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News roundup: Faith pays off for the Union, MLS Expansion Draft tonight, Sky Blue moves to RBA

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union 

A little faith goes a long way for the Union. 

You can watch the MLS Expansion draft unfold tonight online.

The eMLS League is coming to Philadelphia.


Cristian Pavon will return to the LA Galaxy next season.

Is it weird to see the Union as MLS Cup contenders? 

Can we call Nashville and Atlanta a rivalry already?

Just what you needed, an expansion mock draft. 

Inter Miami adds a former USMNT hopeful. 


A player strike is still ongoing in Spain. 

Can Thierry Henry restart his coaching career in Montreal? 

Sky Blue FC will play in Red Bull Arena next year.

Denmark sealed their trip to the 2020 Euros. 

Will the Qatar World Cup be the most expensive to go to? 






  1. No mention that Cuba-US is tonight from the Cayman Islands? US needs to win in order to top their group and move on to the playoffs.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I’d love to say, “Come on Andy… it’s against Cuba, it’s a walk.” But with the current iteration, I’m not 100% sure. Ugh

  2. Here’s an article on RSL’s 2 team that is pretty good. Basically talking about how they do their best to fill out both 1st and 2nd team squads – which resulted in a USL-1 championship trophy on Sunday vs. Hackworth’s Louisville.
    “We have 30 guys on our MLS roster and we have 20 guys on our USL roster. We view that as having one roster of 50 guys”
    I understand that the budget isn’t there for Tanner, but I would love to see us stop treating the Steel only as a training exercise. They withered on the vine this year, and I’m not sure anyone benefited from it.
    Sorry for the paywall link, but there is just a lot of good stuff at The Athletic.

  3. And the Union lost….no one.

    • John O'Donnell Jr says:

      Ernst masterfully plans who to expose in the expansion draft.

      Let’s give it a little headline news over exaggeration. “\_(°~°)_/”

  4. sean – the link for Qatar is going to expansion draft. please correct.

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