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News roundup: Union get MLS honors, MLS week 14 action, Gold Cup draw

Photo: Marjorie Elzey

Philadelphia Union

Kacper Przybylko has been named to the MLS Team of the Week. Anthony Fontana makes the bench.

Speaking of Fontana, he’s up for MLS Goal of the Week.

Matt Freese took home USL Championship Save of the Week.

Highlights of Sunday night’s matchup are here. 

Should Fontana be a starter for the Union right now?


What Matt Doyle saw from Week 14 action over the weekend.

A takeaway for each team after the most recent slate of games. 

St. Louis is laying out their playing style already.

It appears the Colorado Rapids have a COVID-19 outbreak. 

Roman Torres is once again a Seattle Sounder after being traded from Miami.


Liverpool proved to be too much for Arsenal. 

Christian Pulisic isn’t quite back to fitness yet. 

The USMNT has been drawn into Group B for the 2021 Gold Cup. 

Equal pay is becoming a reality in a number of countries in the soccer world.

What teams are looking to add stars before the October 5th transfer deadline? 


  1. I feel like in all the talk about Fontana as a starter, it’s missing the idea that having four players who can occupy three slots is actually a really good thing. I think the question is less, “should Fontana be a starter” and more “should Curtin rotate more.”

    Though what’s more concerning to me is the midfield depth beyond Fontana is largely untested.

  2. What about starting Fontana up top next to Kacper? Then Santos can come in as a sub and add speed against tired attackers.

    • This is potentially a good idea for getting Fontana on the field, but it leaves the Union awfully thin on midfield subs other than Ilsinho.

  3. The tell in that mlssoccer.com story about Fontana is Curtin’s reaction: “We still missed a couple of passes….” That’s in response to Fontana’s performance after his team won 3-0. Praises him but has to add the qualifier. Curtin doesn’t fancy Fontana’s game and is looking for him to move the ball more, pass, not dribble. Or something else. He just has reservations about Fontana’s game.

    I think Fontana makes for a good partner for Przybylko up top. You have to get a finisher like him on the field as often as possible. And, before that, he should be used to rest Bedoya more often. The captain isn’t getting any younger. Keep him fresh.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I agree and thought the same thing when I read that Curtin quote. It’s concerning. I can’t, for the life of me, see what Curtin’s problem with Fontana would be. If Curtin doesn’t think he’s defensively safe, fine, start him up top with Kacper. If not, play the kid. He makes things happen and scores goals. Plain and simple.

  4. Worrying detail I just heard. Nick Hagglund, defender for Cincinnati tested positive for COVID-19 last Thursday. Hopefully he did not pass it on to any Union players the night before.

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