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News roundup: MLS lifts Iron Front ban; FIFA may take one agents; oh my gawd, Messi’s hurt!

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Wooten to the rescue tonight in San Jose?

Over at the Union website: “Midfield movement can unlock San Jose’s man-marking“.

An Earthquakes fan tries to break down the Union.

After receiving the first red card of his career, Wondo will stand with San Jose supporters.

Doesn’t look like tonight’s game is on the Live Well Network. Hopefully ESPN+ doesn’t black it out.

The All Three Points podcast posted a new episode.


Marcela Robinson, a redshirt senior at La Salle University, connects family with soccer through playing for the Puerto Rican National Team.

Haverford College men’s soccer team rose to No. 21 in the latest United Soccer Coaches Association national poll.

Some men’s college scores from yesterday:

  • Villanova 1-0 George Washington
  • La Salle 1-0 Howard
  • Drexel 1-3 Princeton
  • Saint Joseph’s 2-1 Layayette
  • Lehigh 2-1 Penn

The league lifted the Iron Front ban. Awesome!

Bobby Warshaw wonders, “What’s wrong with LAFC and can they fix it?

Why bother with seventh MLS playoff berth if no one wants it?” asks Soccer America.


Pretty funny: Washington Spirit’s coach showed up on the injury report for tonight’s game against the Houston Dash.

U.S. Soccer

Alex Morgan spoke at Southern Connecticut State University and moderator JP Dellacamera focused on key points that shaped her successful career.

Around the globe

FIFA set to take on agents with proposed changes to transfer market.

UEFA told teams not to play where women can’t watch. Also, the organization will plant 600K trees to offset carbon emissions from Euro 2020.

Lionel Messi suffered an injury on his first start of the season in Barcelona’s narrow win over Villarreal. Father Time, let me introduce to you, Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi, Father Time.


  1. I seem to recall that last time the game was on Live Well (at LA?) it wasn’t showing as such in the TV listings until the very last minute.

  2. Hahaha, saw the following typo in the San Jose preview about Gaddis leading all defenders in assists and made me laugh out loud!
    “Both Gaddis and Wagner usually play higher up in the middle third of the pitch to help put pressure on opposing defenses, but only one has made an impact on that side of the ball this season. Gaddis has six assists, tied with midfielder Jamiro Monteiro for most assists on the team and leading all defenders in MLS in that category.”

  3. Yo Union….
    Make it so’s I can watch this game tonight… what the hell are we doing.
    I’m committed till 1:30…. FIGURE IT OUT.

    • Yes please send something out, Union marketing, saying game is on Live Well for the fans please. Will lose a lot of respect if not. I mean it’s not like we’re in a playoff race or something smh.

  4. OneManWolfpack says:

    I like the SJ preview. The Quakes are shorthanded and the Union are excellent and we are missing several players and our head coach… BUT WE CAN WIN! Gotta love the eternal optimism. And to be clear… I am well aware the Union can lose this game, they shouldn’t… but I know they can. I am just making light of the preview. It made me laugh

  5. This won’t help everyone, but from LiveWell.com for Philadelphia/Delaware Valley

    The Live Well Network is broadcast on the following channels:
    Over the Air: 6.2, 6.3
    Arledge Electronics: PA- 6, 74, 75, 107, 108
    Armstrong: PA- 159, 451
    Atlantic Broadband LLC: MD- 519
    Blue Ridge Cable TV: PA- 609
    Comcast: DE/NJ/PA- 245, 246, 790; DE-791
    Hometown Utilicom Satellite: 180, 198
    Lamont Digital Systems: 108, 109
    RCN: 41, 1098
    Service Electric Cable TV: NJ/PA- 106; PA- 590
    Verizon FiOS: DE/NJ/PA- 465, 466
    Wilco Electronic Systems: 246

  6. Reading into that Inky story, it seems like Trusty’s gone from being #1 on the center back depth chart to #4. Unless I misunderstood his position on week 1. It’s a bit baffling, because the last time we saw Colin, it was one of the worst performances for a center back in a Union jersey for a while. It’s worrying to me that so many of our younger players, particularly defenders, seem to backslide a lot. It may just be that the game exposes you over a longer period of time.

    Would like to wake up tomorrow and read about a starting 4-4-2 lineup with Wooten and Przbylko up top. Would also like to read about a road win. Can’t do 11 – 1 p.m. Best to anyone out there giving it a go.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Not gonna lie, Pete-
      I don’t think Trusty is very good. Could be he’s not, and they know it too. But that’s me… the guy who thinks the prototype center back is deft on the ball having terrific skill with his feet and can take space…. let alone defend.
      Which to be honest- he can do none of.

      • I wouldn’t argue that. I agree. He’s been shocking at times.

        I’m just left wondering how he has gone from top prospect — one who has started 56 matches in the past two years (!) — to # 4 on the depth chart. Was his prior evaluation at the academy way off? Was Jim trolling us for 56 starts? What went wrong and where? I think a fundamental measuring stick for any coaching staff has to be how many players get better under its tutelage.

        And look, I’m not here to start putting the Union under a microscope at this point in the season — plenty of time for that in November — February. It just seems like a disconcerting pattern.

      • He’s still more reliable than Collin.

      • Chris Gibbons says:

        I would love the internal data on his performances over time. From the outside, he was a project that became a regular out of quasi-necessity that suddenly became a liability and was usurped by his best friend because his best friend’s position was already taken by a 4th rounder.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        Curtin made a comment recently — sometime in the last month — that reminded me that players are human beings with lives beyond the sport. it was something about “suffering.”
        and they have sometimes used R. J. Allen — not on an MLS team since last season until the Union called — instead of trusty.
        this is pure guesswork, but it may not be soccer that is affecting trusty. And to the organization’s credit they have been excellent historically maintaining an individual’s privacy.

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