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News roundup: Steel play tomorrow, USMNT play tonight, and the USWNT equal pay update

Photo: Marjorie Elzey


Oh, we’re ready for the Red Bulls next weekend.

Today is the Army-Navy match at Talen Energy Stadium.

Want to go to Cancun with McKenzie and Trusty? Well now you can.

The Union will host and sream the GA Cup Regional Qualifiers this weekend.

But here’s everything you need to know about the GA Cup.


Bethlehem might have fallen to Atlanta United 2 on Wednesday, but they’ll face Ottawa tomorrow at 2pm.


Top 10 coaching candidates for MLS vacancies.

The Concacaf Champions League 2020 draw has been set for December 9th.

Has Frank de Boer’s first season with Atlanta United been a success?


The USMNT will host Cuba tonight at 7pm.

Three things Doyle want to see from the USMNT in the next two games.

Here are the nine MLS Homegrown stars named to United States U-17 World Cup roster.

Here’s what’s going on in the USWNT equal pay fight.


60 of the best young talents in world football.

Griezmann on where he fits in at Barcelona.

Iranian women attend a match for the first time since the 1981 ban.


  1. That equal pay article was very educational.

    Maybe I am too simple, but I am troubled by the fact the womens’ players collectively bargained a contract and are now claiming that US Soccer, paying them according to that very contract, is discriminating against them. Maybe they should also be suing whoever negotiated the agreement for them. Isn’t the purpose of collective bargaining? If they didn’t think US Soccer was giving them a fair deal, why did they accept it instead of doing whatever they do when they cannot reach an agreement (arbitrate? strike?)? Maybe the more educated folks here can explain that to me. Isn’t there a labor lawyer that writes articles here sometimes?

  2. Great interview by Adam Cann about the Adidas Cup.
    The Mexican Trip seems like a good deal. Wonder however how diluted the drinks are …; If they had planned the trip to a Palace resort then I would be going since the quality of food and drinks there is top notch.

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