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Player ratings: Chicago Fire 2-0 Philadelphia Union

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In what felt like it might be a trap game as the first place Union traveled to the 10th place Fire, it turned out to be exactly that as the Union dropped three points on the road in Chicago. Despite playing up a man for the entire second half, the Union failed to carve out many quality chances and squandered the ones they did.

There will be many questions about Jim Curtin’s starting XI, as Warren Creavalle kept his place despite a healthy Jamiro Monteiro. Monteiro played in a more advanced role as Marco Fabian pushed up to play as a second striker, to decidedly mixed results. There will be even more questions about the Union defense as Aurelien Collin had his poorest outing of the season and Ray Gaddis continued to struggle.

Player Ratings

Andre Blake – 5

Hard to blame Blake on either goal. Won’t like getting beat at the near post for the first, though it was a clever finish, and he wouldn’t have saved that penalty even if he guessed right.

Kai Wagner  – 5

A decent night for Wagner. Finished with an impressive five key passes from the left back possession.

Aurelien Collin – 2

Poor night for Collin, who seemed off the pace. No idea what he was thinking to give away that penalty.

Jack Elliott – 5

Allowed Nikolic to get goal side on the opener. Still probably the strongest defensive performance on the night, finishing with 12 recoveries. Unlucky not to score late on.

Ray Gaddis – 2

From our friend @thegoalkeeper on Twitter: “Ray Gaddis in his 56 minutes of action: 2 tackles, 0 interceptions, 0 clearances, 0 blocks, 17/22 passes completed. His 77.3% completion percentage was second-lowest of any Union outfield player.” Woof.

Haris Medunjanin – 4

The midfielder looked a little bit tired as he tried to move the ball around in Chicago. Failed to hit the target with his two shots from distance. Still finished with two key passes and nine recoveries.

Warren Creavalle – 4

A controversial third consecutive start for Creavalle, who probably had his worst performance over that stretch. Only one recovery and a number of stray passes.

Alejandro Bedoya – 4

Had a great opportunity to get the Union on the board when he missed the target with his shot from close range near the hour mark. Another hardworking performance from the captain where he was solid in possession but perhaps just lacked that cutting edge in the final third.

Jamiro Monteiro – 6

The best player on the pitch for the Union. Finished with three key passes, dominant in possession, seven recoveries, and two interceptions.

Marco Fabian – 3

After a two game resurgence operating as the #10, Fabian looked out of sorts as a second striker. Only found space to take one shot and finished with one key pass.

Kacper Przybylko – 3

Poor night for Przybylko who missed almost as many passes as he completed. Also had two decent opportunities to score, but shot wide both times.


Ilsinho – 4

Saw plenty of the ball after coming on halftime. But despite having plenty of opportunities, the Brazilian’s creativity looked stifled by a Fire team aware of what he can bring to the table.

Andrew Wooten – 3

We’re still waiting for Wooten to find his touch and chemistry with his teammates. Had a decent opportunity to score late on but pulled his shot wide.

Brenden Aaronson – 4

Late cameo for Aaronson who didn’t have many opportunities to influence the match.

Man of the Match – Nemanja Nikolic

A brace for Nikolic, who has scored in four straight for Chicago.

Geiger Counter

Joseph Dickerson – 6

No arguments from me about the penalty. The red card maybe could have gone either way, if it were given as a yellow, it could have easily stayed that way after review.



  1. el Pachyderm says:

    Manager needs a rating for this game.
    I know, for some reason, the coach doesn’t get evaluated, but that loss is on him for a damn dumb game plan a Wylie Coyote- just- not- learning- from- his- past – mistakes.
    What’s with Warren Creavalle now every game- good grief. Chicago is a TERRIBLE team. Well deserved conference bottom feeder… and he put our 10 in a withdrawn striker role, our best player in a 10 role and our new Striker who needs to find a rhythm with the team… on the bench to start.
    muy malo. Epic Fail. BOO.

