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News roundup: Union USMNT pre-camp call ups, MLS Cup sold out, racism in Italy (again)

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union 

If you missed it, Brenden Aaronson and Mark McKenzie will join the USMNT for a pre-camp session.

Already thinking about next season? You can already get tickets to the 2020 home opener.

Think you can be the Union’s eMLS FIFA rep? Prove your skills here. 


CenturyLink Field is officially sold out for MLS Cup.

Will Jozy Altidore be fit for the final? 

Greg Vanney isn’t superstitious, but he is a little stitious.

Would you like to see Mesut Ozil in a Union shirt?

Who has the most to prove to Gregg Berhalter? 

Any guess to which MLS team is looking to make a splash?


Bayern Munich is 4 points back and in 4th, so they fired their coach.

The U-17 USMNT had a World Cup to forget.

Mario Balotelli threatened to walk off the field yesterday, and he probably should’ve.

Is La Liga the best league in the world?

Why is VAR in the Premier League different than in every other league? 

The NWSL will see an increase in salaries for the 2020 season.


  1. They really are making a colossal mess of VAR in the PL. It really has shot the atmosphere of the matches. And, most importantly, it has not at all succeeded in quelling controversy in close calls. If anything it’s simply given most fans even less trust in the officials to get things right. From Firmino’s armpit ruling him offside to Dele Alli’s handball that wasn’t called, (would have been harsh, but I thought a handball is a handball under the new rules) not to mention various obvious penalties that VAR had no hand in illuminating. I’m not a fan of VAR, but MLS is doing it better.

    Serie A has to start docking teams points and banning supporters. It’s a disgrace.

    • John O'Donnell Jr says:

      You would think that players would just avoid the league and play elsewhere. Mario would be a hit in MLS.

      • Yeah. If they could get the same wages, many probably would. The problem with Serie A is clear from the story —

        “Verona boss Ivan Juric insisted after the game though there was no racist abuse
        He said: ‘I’m not afraid to say today there was nothing. Lots of whistling and teasing against a great player, but there was nothing else.'”

        This is trash. The whole structure there just has its head in the sand. Just deny, deny, deny and pretend it isn’t happening.

      • Richie_the_Limey says:

        I used to play with a guy (African-American) who was signed by Roma but he had to leave Italy and come back to the US because the racism was just too much for him to take. Not just in the stands at games but everywhere he went (including from the fans of HIS OWN CLUB). He lost a ton of money but he said it just wasn’t worth it.

      • The poor dude has been dealing with this his whole career. Say what you want about his crazy antics, but nobody deserves this.
        “April 20th 2009 – Juventus have been ordered to play a home game behind closed doors by the Italian league. They have been punished after sections of their supporters racially abused visiting striker Mario Balotelli during Saturday’s 1-1 Serie A draw with Inter Milan at the Stadio Olimpico.”

    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      The only thing that will get a club’s attention is serious money.
      Ten million dollars in serious fines for a first episode and escalate it from there.
      Money talks. BS walks.
      Affect their ability to pay for good players.
      With TV money, what does a club really care that fans get locked out. If millions are not enough, forfeit all TV revenues for the rest of the season and relegate them to a league with no TV contract.
      Nothing else will force management to care. Lip service words solve no problems.

  2. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Meanwhile, 69,000 for MLS Cup rubber match and probably higher when they start selling standing room only seats.
    ESPN has seen a 36% increase in viewership of MLS playoffs this year with an average of 388K across all networks.
    Overall, I think the games have been entertaining and hopefully that continues with the final.
    Nobody wants to win this game more than Michael Bradley.
    He can guarantee a 6.9 million dollar contract for next year and I’m sure dinner over the holidays with dad will be special for him. That being said, somehow I think Seattle wins this….maybe in extra time.

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