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News roundup: Steel become Union II, new USOC structure and UCL’s last 16

Photo: Philadelphia Union


Because of this news, Tim McDermott and Ernst Tanner are doing a Twitter Q&A today at noon. #UnionII


Bethlehem Steel FC is no more. The team will rebrand as Philadelphia Union II ahead of the 2020 USL Championship season. The U2 jokes were endless yesterday.


US Soccer announces restructured schedule, format for 2020 US Open Cup.

Fafa discusses his “slow feet don’t eat” mentality as he moves to FC Dallas, as well as leaving Philly.

Michael Bradley re-signed with Toronto and claims the club’s best years are ahead.


Christian Pulisic wins US Soccer’s 2019 Male Athlete of the Year award.

Frustration is the theme of the USMNT’s story this year.


The Champions League is down to its last 16, so here are the power rankings. 

10 things that you should look for in the Premier League this weekend.


  1. Enjoyed the CL rankings article by Jonathan Wilson. In the last two to three years, CL matches have been the best soccer I’ve seen played. The games have been ridiculously entertaining and the skill on display has been just mind boggling. From Ajax’s run to Spurs’ victory over City to the amazing Liverpool comeback over Barca. I think Spur with Mourinho in charge have to be a dark horse pick to win everything. It’s the same squad that made the final last season and now have a manager who, if he knows how to do anything, it’s to win a tournament like this. Finally, I’ll believe in PSG when I see it. You can always rely on them to wilt in a big game.

    Why is the offseason so long. Ugh.

  2. Couldn’t come up with something better than Union II? Union Steel, Ben’s Boys, Union Hall, More(or Less) Perfect Union. With all the uniteds on the continent, heck you could even go with Union United!

    • DelCo Dons
      Chester Athletic
      Delaware River Rovers
      Chesterfield Wednesday

      I wonder if the club could establish Union 2 in Chester and move the first team to Philly proper. Pipe dream, I know.

      • John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

        Would be nice if they renovated LaSalle’s McCarthy stadium and played there. Get them a presence in the city.

  3. Picault vs. Gaddis in Dallas for the season opener?
    That would be enough to give Ray fits over the offseason.

    • If we are still starting Gaddis at RB next season we have failed.

    • That matchup will show how much speed Ray has lost. Fafa will look most likely blow right past Ray!

      • I don’t get all the Ray hate.
        Dude has given everything to this team – including being played out of position for a few years which likely hurt his ceiling. This past season he was one of the first names on the team sheet for the best Union team in club history. He is 29 years old so still right in his prime years.
        I’m all for “upgrading” our right back position – but it is also possible to call for an upgrade at a position without bashing the guy who has worked his tail off, put the team first, and has been solid on the field and in the locker room.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        Thank you CP! The Ray hate is so unreasonable.

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