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News roundup: Union prepare for Miami, MLS Team of the Week, Super League debate heats up

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

If you missed it, the Union drew 0-0 with the Columbus Crew to open the MLS season. 

Some of the Union’s favorite shots from the game. 

Should Jacob Glenses should have been sent off for his tackle near the box?

The Union are now getting ready for the home opener against Inter Miami on Saturday. 


What we learned from all the action in MLS opening weekend. 

Here is the MLS Team of the Week. No Union players feature.

Javier Hernadez notched a brace, and MLS Player of the Week. 

What is your favorite goal from week 1 of MLS?

Can Robbie Robinson be Inter Miami’s dark horse? 


Super league side Liverpool drew English Premier League side Leeds 1-1.

While Manchester United, another Super League team, beat Burnley 3-1. 

Speaking of Super League sides, Jose Mourinho has been sacked by Tottenham.

Is UEFA really going to kick teams out of the Champions League? 

When does the USWNT figure out their Olympic opponents? 



  1. el Pachyderm says:

    David Beckham… you musta been the kid in class who answered the wrong question when you held your hand up.
    The reasons for being a daydreaming space cadet are wide and varied and I believe in The Dreamer with my whole hear… but yeah…. I mean- talk about a blonde moment yesterday.

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    As I see it, based on FIFA and UEFA’s stance on the new “Super League”, they have no choice but to throw the 3 teams out of Champions League. The question is whether to award the Champions League trophy to PSG or to elevate Bayern Munich, Borusssia Dortmund, and Porto to the semi finals as the losing quarterfinalists not involved in the super league.

    • I don’t know. I still suspect this whole thing is more likely to flounder than move forward. I don’t think any of these dimwit owners anticipated the ferocity of the blowback they’re getting now. And it’s only just begun. Also, I’m not convinced this super league is suddenly going to have all this cash from broadcast rights.

      That said, if these clubs do push on with this idiotic Super League, I think it’s only fair they’re booted from UEFA and domestic competition.

  3. If they are booting the Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Man City, they almost have to move defeated teams into the Semi-Finals, otherwise UEFA would have to return Television money. (And how likely is that???)

  4. Oh and no mention of removing Arsenal and Man U. from the Europa league semi finals ???

  5. Andy Muenz says:

    NBC Sports is reporting that Chelsea has decided to withdraw from the Super League with Man City, Atletico, and Barcelona likely to follow.

  6. Inquirer: “Union pursuing Hungarian playmaker Dániel Gazdag”

  7. Transfermarkt lists Gazdag as an attacking midfielder.
    He is 25 y/o so is not a candidate for the U-22 Initiative.
    His club lies four points above relegation with three games to play.
    Transfermarkt lists him as having played “CF,” not “AM” every game since February 27, 2021.
    His first cap for the Hungarian national team came in September of 2019, and he has a total of six, apparently.
    Tannenwald warns that even should the deal actually get done he would not arrive until well into the summer. His club is in a relegation fight, and Hungary won its playoff game to qualify for this summer’s UEFA Euros.

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