… 5th place and dropping fast. The most talented roster EVER in Union history… and 5th place. Yup…….

    • I am all for some good old negadelphia but the most talented roster we had was last year. that why we put players in the best XI and sent two 20 year olds to Europe. this roster is not that one.

      • Totally beg to differ.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        In what areas has the roster improved? I’m with James on this one. McKenzie > Findlay, Gaddis > Mbaizo. I like Mbaizo but Ray was the starter this year til he retired. And I believe I said this elsewhere but give me Aaronson over any midfielder we’ve signed in 2021. Sullivan is talented, as is McGlynn. But neither of them make enough difference to catch up to 2020.

  5. The news of Monteiro’s family correlates to thelackluster run ofform chronologically! Does it not?

    • That’s what I was thinking.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        Yep, so true. Theoretically, he’s a distraction that can be fixed by moving him on. But have we been given any indication that he’s that type of player? I think this beyond anything else proves that we’re always going to struggle when he’s not sharp. Remember summer 2019 when Kljiestan committed the horror tackle on him? We looked hopeless without him. To be fair, we won a trophy in a year when he struggled by his lofty standards but we can’t expect to repeat that. Him leaving would be the worst thing to happen to us since the 2nd Open Cup heartbreak, in my opinion.

      • I don’t think Jamiro did anything to become a distraction. I think his leaving in and of itself is the distraction because the rest of the team knows he’s leaving. I agree it’ s a sucker punch and I don’t think the problem will be solved easily.

  6. John P. O'Donnell says:

    Monteiro’s last game for the Union was him getting subbed out in the 62 minute in Miami. He had the look of disbelief on his face as he was leaving the field. Is he the only player on the team who can’t get family in the US? Call me just a little sceptical about this situation but good luck moving on because I don’t think he was all in playing here.

    • I’d say Jamiro was all in during that first year. Maybe last year I can see your point. Going through a season in a country whose leader despises immigrants and let COVID 19 run wild, while being kept from one’s family, can’t be easy on anyone. I wouldn’t blame him for not being all in honestly. I hope we as fans have shown a better side of our country, but when 70 million people agree with the dear leader, there’s only so much that can be done.

      • John P. O'Donnell says:

        Well that’s kind of confusing logic since he came here before the current guy was in office and signed a new contract since the change. I would personally think it had more to do with soccer and his place in the team.
        What I wonder is if they replace him with another DP.

      • Ahh John, I wasn’t talking about the current guy…WHOOSH. I don’t think it’s all about soccer nor about his place in the team.

      • Gruncle Bob says:

        It’s Trump’s fault? O M G!

      • Boob is that what I wrote? I know reading and comprehending is tough, so try again. Maybe you’ll get it this time.

      • Gruncle Bob says:

        Not all that you wrote, but easily the dumbest thing you wrote. Save it for the cesspool of twitter, genius.

      • I only respond to the idiocy I receive. Have a wonderful day Bob.

  7. All4u is talking about Italy I think…: Maybe Turkey or Greece?

    • I’ll give you a hint. It has 3 letters and Starts with U and ends in A. Take your time, this will be hard for you.

  8. Everyone seems to be downplaying the 60min sub of Monteiro in the DC united game. Jamiro recently played in League 1 and thinks he belongs in a top tier European league, it wasn’t easy to persuade him to join union after the loan and I feel like unspoken in the agreement is that he would be treated like the best player on the team (he is, but that’s irrelevant) and I think this early sub and his reaction cant be so easily dismissed. Either way I feel played, im just glad I stalled don buying his jersey

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