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Philadelphia International Unity Cup: Week 2

All photos Marjorie Elzey

The initial rounds of the Philadelphia International Unity Cup are underway. Over the past three weekends, teams representing countries from all over the world competed for their chance to play in the finals on October 12th at Talen Energy Stadium. The initial games are being played at local fields throughout Philadelphia. If you are looking for something to do on the weekend, come out and watch a few games. The fans are welcoming and bring lots of enthusiasm for their team while the soccer players bring their best game to the fields showcasing the pride they have for their country.

Week 2: August 11th: Ramp Playgound

Featured games: Romania vs Haiti and Cameroon vs Palestine

Romania vs Haiti


Romania vs Haiti


Romania vs Haiti


Philadelphia International Unity Cup 2019


Cameroon vs Palestine


Fans chanting and supporting their team.


Palestine doesn’t give up on saving a goal by Cameroon.


Cameroon vs Palestine


GOAL for Palestine!


A fan drums and chants for the Palestine team.


Palestine celebrates a goal.

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