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News roundup: Union II drop scrimmage, MLS preseason, USMNT fail to qualify for Olympics

Photo: Marjorie Elzey 

Philadelphia Union

If you missed the Union’s regular season schedule reveal, you can see it here. 

Want to watch Paxten Aaronson’s first goal with the Union again and again? 

Union II fell to the Richmond Kickers 4-0 in another preseason scrimmage. 


Who is going to have a breakout season for each team? 

New York Red Bulls keep adding new additions. 

NYCFC and Nashville cancelled a scrimmage due to COVID-19 concerns. 

LAFC has unveiled their new jersey. 

How did other teams around the league fair in their latest preseason matches. 


In classic USMNT fashion, the U-23 USMNT fell 2-1 to Honduras, missing Olympic qualification. 

In better USMNT news, the senior team defeated Northern Ireland 2-1. 

So did Ronaldo score? Was his anger justified? 

The latest results from UEFA World Cup Qualifying.



  1. How the fuck do they get beaten by Honduras to miss a third Olympics. What does that say?
    Before you tell me it was our C- team (which is 100% accurate based off the quality of play) or they were out of season (which is just an excuse) Honduras spends the equivalent of a Kit Kat bar on soccer compared to the US.
    Total failure to achieve what everyone agreed was a pertinent and very important litmus test for development. Wait til we see the spin…Hell the coach already dodged blame and threw his players under the bus.
    Unacceptable. Earnie. Wherefore art thou?

    • Actually thought they played quite well. Stupid goalie mistake cost them and then the forward had an open goal but wanted to shoot with his right instead of his left and tripped over his own feet. What really cost them that they did not have a proven goal scorer: they did not score against Mexico and yesterday a fullback scored the only goal… The head balls in front of goal were also pitiful.

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    Matt Freese wouldn’t have given away the game yesterday. Just saying.

  3. Atleast Brenden is going to be earing us a juicy sell on fee sooner rather than alter

  4. Andy Muenz says:

    Looks like the first 3 weeks of the upcoming season will determine which 8 MLS teams will play in the US Open Cup. I’m thinking having to start in Columbus and having NYCFC in that span is not great for the Union’s chances.


    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      Worse for the Union’s chances are that Santos is still out for between 2 to 3 weeks from now, subtracting a week from what Curtin said last week, and Cory Burke’s groin is such that he has not yet begun to practice as of Curtin last week.
      It is points per game.
      The Union will play 3 games during the Open Cup qualification window.
      They will have the advantage that they will have played two real games before they begin the MLS regular season.
      They have the disadvantage that they will play all five of those games with one striker.
      I will be pleasantly surprised if they qualify.

    • Well, if it makes anyone feel better, the Crew have scored one less goal in their two preseason games than we have… (ie. 0)
      The Pigeons, on the other hand dropped 3 goals each on Orlando and the Crew

  5. Gruncle Bob says:

    Why use a merit-based selection mechanism at all for the cup? In a normal year everyone is in. Just select 8 US MLS clubs randomly. If you do want “merit” for selection using the first 3 games of the season is dumb. Last season’s results would be better.

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