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News roundup: Jim’s stakes, Loons advance, transfer roundup, more

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Philadelphia Union

Jim Curtin is Philly through and through (…“Only in Philadelphia can a team sit in first place and still feel like the underdog.”)

Ale Bedoya showed that MLS can’t be a nonpolitical space.

U.S. Open Cup

Minnesota United beat Portland Timbers 2-1 to move on to the club’s first Open Cup final.

They’ll play Atlanta United at the Benz on August 27 in the 2017 Expansion Bowl.


A LOT WENT DOWN for yesterday’s transfer day deadline. Here’s the complete rundown.

Among the big moves are Cristian Pavon to the Galaxy and Uruguayan teen sensation Brian Rodriguez to LAFC.

The Union return to the second spot of the league power rankings.

U.S. Soccer

Over 40,000 tickets have already been sold for the USWNT’s August friendly in Philadelphia versus Portugal.


  1. didn’t realize they moved the Cup up to Aug 27. that’s about 3 weeks earlier than usual. It’s ATL’s to lose. Minnesota looked decent holding off Portland but Atlanta is at home and scoring. can only hope it’s closer than last year’s debacle.

  2. Louisville City FC getting a new stadium:
    It’s good to see non-soccer people buying in nowadays.

    • Not sure I’d call them non-soccer people, they already held the naming rights for the college soccer stadium in town.

      • He admitted that when they put their name on the U of L stadium he had little to no interest in soccer.

    • Chris Gibbons says:

      It’s situated in such a way that half the people who drive into the city are going to have to look at it on the way into town. Very visible.

  3. Read the Curtin article, and honestly, the whole “Union would be far more popular if they played in the city” angle strikes me as highly dubious at best.

    Philadelphians are spoiled by the stadium situation. In NYC, for example, you have to drag ass all the way to the Bronx or Queens to see baseball — these are not convenient locations to most folks — and let’s not even get started about the football teams. The soccer teams are not better situated.

    Personally, I think this narrative is an excuse for a franchise that, up until this season, has been very poorly-run. (And has lots of sports competition.)

    • Yeah, I always thought that 20mi from Center City being too far was a narrative rather than a true obstacle. Obviously it’s going to get compared to the Stadium Complex, but I would contend that people who go to games there still spend about the same amount of time in their cars all said and done, with the wait to get out of those lots. Lot A empties out right on to the ramp for the highway so it’s pretty easy to get in and out of Talen.
      That said, they still need to get a usable train line down to the stadium, and it’s a travesty they haven’t done so yet.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      How do they come up with Chester being 21.4 miles from the city limits? I thought the airport was technically within city limits and it is only about 8 miles away. I just plugged it in on Google Maps and driving from Lincoln Financial to Talen is 14.3 miles or about 2/3 the distance the article gives.

    • Section 109 says:

      I agree, we started with 8 season ticket holders and are down to 2 due to poor product on the field not due to stadium location. If they had this level of players from day one, the stadium would have stayed filled.

    • I think both things are true. Nothing beats winning games to draw fans. But I also think a location in the city would put more butts in seats. While it might make it tougher for some suburban fans, it would make match day a lot more accessible to a host of people who live in the city, many who are probably a good demographic target for a competitive soccer club.

  4. South nj blew the opportunity to have the Union just across the bridge. They should have given. The union a great deal.By just putting it 1 mile East of Chester. That part of gloucester county would now have. Several nice sports bars and restaurants. A shopping outlet mall. Waterfront condos with. 15 minute commute to Philly.Single family hoousing and given Union fans a reason to come early and stay after the game in a an attractive safe area. Attendance would be better and the Union would be more popular. South Nj missed a great opportunity to add to their tax base

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