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Union leave nine exposed to the expansion draft

As expected, the Philadelphia Union announced its protected list for the expansion draft this coming Tuesday for Nashville SC and Inter Miami.

Here are the players left available for selection.

Expansion draft unprotected list

Nashville or Inter Miami may select one of these players in Tuesday's expansion draft. As soon as they do so, the rest come back to the Union, since a team may lose only one player. And it would be a fair guess that the team would be exempt from 2021's expected expansion draft for Austin FC.
PlayerPosition2020 statusSeptember 2019 SalaryEstimated market value in dollars from
Aurelien CollinReserve center backOut of contract$175,000 $228,000
Haris MedunjaninDefensive center midOut of contract$550,000$1,030,000
R. J. AllenReserve right backOption available$70,250$570,000
Joe BendikGoalkeeperOption available$144,000$684,000
Warren CreavalleReserve midfielderOption available$162,000$456,000
Marco FabianReserve attacking center mid Option available$2,000,727$2,280,000
FabinhoReserve left backOption available$120,000$120,000
Olivier MbaizoReserve right backOption available$70,875$285,000
Michee NgalinaReserve attackerOption available$56,250$56,250

All 12 players under guaranteed contracts for 2020 are protected either by choice or automatically through homegrown player status.

Three of the five players who are out of contract for 2020 have been protected, Ilsinho, Jamiro Monteiro, and Fafa Picault.

Only one of the non-homegrown players who have options available for 2020 has been protected, Cory Burke.

To sign either Michee Ngalina or R. J. Allan, Nashville or Inter Miami would have to put him on their senior roster and keep him there on roster compliance day.

Two homegrowns with options for 2020, Matt Real and Anthony Fontana, have been reported on Twitter as working out with teams in Austria, as per Matt Ralph of Brotherly Game Friday.



  1. Seems like M’baizo would be most likely to go, if any. Was also going to mention Ngalina, but that catch where he’d have to be on senior roster maybe lowers that chance a bit. Interesting Monteiro was protected – must still believe there’s a chance of getting him to stay. Otherwise, exposing a more expensive MF who’s looking to go back to Europe seems like pretty good business.

    • I’d be surprised if either team uses one of their international spots for a reserve player.

    • I will be surprised if anyone gets picked from the Union. There are a lot of better options available from other teams. Maybe I could see Michee or Creavalle going if they are trying to add depth.

  2. The gall (or sheer testicular fortitude, maybe) of calling Marco Fabian a “reserve” attacking center mid.
    Not really surprised by this list, other than both our backup RBs are on it. Suppose that’s an indication we’re either going shopping for Ray’s replacement and he’ll be the first-choice backup, or Harriel is ready to be promoted.

    • Old Soccer coach says:

      Can only lose one player, so one of the RB reserves will stay.

      • Didn’t really factor that into my statement, but you’re right.
        I think it’s more an indication though of who is deemed extraneous. If we don’t mind losing either of them, are they really in the team’s plans moving ahead?

  3. In Tanner We Trust says:

    I don’t want to hold out hope that Monteiro is coming back, but I’m holding out hope that Monteiro is coming back. It would be such a big step forward.

  4. Interesting that not on Monteiro is being protected, but also Burke. Hopefully something is in the work to get him back to the US.

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      I don’t know if Kacper + Burke up top would work, but who wouldn’t want to at least give it a shot? Could be amazing!

  5. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Did some work last night looking at what Miami and Nashville have already signed. Miami has four 19 year olds among their nine. Nashville has no teenagers. Neither team has a keeper. Nashville have a potential central channel spine, but have no defenders. Miami is less organized by position. Nashville have four attackers, two central and two wide ones.

    Miami seem to be focused on younger players, so far. Does that mean a few big splash veterans are coming?

    Nashville needs flank mids and flank backs. Their USL keeper has had MLS experience.

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