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News roundup: Union interested in Sturridge, Campeones Cup, U.S. Soccer staff changes

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Philadelphia Union

The Union apparently have interest in Daniel Sturridge. They are one of multiple teams, including D.C. United.

Saving and scoring goals! Jack Elliott makes the MLS Team of the Week.

Happy birthday to Auston Trusty, who can now legally drink alcohol!

Wondered how the Union staff prepares for a match? 

Congratulations to Alan McCann of Reading United, the USL League 2 Coach of the Year.


No controversy for the Union this weekend involving referees. 

What has happened to the Union’s youth movement?

Pity Martinez is predicting an Atlanta United Campeones Cup victory.

Here is the rest of the MLS Team of the Week.

Who else would it be? Josef Martinez is the MLS Player of the Week. 


Kate Markgraf has been named the USWNT GM, while Earnie Stewart has been promoted to sporting director of U.S. Soccer.

Will Raheem Sterling be the first soccer player to sign with the Jordan brand? 

New Jersey native Chris Gloster has signed with PSV Eindhoven.

Is U.S. Soccer trying to stop equality?

Are club friendlies losing their appeal in the US? 







  1. Bill Baltrus says:

    Warshaw’s comments are spot on Colin is not really an upgrade and we need Trusty to continue to grow. Union has a real problem with year 2 players regressing under Jim Curtin. I still think Curtin cost Rosenbery a chance at national team by benching him in his second year.

    • I fully agree. The way that year started was not Rosenberry’s fault, and pulling him instead of focusing on other issues was a mistake.

    • I don’t think it is Curtin per se except for the fact that he has shown a willingness to play young players. I think it is more a product of players playing a longer season than they are used to followed by a shorter offseason allowing for less recovery time. So by the time they reach their second season, their body isn’t ready to go again and they slump. The good ones seem to recover by season 3 like Elliott is showing this season.

    • One trait of Curtin’s I dislike is the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” principle. Just because a starting XI goes out and runs riot on DC doesn’t mean its the same XI that must start the next match. You have to get minutes for Trusty and McKenzie (remember him?).

  2. Scott of Nazareth says:

    How, in theory, could the Union bring in Sturridge? Isn’t there a limit on non-domestic players and/or allocation $? Is he truly a free agent or is there some sort of waiver order involved – or did they get rid of that?

    Assume they’d have to move one or two of Pryz/Fafa/Wooten/Santos?

    • i think this logic goes for most teams in the league. sitting in first place, perhaps the union don’t get the “aww, that’s cute” treatment with mario balotelli rumors (in the past off season). instead, we get the “let’s make up the rules” treatment that MLS allows their top teams. Garber bucks and their fluctuating value could allow for Sturridge. as for the need to move a body, this would have to be Santos, right? Wooten still has time, but we couldn’t move the other two (now). for me, playing the long game, it’d be Fafa.

    • I’m betting he was a player the Union contacted earlier (before signing Wooten) and are no longer interested in.

    • Studge is on a free, meaning the Union wouldn’t have to pay Liverpool, or anyone else a transfer fee. Trouble is the wages he would expect. Now he’s battled injuries and is involved in a match fixing fiasco in England (FA is trying to get him banned for 6 months), so the wages he can demand have probably suffered some.

      But he’s still a 29-year-old striker who once came in second for the Golden Boot (to teammate Luis Suarez in 13-14). I think he’d score lots of goals in MLS.

      No way Union could afford him. (His Liverpool salary was about $4 million, 3.38 million pounds)

      • John O'Donnell Jr says:

        I can’t see this happening and think it might have been before Wooten was signed as CPfeif suggest. He also comes with a little baggage as he served a ban for gambling on what team he would transfer too. Maybe his agent is trying to create a bidding war to drive the price up. That being said, he turns 30 in September and I’m not sure you give up on Santos so quick who is younger. Fafa might lose a spot but he’s American and doesn’t take up an internal spot, so you’ll still have to move someone else.

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