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News roundup: Dest picks USMNT, Andonovski named USWNT manager, soccer strike in Spain

Photo: Paul Rudderow 


What each team needs to do to reach MLS Cup. 

Who is FiveThirtyEight betting on?

No Union players are in this year’s Best XI.

Miles Robinson has been ruled out against Toronto.

Will Carlos Vela be leaving LAFC in the winter transfer window?

“I’m just here so I don’t get fined” wasn’t true for Seattle, or the Union’s Sergio Santos, last week.

U.S. Soccer

Some positive news for the USMNT, Sergino Dest will represent the US, turning down the Netherlands.

Vlatko Andonovski is officially the new USWNT manager.

Will Alex Morgan be ready for the Olympics?

Gregg Berhalter was the first USMNT manager to lose to Canada in 34 years, at least he’s sorry.


Nottingham Forest fed the homeless after a rain out. 

Inter Milan still isn’t turning a profit. 

Budweiser is driving sponsorship for the NWSL.

Want World Cup final tickets? Try the black market. 

Women’s players in Spain are officially on strike. 





  1. I admit to not understanding some stuff the disciplinary committee hands out, but coming up with both of those plays as dives is pretty ridiculous. If I remember correctly…neither resulted in a free kick. Guess the league needed a few bucks for the charter flight fund!

    • They were both dives, but Escobar’s was worse and he did earn a dangerous free kick. Santos should have been given a pass based on the number of times he was fouled without any consequences for Atlanta.

      • Thanks Pete. I agree they were both dives. Forgot about the free kick. I was really getting at the committee feeling the need to fine them. And I agree on Santos.

      • Yeah, the disciplinary committee seems pretty ridiculous in MLS. Like all those early last minute suspensions it handed out to Wagner early in the season.

    • I literally had a dream about him playing here. he obviously never will, but i dreamt it.

    • It comes down to, “Do I want to play, or do I want to just train while making boat loads of cash.” I don’t see where anyone in MLS can come close to what Arsenal is paying Özil.

  2. The MLS disciplinary committee is so stupid. So Santos gets fined meanwhile the whole ATL United team was diving all night !! Big F you MLS. Oh yea your entire referee squad is complete shit too.

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