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News roundup: Steel vs. Loudon tonight, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on MLS ban, NPSL to split season

Philadelphia Union

Over at The Inquirer: “Union know there’s ‘something different’ about this year’s success, and know it could all fall apart”.

“Bedoya has been one of the best club captains in Major League Soccer over the last two seasons,” said Bobby Warshaw.

Bethlehem Steel play Loudon tonight in Chester.


Some men’s college scores for ya:

  • University of Delaware 0-1 Temple University
  • Rutgers University 1-1 University of Pennsylvania
  • Saint Joseph’s University 4-1 College of William and Mary
  • George Mason University 0-2 Drexel University
  • Lafayette College 3-0 La Salle University
  • Lehigh University 1-2 Binghamton University

Temple University’s women’s host Wagner College tonight.

A glance at Burlington County high school girls soccer.


Yeah, you tell ’em, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The MLS staff pondered if Zlatan is really the league’s best-ever player.

Mike Petke is suing RSL, saying he’s owed nearly $700K.

D.C. United re-signed Yamil Asad.


Next year, the league’s season will run in two parts: spring and fall.


How NWSL attendance looks post-Women’s World Cup — and what clubs are doing to sustain it.

The Washington Spirit has outgrown the SoccerPlex in suburban Maryland.

U.S. Soccer

It’s official! Florida State soccer coach Mark Krikorian ain’t interested in the USWNT job.

Around the globe

How France has produced more talent in the past 25 years than anyone else.

Serie A looks the other way on racism. Again.

In an extract from his new book, Tobias Jones joined the anti-fascist supporters of a small club in Italy.

Champions League fixtures:

  • Inter Milan 1-1 Slavia Prague
  • Lyon 1-1 Zenit St. Petersburg
  • Chelsea 0-1 Valencia
  • Red Bull 6-2 Genk
  • Napoli 2-0 Liverpool
  • Ajax 3-0 Lille
  • Benfica 1-2 RB Leipzig
  • Dortmund 0-0 Barcelonia
Highlight of the day



  1. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Can’t wait to they lift the political ban and someone has a pro-life banner, support the second amendment, Trump 2020, MAGA, Betsey Ross flag….you get the idea. It’s a two edge sword but hey I’m sure the sideshow would at least bring more attention to the league and maybe help the ratings.

    • I still don’t understand how Iron Front banners are political statements.

      • John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

        Because Antifa has used the symbol in Portland in demonstrations where they’ve clashed with groups. Sometimes attacking people who aren’t associated with the other side by mistake. The right wing groups like the Proud Boys went to troll them at the stadium and when they were dispersed went to the bar they frequent. Thinking that innocent people might get caught in the middle of two groups clashing at a soccer match is what MLS fears. Hence the policy.

  2. I know he was a sworn enemy for awhile, but a reminder regarding the RB Salzburg 6-2 Genk Champions League result – Salzburg’s manager is Jesse Marsch. That result makes him the first American coach to win a CL game. Also, his team has started the season 7-0-0 with a ridiculous +28 goal difference.

  3. I appreciate Sam Dean’s article but its ‘old,’ June 2018 and completely incomplete.
    France are world champions for three reasons and Clairfontaine is the third.
    Reason 1: a culture that has opened its arms and chosen to incorporate those ‘french people’ of african heritage… (imagine is the US did similarly with the Latinos who we are totally unable to effectively leverage)
    Reason 2: a street culture that is the best in the world… particularly in and around the city of Paris which numbers almost 13,000,000…
    Reason 3: Clairfontaine….. which is a Finishing School. Period. You take teenage kids who have already developed otherworldy technical skill and institute them into a National Academy with a clear Identity & Philosophy of Play.
    The French Player Model…

    ~Quick Decisions
    To be honest, I’ve argued strongly with people who still think the Brazilians are the best in the world. They are not. Nor will they ever be again until they decide to build the Finishing School and link it to a National Identity like the French have….
    …to say France is the best because of Clairfontaine however is incomplete and inaccurate.

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