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News roundup: Doubleheader and Decision Day on Sunday as the playoff race ends

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This Sunday is a doubleheader! The Union have their last home match of the regular season against NYCFC at 4pm. Look for our match preview later today.

Here’s Brenden Aaronson’s match preview ahead of Sunday. 

Curtin’s weekly press conference recap.

Vote for the best Union goal in September.


This Sunday is a doubleheader! Bethlehem will have their last home match of the regular season as well when they face Charlotte at 7:30pm.

Matt Real was named to the USL’s 20 Under 20 list at number 10.


The top five late-season collapses to miss the MLS Cup playoffs.

Here’s what the playoffs would look like if they started today.

The 12 Decision Day matches ranked. 

NYRB’s center back Amro Tarek is out 4-6 weeks after ankle surgery.


10 things to look out for in the Premier League this weekend.

Bernardo Silva has been charged with misconduct by the FA over his infamous racist tweet.


  1. What is everyone’s preferred path to MLS Cup and preferred opponent in the final?

    • Honestly, the way they’re playing right now, the Revs are the team in the east that scares me the most as a first round opponent. Obviously, I’d rather be #2 and not have to play Atlanta in MB, but, in a one-off game, the Revs scare me more than TFC

    • Nothing is scarier than playing NYC at their place. Here’s hoping they get knocked out early.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Or that the Yankees make Game 7 of the World Series so the game is at New Shea Stadium (or whatever it is called)

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        I want to beat TFC, but the 2 sweetest victories would be ATL and NYC for sure. Maybe we beat all 3. And as far as the cup, I really can’t stand the LA bias for so many reasons. If we can’t win, I’m pulling for Portland or Seattle, and maybe RSL too. But there’s also our Champions League berth on the line, so it’s tough.

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