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News roundup: Ilsinho back

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

The team announced the re-signing of Ilsinho to a one-year deal, ending a brief contract standoff.

I will bump my own very serious take on the matter.

Today is the last day of training in Wilmington. The club has a “team lift” scheduled for tomorrow at the training complex in Chester, an off day Sunday, and then travel to Clearwater, Fla., on Monday.


If you subscribe to The Athletic, two great stories from Sam Stejskal worth flagging today.

First, the ins-and-outs of LA Galaxy’s monster move for Chicharito.

Second, in light of the ongoing CBA negotiations, a retrospective from players in MLS whose starting salaries were under $13,000 per season.

Speaking of Chicharito, Nick Lima is not impressed.

A couple of roster moves: Minnesota United say farewell to striker Angelo Rodriguez, while Sporting KC make a loan move for Israeli midfielder Gadi Kinda.

Around the globe

The FA Cup fourth round starts today and runs through Monday. The Guardian has match previews here. The highlight — from a “magic of the cup” perspective — looks to be League Two’s Tranmere Rovers playing host to Manchester United.


  1. The only thing to worry about in this is the tweet storm from his sister………I hope he doesn’t become poison in the locker room. He has to go in and look Monteiro and McKenzie right in the eye after his sister said that……she likely didn’t come up with that herself. Hopefully Ills comes to work and puts in a shift…….

    • Nah, she just said that the team recognized their growth and she wanted the same for Ilsinho.
      Besides, who could be mad at Ilsinho with that smile ;~)

      • Ilsinho has shown growth……..in his stomach, and Tanner obviously recognized it……..Lolz.

      • Actually, I’ll disagree…I think he’s lost a bit of that stomach since he first arrived.

      • I honestly think Tanner was signaling that his days are numbered with the club as it transitions into what he wants……and his new contract reflected that. I think the Union are trying to move past a thirty minute show pony who clubs often figure out after seeing him. He is pedestrian as a starter, does he give a different look in the last half hour….yes. Is that worth the same as what Jamiro provides? That’s insane if you think yes. Someone in Ilsinho’s camp thought so and singled two guys out in public…..which is something you don’t do. I also don’t think Tanner likes having unfit players…..he’s German. I think he wants every player on his squad to have an engine……that’s not Ilsinho. If Ilsinho came up through today’s academies….they would have their sports science department change his body type….they do that with the kids these days.

  2. I keep hearing about SKC making a kinda loan move – is it a move or isn’t?
    (keep your groans to yourself)

  3. O captain my captain crunch is gone says:

    Don’t stress about girl talk…. it’s what they do. That’s why we love them, I’m just glad to have him back here in Philly. Go U!

  4. John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

    Quite an achievement MLS has accomplished since the Union were announced. I remember Sak stating “wait till you see this league in ten years”. Quite amazing if you think about just what the league has accomplished in this last decade coming out of the recession. Nearly doubled in size, stadiums, training academies, training centers and growing salaries for players. I still remember when I thought the league might fold. Wow

    • Nah…he thought some keeper who played in a little tourney in Brazil (or South Africa or Russia) would be leading the league to glory.

  5. Totally On Board The Tanner Train says:


    Now, where’s my right back and DP #10?

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      Between Martinez, Gaddis, and Mbaizo, I don’t think we need to worry about RB as much as say, a 3rd CB. Or maybe some striker depth.

      • Totally On Board The Tanner Train says:

        All three of those people can play rb. But I want someone glorious. Much as I love Ray, we need a right-handed Kai.

        I agree on adding another cb. But we need another creator more. I think we’ve got strikers who can handle good chances. Who’s going to get it to them?

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        Definitely not disagreeing about a #10. Aaronson is the future, but maybe not the present.

    • Is anybody but me worried that Curtin might try to put Monteiro in the 10-slot?

      I mean I truly love me some Miro, and I am beyond thrilled that they re-signed him. But he is not a CAM. I’m even OK with handing the keys to young Brendan and letting him drive. But if it doesn’t work out, there needs to be a Plan B that does not involve playing Miro out of position where he’ll be less useful.

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