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Setting a transfer record, Union sign midfielder Jamiro Monteiro

Photo: Rob Simmons

Updated, 6:15 p.m.: The Union confirmed the signing of Jamiro Monteiro on a three-year DP contract with a club option for a fourth year.  The club also confirmed that a club-record transfer fee of $2 million was paid to complete the deal.

Union fans looked up from their Friday morning second cup of coffee to this tweet from Taylor Twellman, announcing the Chester side had signed the darling of the 2019 season, midfielder Jamiro Monteiro, to a permanent deal. contributor Tom Bogert was quick to confirm Twellman’s account, with a few more details.

Finally, it was Philadelphia’s own Jonathan Tannenwald who ironed out the finer points, nailing down Monteiro’s transfer fee. The fee will be a club record, well surpassing the reported $1 million paid out to acquire Alejandro Bedoya in 2016.

The skinny

Signed on loan after the start of the 2019 campaign, Monteiro didn’t feature for the Union until coming on as a substitute in their road match against FC Cincinnati at the end of March. He put his first pass wrong in that match, and then didn’t miss another on the night. It was the latter kind of statistic, as well as the feints, flourish, ferocity, and fire, that impressed even the most hardened Union fans. Monteiro ended the 2019 season with four goals and seven assists in 28 regular-season appearances.

Like Tranquillo Barnetta and Borek Dockal before him, Union fans were expecting the pint-sized protagonist to have a short tenure in Philadelphia.

He never indicated during the 2019 season that he wanted to stay in Philadelphia, and given his recent transfer to FC Metz in France for $3.5 million, it seemed unlikely the Union could afford to keep Monteiro anyway. Ernst Tanner indicated as much on more than one occasion.

But the German sporting director again worked his magic in the transfer market, bringing back a Union favorite against the odds.

Considering the team’s December signing of Venezuelan defensive midfielder Jose Andres Martinez and the rumors swirling about Slovakian defender/midfielder Matej Oravec, the 2020 side is starting to take shape. Monteiro’s permanent return stabilizes a midfield that has already seen Haris Medunjanin and Marco Fabian depart this offseason.


  1. It was my vote for top priority in the off-season! They were a different side without him on the pitch last year…….I have been on the Monty train early and never gave up hope…..hahaha! There is a record of this here! You dudes on the cliff made me have doubts at times…….but our little baller is back baby! Great day for the club and it’s supporters! Tanner!!!!!!!

    • I never thought it would happen. So glad to be wrong.

      • I can honestly say, I’m pretty excited for the upcoming season…..and you never hear these things from me…….Lolz! There are couple “down the road things I’m wondering”……just going by the recent signings.

  2. good move…his fire dimmed a bit as the season went on, but overall the team looked better with him on the field


  4. Would be nice to see another option in the mix for RB, and one more weapon on offense (#10 maybe?), but the midfield seems to be straightened out, with some depth options.

  5. This is so great. Now with El Brujo at the base, Monteiro and Bedoya shuttling, and Aaronson/Fontana at the tip of the midfield, this is a really versatile, strong group. And, even better, most of those guys can cover for each other in different positions, which will help with rest and rotation.


    Now, next question… Who’s playing CAM?? I hope not Miro, because that’s not where he belongs. I am fine giving Aaronson a shot at the position, but he may or not may not be quite ready for it, and if he isn’t, we need a Plan B.

  7. Also, who is this Oravec dude?? This article is the first I’ve heard of him…

    • Posted on IG wearing an Eagles jersey while at the Birds vs. Cowgirls game in December (presumably while he was here for an initial visit with the U) and his been linked to the team since.
      6ft 21 yr old Slovakian youth international and, according to Transfermarkt, is a CDM but has also played CB and (most rarely) RB with a current market value of ~500k.

  8. el Pachyderm says:

    Could be this year’s best attacking option is its ability to Defend. Transition. ….and Counter.
    It’s not my personal cup of footy tea…but it’s a thing and as Liverpool and some German sides are showing- it is ruthlessly effective.
    We’ll see how they manage it when the other team doesn’t want the ball and bunker in…. my hopes as some of the best clubs are doing is the willingness to kick it around deep in their own end… draw the other team forward then hit the sweet ittle over the top dink pass Liverpool are perfecting to wide player for the Blitzkreig forward.
    So much of that comes to Andre though and I don’t think he has the chops.

    • There still is creativity out of the madness and in the counter….some beautiful footy. Future of the sport…….it’s like run and gun hoops! Better have an engine! True on Dre, I think that’s why European clubs didn’t grab him years ago…..his feet.

    • And personally I think in transition on the counter is when Jamiro is at his best. Picks up a good head of steam to beat an opponent to the ball and then makes a cool and composed play around the 18.

  9. I’m is he so going that we need to blow our whole budget on him… This roster seems like it has a lot of question marks and possible holes

  10. Monteiro had a really solid season, and they somehow got him for a substantial discount off of what Metz paid for him originally. Seems like a really good piece of business, and great news for the Union midfield. Maybe Metz got a sell-on clause to make up for the discount? Jamiro is still young enough that the Union could make their money back and then some if he has another standout year and decides to go back to Europe.
    Also, kudos to the Union ownership for laying out significant cash to make the deal happen. Credit where credit is due.

  11. This pleases me. Yes it does. I am very pleased

  12. Gruncle Bill says:

    Well done Union!

  13. Rough day today. This is much needed good new.

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      I hear you man. Sports are a much needed distraction from the difficult day to day grind. This news just made my whole weekend.

  14. Ladies and gentleman if you know the sport, you know this is a great signing. With the newly acquired defensive midfielder …watch for This team to make playoffs and mls to not notice ….we have a chance this season sobs!!!!!!!!

  15. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Quite impressive piece of business that Tanner pulled off. No question he’s building the team his way. Although I see money being spent like never before around the league….even as they negotiate a new CBA, there something about continuity from one season to the next that I think gives this team an edge, especially early in the season.
    On a side note they had a photo of Aaronson in the gym with USMNT. He looks like he grew some and added some muscle in the off-season. Hopefully he gets on the field for the friendlies.

  16. Chris Gibbons says:

    One thing to consider for this move and the other larger moves around the league is the amount of money each team is receiving from the expansion sides. A portion of their expansion fee goes to the existing teams, so one can imagine it’s a bit like Monopoly money.

  17. Great belated Christmas Gift! Thank U Santa Tanner!

  18. As some have said it’s a wonderful gift for this next season and beyond. I just love what Ernst is doing with the club. He’s brought legitimacy to the years of struggle that the team and fans have gone through. I want to pinch myself. I can’t believe we have a professional footy club in Philly. Phinally!

  19. OneManWolfpack says:

    This club is growing up. Slowly, yes… but growing up nonetheless. Paying the money to acquire a guy permanently is a MASSIVE step and shows they can spend a little when necessary. I’d still like to see them go get a legit 10, or proven DP striker, but I’ll take the additions so far. Very excited to see what the team looks like when it gets going. Welcome back Montiero!

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