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News roundup: Union beat Inter Miami, FC Cincinnati in hot water, Liverpool still undefeated

Photo: Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union 

In their latest preseason friendly, the Union defeated Inter Miami 2-1. 

Here’s coach Curtin’s thoughts on the win. 

The Union academy had a good day Friday in GA Cup qualifying. 

The Union Foundation will be hosting a “Legends of Soccer” benefit on April 1st.


Are the Chicago Fire the most interesting team for the 2020 season? 

Over 40,000 fans are expected to be in attendance for Nashville’s home opener.

Paul Arriola is expected to miss a large chunk of time for DC United.

FC Cincinnati coach Ron Jans has been placed on leave, pending a league investigation.

In more Cincinnati news, Darren Mattocks is facing felony charges in western Pennsylvania.

Which Galaxy player stole the spotlight from Javier Hernandez?


Here’s how you should NOT act when your teammate is racially abused. 

And how you SHOULD act if they’re on your team or not.

Some people are still mad about the USWNT celebrations.

Tim Weah returned to the field for Lille after a long injury absence.

Liverpool are still undefeated in the Premier League. 

If you missed it, Man City has been banned from Champions League play for 2 years.




  1. being a City fan, it’s a hard pill to swallow. it’s been magnificent to watch for the majority. hoping they go out with a roar this year in league and CL.

    • I’m curious to see what happens during the inevitable appeal process. I definitely think City got what they deserved, assuming the facts of the case against them are accurate. A safe assumption, perhaps, but an assumption nonetheless.

      Regardless, I think City is likely to see a substantial exodus at the end of the season, including Pep. I don’t think the club will be left completely powerless. There’s plenty of money to keep it thriving, but older and more ambitious players who want CL playing time will steer clear.

  2. Hopefully the SOB’s will find a way to equate Man City and NYCFC and let them know what we think next time the Man City baseball affiliate comes to Talen.

  3. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Truthfully I find the EPL incredibly boring this year and Man City just a thing that’s a byproduct of a flawed system. To think Liverpool would still be in first place if their wins only counted for just two points is insane. They seem like an NFL team competing against Pac12 teams. Meh

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      As an Arsenal supporter, I sadly agree. I follow my team, but have little to no interest in following the whole league. Liverpool is just too dominant.

    • As a Liverpool fan, I almost have to agree too. I mean it’s amazing what they’re doing and the 1-0 wins certainly have a lot of tension, but it’s nowhere near the roller coaster emotions of last season or even better was the 2015-16 Gerard slip season when Suarez was bangin in crazy goals and they were winning games 4-3, 3-2. Every other team plays so defensively against them now you can predict how every match will go. Liverpool will keep possession without much purpose for 70% of the game and wear down the other team, start stretching the game in transition around the 70the minute and score a goal in the last 15. Every game it feels like. Still, what they are doing is amazing. I only wish other fans could appreciate how their net spending has been so low compared to the other big clubs. If you’re a neutral, you should be delighted to see how Liverpool is run.

  4. Poor Tim Weah. He finally gets back on the field only to pull his OTHER HAMSTRING!!?? I feel gutted for the kid.

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