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Army-Navy Cup: Double overtime at Talen Energy Stadium

Photos by Marjorie Elzey

On October 12th the Army Navy Cup took place at Talen Energy Stadium. The teams took the field to a nice size crowd with a section marked for Army and one for Navy.  While a physical game with lots of turnovers was being played, the crowd was loud, chants were being sung and fun banter was happening between the Army and Navy. A fun evening filled with traditions honoring our military was had by all. On the field competition was closely matched, with a draw as the final result after two overtime periods.


Warm-up shirts say it all. West Point Navel Academy


Colonel Hanus walks on the field during the opening ceremonies.


Major Ryan F Capdepone USMC walks on field during the opening ceremonies and joins Navy on the sidelines for the game.


Wyatt Millard gets his foot between 2 Navy players in an attempt to get the ball back for his team.


Navy, Ethan Singer comes in from behind to steal the ball away from Army Luke Doyle.


The Army brought along some fun signs that poked fun of the Navy but also the Air Force.


Wyatt Millard from Navy, receives the ball while Carter Kowalewski from Army uses his hand and body for defense.


Jacob Suppiah makes a jumping save off a corner kick.


After missing 3 goals attempts, Army’s Oscar Pereira shows his disappointment with his hands on his head.


Civilians being sworn in at halftime. Congratulations to our newest members of the Army and Navy.


One Navy service member taunts a few friends in the Army section.


Cadets and Midshipmen have fun with each other at half time.


Jacob Williams comes in to kick the ball away as Army tries to take it down the field.


Navy supporting their team.


Wyatt Millard gets his foot between 2 Navy players in an attempt to get the ball back for his team.


Goalkeeper for Navy, Ian Bramblett, blocks the shot taken by Keenan O’Shea.


Goalkeeper for Navy, Ian Bramblett, and Army’s Keenan O’Shea exchange words.


Navy’s Tyler Collins beats Army’s Keenan O’Shea with a header for the ball around midfield.


A yellow card is issued to Army for a foul taking down a Navy player.


Members of the Army are into the game, yelling about a bad call.


Another sign in the Army section. This time poking fun at the Air Force.


The Navy Team stands facing their fellow Sailors in the stands while their anthem plays.


The Anthem for Navy is sung proudly while the team stands at attention on the field.


The Navy celebrates their team with raised hats and cheers.


Members of Army stand in front of their fellow Cadets while the anthem plays.


Army Soldiers hold their covers while their Anthem is played after the game.


The Cadets at West Point stand and sing their Anthem at the end of the game.


Navy gathers after the game.


Navy stands arm in arm to review their play in the game.


Push-ups and sit-ups after are still done after 90 minutes plus 2 overtimes.


If you would like to see all of the images taken during the game, please visit:



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