  2. If a game ever needed a coaches rating this one would be it.
    I think Curtin out clevered himself by starting Crevalle and putting Fabian in as a second striker.
    Most of the Subs in the second half were to undo this and get us back to a regular shape that utilizes the players to their best abilities.
    Also I have no idea why Elliot and Collin were up in the box while Wagner and Jamiro were so far back.
    The Union were undeniably bad this game but Curtin didn’t put them anywhere near the best position to win.
    Also it is hard for Ilsinho to produce when whenever he gets the ball the entire Union team stops and sees what he is trying to do instead of making any sorts of runs.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Ilsinho and his teamates are like my golf game.
      I don’t hit balls on the range. I don’t practice. No time for the investment. The 13 best swings I’m going to make are my first swings so why use them up trying to find a groove on the range… then by the 6th hole I’m going to figure out I’m swinging well with my authentic move…and stop swinging well….going to get inside my head, start watching, judging and poof… a puff of blueberry vape. The authentic a simulacra.
      Ilsinho comes on towards beginning of season and is a breath of fresh air an authentic attacking option which works best becasue every one is moving off his movement which confounds defenders… then, the movement stops and everyone starts watching, judging, waiting for him to do it himself and the defending becomes easy and poof….a puff of blueberry vape. The rhythm is gone. The authentic a simulacra.

      • He’s relying on his toe-waggle waaaay too much right now. He has other moves, but doesn’t use them nearly enough.

    • Same thing used to happen to Michael Jordan. Coaching staff needs to address this.

  3. In Tanner We Trust says:

    I feel the need to defend our 2 best players, both playing out of position. Especially Monty, who in my opinion had a great game and single-handedly gave us a chance. If his teammates capitalize on his passes and the Union win, he gets an 8 for sure. He’s had a few rough games in losses this year, but this was not one of them. He was put in a difficult position and did the best he could.
    Now for Fabian. Yes, I’ve been critical of him this year and he needs to play better and earn that paycheck. But come on, he was put in a terrible position. Not only was he a striker, but he was paired with someone who doesn’t make too many runs and then you bring Wooten in to cloud his space and Wooten can’t finish opportunities either. Jim has come a long way, but it’s time Fafa and McKenzie/Trusty see more time

    • I think Wooten will make it! He will bring the difference ! We want to see him playing in startup line. Best striker in our team!

  4. Curtin sure looks dumb as hell building up Collin all week only for Collin to out in that kind of performance.

  5. Hey James , do you remember when Trusty fucked us last year with his horrible play destroying our chances in the open cup and playoffs ???? Trusty has fucked up plenty this year too. Yes , Collin had a shit game, actually everyone else had a shit game too. Keep Collin in, he’s so much better than Trusty. I’m sorry but Trusty is the worst. The more ppl realize this the better off we will be. If you’d like to know why Trusty is bad for this team hit me up. Fabian should now be a bench player, he’s earned it. Bring in Aaronson as the #10. Put Monteiro back as the distributer/Dmid had put Picault up top with Przybylko.

  6. I think Curtain spends too much time trying to figure out who DESERVES to start. Collin had a good game or two, he DESERVES to start. Creavalle had a good game or two, he DESERVES to start. But Monteiro is back and Fabian is in form…so we cant take them off. So let’s cram them all on the field in an F’ed up reward against a bottom feeder team.
    Sometimes your role is to come on when needed, then sit immediately back down. And that is what Collin and Creavalle’s roles should be (and probably Aaronson).

    • AGREED – what is deserved is a win for the team. Working hard and doing well in practice is great, but at the end of the day, putting the team on the field that has the best chance of winning should be the goal – keeping in mind that sometimes the best player needs a strategic rest.
      I still don’t think we have fielded our best team yet. For me that is Monteiro at #6, Aaronson/Fontana/Picult at LM, Fabian at #10 and Kacper/Wooten up top.
      We lose a little in passing without Haris, but Montiero will be a defensive destroyer at #6 and is very capable of passing and moving the ball up the field. Montiero can also beat his man off dribble at #6 to move the ball upfield which Haris can’t.

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