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News roundup: Union preseason starts, Kyle Beckerman back again, USMNT to play Wales

Photo: Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union

If you missed it, the Union officially signed Matej Oravec to start preseason.

Want to watch the Union train? Training will be open to the public on Wednesday.

Here’s what Ernst Tanner had to say on the first day of preseason, and coach Curtin’s remarks.


Inter Miami doesn’t have any stars yet, but they say they won’t wait much longer.

Here’s a list of known trialists in MLS training camps. 

Michael Bradley was hurt in MLS Cup, he’s having surgery months later.

MLS Ironman Kyle Beckerman is back for another season with Salt Lake. 

The Union aren’t the only MLS team with visa issues.

Roman Alessandrini will not be returning to the LA Galaxy next season. 


The La Liga president is not a fan of the 2021 Club World Cup format.

So are the “Ozil to MLS” rumors dead now?

How much money do the biggest clubs in the world make?

The USMNT will play at Wales on March 30th. 

If you have 99 problems, Ronaldo can probably solve them but create one in the process.

Millwall vs Reading was halted due to homophobic chants in the stands.





  1. I have to say, I don’t think Chicharito is going to be nearly as good as people think he’s going to be. I know MLS defenses are not terribly good, but I think he might have a hard time hitting double digits. Just a gut feeling.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Interesting POV.
      Mine…..He’s 31-32 years old…and is as much a wraith on the field as any player has been…everywhere, under-every circumstance Javier Hernandez has scored. His brilliance — hiding in plain sight. He’ll score like The Fish….15-22 or so a year.
      Javier is as timeless as the single cell protozoa flagellating on the earth for a billion years.
      Chicharito will score. Of that I am certain.

      • See, I think time has caught up to him. Quickly.

        He has not impressed me in the recent past — at West Ham, Sevilla or for Mexico… I don’t see him finding the success of Zlatan or Keane. It will be hard for him to live up to the price the Galaxy are paying (barring, no doubt, the many, many shirt sales they’ll enjoy. Count me a skeptic.

        I have nothing against him. No schadenfreude here. I hope for his sake he scores 20 (just not against the Union).

    • With Pavon feeding him passes, he’ll score plenty.

    • He’s going to have the same problems JacMacAttac had if Galaxy don’t set up correctly. Jack thrived when the conditions were right and the tactics were in place, but if they can’t get passes into the 6 I could see Cheech struggling. That said, I’m sure Schelotto is aware of this.
      I think he gets to 10, his rate about 1 in 3 anyway, but I don’t think he breaks.

    • John O'Donnell says:

      Well, I think if you look at this how the Galaxy see it, it’s three-dimensional chess. This signing is about many things but the most important is maintaining the upper hand in the market over LAFC.
      Believe it or not MLS can create rivalries out of thin air as El Tráfico is probably already the most important rivalry in MLS after just two years. At least when it comes to eyeballs on tv and attention to the league. 900K tuned into the playoff game last year across all ESPN networks. With a new tv contract on the horizon seeing ESPN Deportes had reported an average audience of 375,000 viewers makes LAFC-LA Galaxy the most-watched MLS match ever on the 24-hour Spanish-language sports network I’m sure raised some eyebrows at the network. Now add Chicharito to the mix and you can understand the importance of this signing for the Galaxy.
      Looking at Vela before he arrived at LAFC, Chicharito has better numbers in comparison. Yes their games differ but they do share similar circumstances of not playing much the year before they switched to MLS. If Chicharito can surpass Vela’s first year in MLS of scoring 14 goals and the Galaxy returning to the playoffs, it’s a huge success.
      The two games for El Tráfico were both national tv games on ABC and Fox. You think someone at both those networks might be smiling just a little after this signing?

      • I get the signing very much on a marketing level. I’m talking more about the soccer side of it. If the Galaxy get half of Vela’s goal production out of Hernandez this season, it’s a win, easy. Vela had a ridiculous season. I’ll be curious about future ratings for El Trafico. I think a lot of people tuned in for Zlatan (though to be fair, the games were often really fun). We’ll see if Hernandez moves the needle as much Ibra did.

      • This guy gets it. El Trafico is more important to this league and its stewards than 10 other clubs (who i won’t name) put together. Chicharito is a name and names generate cash. As Pete mentions, I don’t think Chicharito will generate as much cash as Ibra but who knows.

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