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News roundup: 2020 Leagues Cup, preseason continues, and more

Photo: Marjorie Elzey


The Union’s No. 9.

Union have more than a few ties to National Soccer Hall of Fame Class of 2020 nominees.

The club announced their match dates for the 2020 Leagues Cup, appearing for the first time ever and hosting a Round of 16 match in late July.

Neuer who? Andre Blake is the real sweeper keeper.

Union II

U2 are in Clearwater for preseason training. Here’s what new head coach Sven Gartung had to say about the club’s preseason.


“Philadelphia Union can win the Shield because…” and why every other team in the league can win the Supporters’ Shield in 2020.

Lots of signings and rumors around the MLS yesterday, so just go check out the transfer tracker.

More details on the 2020 Leagues Cup.

MLS Fantasy features major changes for 2020.


Here’s your Europa League roundup.

10 things to look out for this weekend in the Premier League.

Pep Guardiola vows to stay at Man City and back their fight against UEFA ban.

Messi asks for calm amid the chaos Barcelona and reiterates that he plans to finish his carer with the club.


  1. OK, as much as I will likely enjoy a game against a Liga MX club at Subaru Park this summer, why should fans care about a Leagues Cup? How did the MLS clubs earn their spots? Will these clubs have incentive to win?

    I know, it’s cynical to think this is little more than a new way to grab money, and, to be fair, it will likely be entertaining, so why not? There’s nothing wrong with soccer for the fun of it. I just wish that the same efforts went into the CCL, with which this seems to be a clear competitor.

    • I hear ya, but we’re more NIT or Europa League quality at this point. It’s a goofy little tournament, but I’ll take a trophy.

    • They explain how MLS teams earn their spots in the article on the Union’s website.
      I won’t deny that this seems like a money grab. But I also feel this should be beneficial to the Union and MLS in general. It should be a good thing to play against an opposition and play styles that they might not normally get to see. I’m not looking at this as anything more than chance for the Union to grow and learn. Who wins is basically irrelevant.

    • All the games will be hosted by MLS teams regardless of seeding, and matches between Mexican teams will be at neutral venues in the US. This should tell you everything you need to know about this tournament: competitive fairness is irrelevant and both leagues see it as a cash grab, with a bonus for MLS of added exposure to Mexican fans living in the US.

      • Yeah. It has a barnstorming quality to it. (Particularly for the Liga MX teams.) I worry about a tournament like this becoming a lot more lucrative than CCL. Probably already is.

      • Pete, interesting take, and I agree since the CCL money gets filtered through CONCACAF before MLS/LigaMX gets their share, whereas all of the money for this goes straight to MLS/LigaMX, there are more MLS/Mex clubs involved, and all the ticket revenue is collected in USD.

  2. Hopefully the Leagues Cup round of 16 will take the place of the summer friendly and will be the bonus game for STH.

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