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News roundup: Union lose, Josef Martinez hurt, Bundesliga protests

Photo: Marjorie Elzey 

Philadelphia Union

If you missed it, the Union fell 2-0 to FC Dallas in their MLS season opener. 

What coach Curtin took away from the match.

What they’re saying in North Texas.

National coverage of the match. 


Josef Martinez suffered a torn ACL in Atlanta’s win over Nashville.

What to take away from week 1. 

You can’t start off the year worse than Maxime Chanot did.

Jordan Morris, the super-sub?

Inter Miami and Nashville put up fights in their MLS debuts.


Liverpool’s winning streak comes to an end, thanks to Watford.

Bundesliga supporters groups are not fans of Dietmar Hopp, the owner of Hoffenheim.

Real Madrid topped Barcelona in the latest El Clasico. 

Gianni Infantino wants more women representation in FIFA.

Could we see substitutions for concussions during the Olympics?

Manchester City are Carabao Cup champions, once again.


  1. I watched LAFC and Miami yesterday. You’d swear those two teams are playing a different sport from what we saw on Saturday…

    I’m afraid the next game could get ugly.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Yeah… I am probably going to stay up late and watch it – even though it’s Sunday night, not Saturday – but I am really finding it hard to find reasons why

    • agreed. 0-2 is likely to start the season.

      lots of ??? with Creavalle starting. worth noting Haris played full 90 in NYRB loss.

  2. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Its been reported that Bedoya is no longer a DP. If you watched an interview with him he looked like he almost let the cat out of the bag about some player signings. Tanner, Curtin and even Sugarman have hinted they weren’t done building the roster. Makes you wonder who is coming, and can it be a DP?

  3. Totally unrelated and random question – I did not make it to an Steel/PU II games last year. Are there any concessions open during the game? It is general admission, right?

  4. Shame to see Martinez go down. On the up side he won’t score on the U this season.

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