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News roundup: Union lose, Steel lose, Alejandro Bedoya injured

Photo: Earl Gardner 

Philadelphia Union 

The Union couldn’t take advantage of favorable results, falling to Columbus 2-0.

What they’re saying in Columbus.

National coverage of the match.

The Bethlehem Steel had another night to forget, losing 5-0 in Memphis.

Alejandro Bedoya suffered a calf strain last night. 


The Revs tried to help the Union, and beat NYCFC 2-0.

Montreal did their part, drawing 1-1 with Atlanta.

Do teams not want to win the Supporter’s shield?

Forget the Ring of Honor, let’s name our streets after some Union greats.

The path to the Argentina National Team is through MLS? 


The USMNT are going to Qatar…. for January camp.

Christian Pulisic and the ongoing saga of his Chelsea playing time.

Can FIFA really force change in Iran’s soccer culture? 

Bayern Munich are back on top of the Bundesliga. 

Sometimes you need luck, and Liverpool got some.








  1. Vagabond Ben says:

    Quad strain not calf strain.

  2. Bedoya injury a kick in the groin. He’s not a young man anymore. Might take 3 or 4 weeks to recover.

  3. In Tanner We Trust says:

    I realized something sickening today. If we get knocked out along with LAFC, we need to root for NYC, Atlanta, and Toronto. That’s awful, especially considering they’d be the 3 teams we’d play to get to the Cup. If we get knocked out, it’ll likely be one of them doing it. Is Champions League REALLY worth it? Imagine rooting for Castellanos, Martinez, or Bradley. No scratch that don’t imagine it

  4. I think Bedoya is more crucial to this team than even his fans realize. He does more than just provide workrate. His leadership is irreplaceable. I really fear an implosion. They ran around like chickens without heads for most of that second half — a half without Bedoya. Hopefully they rally around this and get it done for him. I think this is one of those intangible qualities “proper football men” argue for: character. We’re going to see if we have it or not.

    • The managed ok without him a few weeks ago when he was serving the suspension for card accumulation. Not saying they won’t miss him, but having a week to prepare for paying without him will help.

  5. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Bethlehem has just suffered their two worst defeats ever back-to-back. Never before in their short four years have they been beaten by five goals, and now it has happened twice consecutively.
    One shellacking is a teaching opportunity. But two in a row can become a morale problem. I have confidence that coaches Burke, Hogan and Wheddon are working to mitigate that as is the captain.
    but the second game of the doubleheader on Sunday needs some extra support both from the first team and the fan base.

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