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Union sign midfielder Jesus Bueno

Photo courtesy Philadelphia Union

The Union announced the signing of Jesus Bueno on Wednesday afternoon, adding another young midfielder to the club’s stable of talent.

Bueno, 22, joins Philadelphia from Deportivo Lara on a two-and-a-half-year contract, with a club option for a third and fourth year.  The Union paid an undisclosed transfer fee to Deportivo Lara.

“As the captain of his former club he brings natural leadership abilities and the mentality we value, and his ability to play multiple positions will allow us to find a good fit for him in our system,” sporting director Ernst Tanner said in a press release.  “We look forward to welcoming him to the team and watching him develop.”

Bueno — full name Jesús Daniel Bueno Áñez, nickname “Chuchu” — has made 75 appearances for Deportivo Lara, who play in the first division of Venezuelan soccer, since 2017.

Bueno joins fellow countryman Jose Andres Martinez in the Union’s midfield, where he will bolster a group that includes veterans Alejandro Bedoya and Jamiro Monteiro, as well as youngsters like Leon Flach.


  1. Scott of Nazareth says:

    I hope he is “good”!

    …I’ll see myself out…

  2. T.Coolguy says:

    I’m somewhat confused why the Union would spend an international slot and what was likely a decent transfer fee for a defensive midfielder when Jose Martinez and Leon Flach are already good first and second options there. I can see the logic in an additional body at DM, especially since both Martinez and Flach are positionally versatile, but it seems like the club might have benefitted more from a more offensively oriented midfielder.

    • I would guess that Jose Martinez will be sold this winter. I also think Bueno isn’t a pure No. 6, so this could also be a long-term Bedoya replacement.
      Besides, who needs attacking midfielders when you can play Jamiro Monteiro at the 10? 😉

      • T.Coolguy says:

        Lol and sigh at your Monteiro comment, but you may be on to something with Martinez. I suppose there’s also the possibility Curtin may also want to try Martinez at the #8 (where he played with Venezuela), but that still gives us the too many good players at 6/8 and not enough elsewhere problem

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I’m with you on the international roster spot, but I don’t think he was too expensive. Transfermarket had him listed at $330k. That’s not nothing, but that’s not too much, even for the Union

    • The Union have Ilsinho just back from injury. Fontana should be back from injury soon. Aaronson is also available, along with Sullivan. Gazdag is getting better with each game too. Flach and possibly Martinez will miss matches for World Cup Qualifiers. Martinez and Flach will miss games due to suspension as well.
      Bedoya isn’t getting any younger. Quality depth at the 6/8 positions are a good thing given how the Union like and want to play.
      Also Tanner makes moves with other moves in mind.

  3. Great signing. A 22 year old captain? Seriously.

    Martinez has more than twice put his emotional outbursts over The Club’s well being, and will again. And when the league penaltizes him next time with 10 games… well, let’s hope this signing motivates everyone.

    Can we say, this kid will outplay Martinez, Bedoya… and Flach will end up starting on the left?

    When are the “other 2” mentioned in recent South American rumors aligning?

    Ad where is Finley in all this?

    Great job Chris!!!

    • HopkinsMD says:

      Interesting tidbit from another source: “Bueno has earned himself plenty of spots in the referees’ book, earning 76 yellow cards and three ejections over his career with Lara.”

      • Very interesting.
        Should be a great addition, making everyone better. That’s the key!

  4. This seems to me like a stage 2 part of Ernst’s plan with stage 1 being develop local talent to sell to Europe and state 2 being get young, perhaps overlooked, South American talent that can improve the team and then sell on to Europe. I’m sure the Union making deals with Aaronson and McKenzie makes us more attractive to young talent in SA…. Ernst is a straight-up baller.

    • Love it… straight up baller is right. He’s got the pipeline primed, for both incoming and outgoing as the Kiddie Corp gets their legs!

      Just lovin’ it.
      He wants to WIN!!!

      We’ve been waiting for JUST WIN since 2010!

  5. Don’t get it at all. The team is struggling with getting goals. Lack of service from midfield and cam willing to go forward and split the defense is what we are lacking. Jamiero spins back heels lateral passes are just not creating goals. We need to clone Islinios moves with Flags aggressiveness and throw in a touch of Bedoyas wisdom. That does not translate to any of these new incoming. players,

  6. This certainly is Jesus’s “Come to Union” moment.

  7. An interesting development having nothing to do with new signings.
    Finally, Jack de Vries is no longer listed as “Out (concussion protocol)”.
    He is Questionable along with Fontana. By inference he must have passed is concussion protocol test.
    We should be thankful the young man is beginning to recover his full health.

  8. BUENO, Herr Tanner, bueno!!!

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