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All Three Points podcast: Basking in the glow of the Supporters Shield

I can hear you thinking, “Wait, those guys still have a podcast?” And the answer is yes, we do! And, while the pandemic has made regular episodes something we just couldn’t manage, we couldn’t let a momentous occasion such as this pass us by without comment. What a season this has been!

On today’s episode, we talk about winning the Supporters Shield; Andre, Brenden, Mark, and Jim winning individual awards; whether we were all wrong when we wanted Jim fired; transfers, both definite and prospective; the Union’s incredible ROI; and finally we look ahead to the playoffs and a re-re-re-re-rematch with the Revs. All that in under an hour!

Listen to the episode using the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with Chris and Jeremy on Twitter @all3points, or leave a comment here.


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