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News roundup: A big year for Aaronson, Piatti leaves Montreal, Uly Llanez on Europa League roster

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union 

Is this a make or break season for Brenden Aaronson? 

As you’ve probably seen, Mark McKenzie is no fan of snakes.

The Union U-17 and U-15 teams are wrapping up GA Cup qualifying.

Will Jay Ajayi grab a win in eMLS Series Two?


Ignacio Piatti and the Montreal Impact agreed to part ways.

Everyone’s favorite tournament is starting back up….CONCACAF Champions League!

Luis Amarilla of Minnesota United is a confident man.

Mark McKenzie started a trend of appendicitis last year.

Inter Miami may have to change their name, thanks to Inter Milan.

Brad Guzan loves being nutmegged by Brenden Aaronson so much, he extended his contract with Atlanta.


After starring with the USMNT, Uly Llanez has been added to Wolfsburg’s Europa League roster.

You’re never too old to become a professional soccer player.

MLS isn’t the only league with CBA issues. 

Can you ace this Golden Boot quiz?

Sometimes physicality is the best defense according to Emre Can.


  1. Piatti leaving Montreal — bad news for MLS and Montreal, good news for Philadelphia. The man has not been good for Union results, that’s for sure.

    On Inter Miami/Milan, I’m not sure which I find more distasteful: Inter Milan suing Miami or Miami’s lame, unoriginal name.

  2. el Pachyderm says:

    Quite simply… the answer is yes to wether Brendan Aaronson needs to have a break out season.
    I’ve argued extensively that Haris took touches away from Brendan and now it will be up to him to become a focal point of the attack. Personally I’m unsure, but I am excited to find out and ultimately am pulling for him.

    • Interesting take on Harris. He certainly took up a lot of oxygen when we were circulating the ball around the 18.
      One thing that needs to improve in Aaronson’s game is time on the ball. We saw it in the US game against CR, and as you point out last season as well. He needs to find the game more.
      I’m not sure what it is though. He made himself open and available, but for whatever reason was being passed over by his teammates in the US game. Often for more risky passes that didn’t put us in any better of a position.
      I want to see him find his balance this year and become the cog that we need!

      • I noticed this as well in the US game. Yueill and Zimmerman were the worst. Did they even make a pass to Aaronson all night? Early on I thought “OK Brendan was not putting himself in the best position to receive a pass” But as the game went on he was getting in better and better places. Those two guys just looked right past him for a more risky pass. It may be a case that those guys don’t know how fast Aaronson can turn in tight spaces.

    • I don’t think it is make or break. Certainly we’d like to see him build on last year, but if he has a sophomore slump, it wouldn’t be the first time for a Union player and several have come back to form in their 3rd year. He’s still only 19 and hopefully a few years away from his prime.

      • Definitely agree. Aaronson is still a work in progress, and I’m willing to give him time. Guys usually come back from NT duty playing strong, so hopefully he can ride the bump from Olympic Team games to avoid that this year.

  3. Just add water: says:

    Union have been hit or miss trying to find an engine on retainer for years……………. Aaronson starting at this point given his struggles a year ago reeks of agenda over ascension.

    Given that, finding a quality back-up who can cover absences is the biggest roster hole that is yet to be filled.

    Neither Ilsinho nor Monteiro could hope to function even adequately in that spot-and moving either there for any reason only hurts the club in 2 places rather than 1.

  4. Really need to see him progress. It’s a lot of pressure for sure but hes been pretty good. He wont be donning the #10 this year tho.

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