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News roundup: Monteiro’s quote of the week, Atlanta beat Motagua, NWSL schedule released

Photo: Marjorie Elzey

Philadelphia Union

Jamiro Monteiro credits the Union’s technical staff for his permanent move.

ICYMI: SBI Soccer‘s Union preview.

The All 3 Points podcast should drop a new episode around lunchtime today.



In Concacaf Champions League action, Atlanta beat Motagua, 4-1.

Inter Miami may wait until summer to sign a third Designated Player.

Power rankings over at Sports Illustrated.

D.C. United and Wayne’s Rooney’s Derby County may play a friendly in October.


The 2020 schedule is (finally!) out.

Utah Royals’ Becky Sauerbrunn will be traded to the Portland Thorns in return for allocation money.

Sydney Leroux Dwyer said she spent more money on child care last year than she made with the Orlando Pride.

Around the globe

How Barcelona lost its way.

The Northern Irish Football Association (FA) banned children aged 12 and under from heading soccer balls. English and Scottish FA’s also introduce a ban, but only for training not matches.

A Scottish player whacked her dislocated knee back into place to and kept on playing.

Highlight of the day


  1. Miro!

  2. el Pachyderm says:

    I worked my way through an accelerated second degree as an adult while having 1 kid on board then bringing 2 more into the world while in school… Holy shit.
    What an odyssey. At one point we had three young kids under 4 years of age, I was working +40 a week and managing a full time course load. My wife used to ask me when I studied- or why every night I was getting in to bed at 7 pm. Rest was my only hope to survive. Anyway…
    …I took my first job with the new work for the same company– and for the period of one full calender year–while managing the new gruesome hourly schedule I was just happy to have in the first place as low man on the totem pole (ahem all you Millenials who think the world bends to your will and your place in the hierarchy is more advanced then it is) I was paying for full days of childcare four days a week.
    I calculated it out a zillion times and could have actually made more money not working at all and just staying home watching the kids. Then at one point, if I was a Sandwich Artist (this is apparently a thing now) at Wawa I would have made twice the money. That was a maddening year and half. New degree. Full time fullfilling work. Not one penny to my name….
    …all while paying someone to put their values into my children… turns out I caught a break and was able to switch positions, staying home with 4 kids by that time- earning a nice living with minimal to no impact on their lives and zero child care costs.
    Sydney…. I hear you.

    • We put 3 kids through daycare, and the wife through 2 nursing degrees,while I slogged through a 5 year long Union Electrical apprenticeship. Its tough to do. And sometimes you ask if all the expense is worth it! But if we hadn’t been through that…we wouldn’t be where we are (financialy) today. It really sucks how expensive it is!

      • John O'Donnell Jr says:

        Congratulations. Sadly once upon a time this was what family did. Sacrificing your life for the betterment of your children use to be a thing people took for granted.

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