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News roundup: The return of Cory Burke, former Eagle is Union’s eMLS player, Temple hires women’s coach

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Philadelphia Union

Former Philadelphia Eagle Jay Ajayi joined the Union as its esports gamer.

Yo, Cory Burke‘s potential return to the Union could take its offense to the next level.

The Union II’s home opener at Talen is against Loudoun United FC on Saturday, March 7 at 7:30 PM.



Temple University hired Nick Bochette as its women’s head coach.


Matt Doyle’s roster status for the East and da West.

List of players eligible for selection in the SuperDraft.


The Washington Spirit added midfielder Jaye Boissiere.

Former NWSL president Amanda Duffy is the Orlando Pride new executive vice president.

U.S. Soccer

USMNT’s January camp begins under unusual, unique circumstances, says Sports Illustrated.

Anthony Hudson is the new U-20 men’s national team coach, per a U.S. Soccer press release this morning.

Around the globe

Manchester City overwhelmed Manchester United, 3-1, in the Carabao Cup semifinal first leg.

Oi, the beauty of the FA Cup!

Calls for Australia’s W-League to move to winter.


  1. We have an interesting stable of strikers all of the sudden: Przbylko, Burke, Santos and Wooten. Seems like good competition if nothing else.

    What’s the deal with Ernie Stewart? Is he behind all this shit hiring or is it above his head? For someone who had such a good reputation in The Netherlands, he hasn’t done much in the states, has he? The coaching situation for the whole program seems to be shambles.

    • That strike force is looking kind of…eh.

      It should be noted I’m fully expecting Pryzbilko to fall off a cliff this year like every Union playerdoes after having a promising season.

      • I think that’s a tad bit pessimistic. We haven’t had a striker with Przybylko’s quality ever. If he remains healthy, I think he’s good for at least 12 goals. I also think Santos is a real baller as well. I like him for double digits as well. Wooten didn’t show us much but he didn’t have much time either. Much depends on keeping the top two healthy.

      • Strikers are *such* a gamble, unless you shell out giant $$$ for a Josef or a Giovinco. The Union’s strategy is clearly to get a bunch who have talent & potential, and wait to see which one declares himself. Last year it was Kacper. I will not be shocked if it’s Wooten this year. Overall I think it’s a decent strategy for a team with limited resources.

      • Santos and Wooten haven’t really done anything yet so you can’t really say anything until they do.

        Burke is a good squad guy but we have seen pretty much what he can do.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        I’m very optimistic about Santos this year, and to a lesser extent Wooten. We’ll see what happens.

      • Based on his history, it is probably a big stretch to think Kacper can stay healthy all year. We will need depth.

      • No one seems to remember that Michee Ngalina exists and is signed to the first team.
        Speed to match Picault. Has had no chance to play in MLS yet, so his finishing there is unknown. Neither is his defense.
        He has been practicing consistently with the first team since mid-summer 2018, so they have some idea what he can do. The signing was not a shot in the dark.

    • Nothing says ‘Panic Button’ like hiring a coach with The Lowest Points Per Game In MLS History (0.767) in Anthony Hudson. But hey, he was willing to move to Chicago right?

  2. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Is there one striker in this group who you wouldn’t be surprised if he scored ten goals? Is there one striker in this group who would shock you if he scored twenty goals? If they get two guys in that double digit category we could be dangerous. If we only have one, not much changes from last year…..unless it’s in the mid to high twenties.

    • Given his timidity in a Union jersey so far, Wooten would surprise me if he reached double digits.
      I think he had the potential to do it at one point, but for whatever reason he’s lost his mojo. Hopefully Pat Noonan can unlock him in preseason.
      The other three can and should absolutely hit the 10 goal mark.

    • If two of the four end up with circa 15, we’re winning the conference.

  3. Question for the cordcutters. What do you do about the games on phl17 for the Union? I couldn’t find it as a local channel on any of the apps.

    • OTA Antenna

      • Antenna. it’s an awful, awful TV deal. i actually considered buying an OTA DVR for the times i am away from home and not structuring my weekend around the Union. i watch no other network tv where such a device would be used. then i realized i’d rather suffer this coming season, again, as i have for the past 2 seasons, for the day i’d actually be able to stream and replay in the home market.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        Locast is also an option. But it will generally cut out mid- game and it takes 2 min to get it up and running again

      • Okay I was worried that was the only way. Looks like that may be how I go. Thanks

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