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News roundup: Bedoya no longer a DP, Josef Martinez replacements, Jordan Morris player of the week

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Philadelphia Union

Alejandro Bedoya is no longer a designated player, leaving the Union with just one DP.

Have some ideas on how the fan experience can improve? Apply to the Union fan council.

Soccer on a battleship is back! Battle of the Branches is set for May 13th.


Who will Atlanta bring in to replace Josef Martinez?

What week 1 taught us about each team.

An intentional handball that isn’t a red card?

Supersub Jordan Morris is the MLS Player of the Week. 

Maybe MLS isn’t as easy as it looks.


What major soccer events could the Coronavirus affect? 

A Chinese soccer team stuck in Spain got to take in El Clasico. 

Who’s your pick to host the 2023 Women’s World Cup?

Big Sam says he’s not actively looking for a coaching gig.

This should be Ilsinho’s next job when he retires.


  1. What are the chances a DP is incoming? 5%? 10% chance? (Where’s Daniel Sturridge headed?) I think we need play maker more than anything right now. I’m not sure Aaronson is the guy right now. Maybe down the road.

    • Half of our TAM is used up by the Bedoya move. Smaller amounts were used on buying down Glesnes & Santos (~$100k+). Knowing Sugarman, a good chunk of what’s left (all?) of the TAM was used on the Glesnes transfer fee.
      So if we are bringing someone in as a new DP it will be completely out of Sugarman’s pocket.
      Could this be the coming of a new dawn for the Union? He did splash for Fabian last year…

      • Right. I’d wager no. That this team is done. But they’ve surprised me over the last two years. So, I won’t hold my breath, but…. just maybe…

      • John O'Donnell Jr says:

        I have no idea why Pete would think they are done when Sugarman, Tanner, Curtin and even Bedoya have mentioned more signings are coming. Each has had a giddiness in their voice when mentioning it. Does that translate to a new DP, I don’t know but there is surely someone coming judging by their reaction to the question.

    • Chris Gibbons says:

      Why would you wager no? Every indication is the team are bringing in one or two more players. Monteiro wasn’t on the side until late March last year, and that they’re continuing to work the salary/funny money system is unquestionably a good thing.

      • I’m wagering no on a DP signing. That they’d sign more players before May is a much better chance.

      • Chris Gibbons says:

        Fair enough. They’ll be better if they bring in two $500k guys than one $1 million guy anyway. They need the reinforcements in too many places.

    • Daniel Sturridge is headed no where…he received a ban for betting on games.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        Is only until June though? I thought I read that was the case. Still a bad look

  2. Brendan Aaronson showed Saturday that he is stronger on the ball in tight spaces, and that he has the feet and metal composure to possess it when out numbered.
    What he did not show was the pass out of the situation that either maintained Union possession or unlocked the other side’s defense.
    if Tanner is still after someone, I hope it is a polished attacking midfielder who will take Aaronson under his wing and mentor him. Such an individual will command DP money, especially if he is coming from one of the lesser European leagues.
    They also need a USL-ready, MLS potential teenage left back. Right now the organization’s depth behind Matt Real is an unblooded 2001 birth year U19s academy player, more than likely. We will find out Saturday night.

  3. I thought Aaronson looked pretty good. He may not be the answer just yet but he is pretty close! This team has been a different animal since Tanner arrived. If moves are coming…I’m wiling to wait a bit. Outside of Fabian,he’s been pretty damn good!

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