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News roundup: Union not affected by draft, USMNT beats Cuba, Mourinho is Spurs’ new coach

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Philadelphia Union

The Union made it out of the MLS Expansion Draft unscathed. Here’s The Inquirer‘s take on it.

Union Academy prospects helped US U16s claim trophy.


Daniel C. Yallah, a 19-year-old budding soccer star, felled by cancer.

Lehigh University’s Will Smith was named Patriot League Goalkeeper of the Year.


Thierry Henry talked about his past errors, and he looks to the future as Montreal Impact’s head coach.

RSL’s pitch was named the best soccer field in the nation.


South Bend Lions, in Indiana, will join USL League Two.

Conspiracy Theory time!:

U.S. Soccer

The USMNT clobbered Cuba last night, 4-0.

Around the globe

The Spurs sacked coach Mauricio Pochettino. Jose Mourinho is his replacement.

Serge Gnabry’s hat-trick helped Germany thrash Northern Ireland, 6-1.

Amateur club Fortuna SC in Miami gives exiled Cuban players a shot at glory and a sense of community.

Aussie soccer creates blueprint for equal pay.

Amid month-long anti-government protests, Lebanon will host North Korea in an empty stadium in a World Cup qualifying game.

Highlight of the day


  1. Only thing more shocking than unceremoniously dumping Poch is turning around and hiring his antithesis. How on earth is Mouinho a good fit at Spurs? Yes. Mourinho has accomplished great things in his career. More than Poch has, for sure. But, if Levy wouldn’t give Poch the funds to replenish the squad, will he do it for Mourinho? Get ready for a player sale. Maybe selling Kane can get Jose some of the players he wants.

    • Maybe Jose learned something from his failure at ManU. They do have a number of players they need to sell whom Levy doesn’t really want to pay market wages.
      As an Arsenal fan I’m afraid of what he may be able to do in the short term while I look forward to the train wreck at the end.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        Nice to have a fellow Gunners supporter on this site. Times are tough but they may be tougher for Spurs at the moment.

    • As a Spurs and Union fan, I am finding out you can’t have two nice things in the world of soccer.

  2. TAM killed the domestic MLS player, and as everything rolls downhill the USL player.

    • That may be the case, but it would also behoove MLS teams to grow and sign domestic players through their academy which they can then turn around and sell for profit as opposed to signing a player from a lower division. I’m not nearly as baffled at the lack of player movement as that guy is, especially (as you mentioned) when you can go out and get a foreign player with top tier experience who can make an immediate impact

    • I’m trying to think of how prevalent it is in other top flight leagues. I can’t think of many PL teams signing championship players. You’ll always have fire sales of relegated squads, but I’m not sure. I don’t follow the transfers of the Burnleys, Brightons and Bournmouths that closely, so maybe there is more cross-tier recruiting than I realize.

      That said, I would think the problem most clubs have is USL-grade talent on their MLS rosters. Clearly, sporting directors in the league don’t see much talent at the USL level. Otherwise, there would be more movement.

      • Richie_the_Limey says:

        Off top, and ones you are likely to have heard of, there is:

        Gareth Bale (Southampton to Spurs)

        Aaron Ramsey (Cardiff to Arsenal)

        Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Southampton to Arsenal)

        And of course Jamie Vardy signing from non-league to Leicester (albeit when they were in the Championship)

        The short answer is that it happens a ton in England.

  3. There are players who regularly get signed from League Championship sides to Premier League sides. Often they are brought in just as support players, but then you get guys who when given a chance, turn out to be Premier League players. If memory serves me correctly, wasn’t Vardy signed from a level or two below Leicester before he developed into the player he is today?

    Somehow if I were an MLS side, I’d be far more willing to take a chance on a proven USL player than a college player in the SuperDraft.

  4. Maybe the perception among MLS owners and GMs is that there is a bigger gulf in quality from USL to MLS than from English Championship to EPL?

  5. In Tanner We Trust says:

    Anyone see the report that Trusty has been sold to Colorado? I’m liking what this could lead to….
    It also shows their commitment to Elliott and McKenzie, which I appreciate.

  6. Wow!! Tanner does not F*ck around. I do not remember Philly this active so soon in the offseason. I hope we get something good…

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