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Breaking News: Fans to be allowed to return to Subaru Park this season

Photo: Sean Griswold

Earlier today Pennsylvania Governor Wolf announced that PA-based sports teams will be allowed to have in-person of attendance at venues with at least 10,000 seats 15% of total capacity, up to 7,500 fans.

While the Union have yet to announce exact policies or numbers, 15% of Subaru Park’s 18,500 seats would be 2,775 people. As of yet it it not clear when the first game with in-person attendance would be, but whenever it happens it will be the first time the Union have had in-person attendance in Chester since October 20, 2019 when they beat the New York Red Bulls 4-3 in the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Philly Soccer Page will have more information as it becomes available, but in the time being here is the Union’s official announcement

The Philadelphia Union is in full support of Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s announcement today allowing fans to attend sporting events in a limited capacity and safe way. We will be implementing a series of strict protocols and safety measures to ensure the health and safety of our fans at Subaru Park and will make an announcement shortly with information on the first game that will be open to fans.


  1. Portuguez0716 says:

    Super excited for this! Let’s go!

  2. and corey burke is coming back!

  3. Vince Devine says:

    I can see now, all STM’s who are not one of the 2,775 at the first game are going to be pissed.

    • Pogmothoin says:

      All FSTH not included are gonna be pissed. There will be a pecking I’m sure starting w/ the boxes and work their way down.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        I’m thinking it will more likely be spread out so that there will be space between people. If they were to start with Sunday’s game, they could have over 10,000 people across the last 4 games. I don’t think the have 10,000 STH.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        My ST rep has said there will be an email sometime tomorrow with more detail. Would seem to make it very unlikely that tomorrow’s game could be included in any plan.
        But we will know soon.

  4. This will actually be the 2nd game with fans at Subaru Park since COVID. They did a very small, i assume ‘test group’ in September during at the DC United game. i was lucky enough to be able to attend. Staff and everyone did a really good job keeping things safe, organized, and easy to follow for fans. it was bizarre though with how quiet the stadium was

    • i’m guessing it was like the early round cup matches….

      • exactly what i was thinking. not that bizarre. i don’t even know if they averaged 10% capacity for early Open Cup matches. I remember vs Noreasters or Harrisburg being very sparse

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