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News roundup: “Hey Congress”, Union rout D.C., Philly Unity Cup kicks off, USWNT win

Photo: Marjorie Elzey 

Philadelphia Union

If you want to read more on Union captain Alejandro Bedoya’s statement. There is also a GoFundMe for his fine or to a charity of Bedoya’s choosing.

What a night! The Union defeated D.C. United 5-1 last night.

What they’re saying in the nation’s capital.

National coverage of a big eastern conference matchup.

Has Earnie Stewart’s money-ball approach finally come to life?

Tickets for the Army-Navy Cup at Talen are now available.


Salt Lake beat NYCFC 3-1 Saturday night, doing all of the east a huge favor.

FC Cincinnati have named Ron Jans as their head coach.

MLS has a new attendance record. Unsurprisingly it’s Atlanta setting it.

Are we sure this isn’t baseball? Roman Torres has been suspended 10 games for PED use.

Don Garber has been MLS commissioner for almost as long as I have been alive.


Manchester City won the Community Shield Sunday. They defeated Liverpool 5-4 on penalties.

Harry McGuire will actually be a Manchester United player.

The USWNT defeated Ireland 3-0 to start their victory tour.

Is Barcelona signing even more players?


Reading United lost the USL  League 2 final on a questionable penalty call.

Philly Unity Cup 

The Unity Cup kicked off Friday. 52 teams from 5 continents and 8 regions make up the tournament.

Here are some breakdowns for all of the groups:



  1. Hats off to Alejandro Bedoya. It wasn’t really much, maybe, but good for him for speaking out. And it really shouldn’t be seen as a political comment. Gun violence is a national crisis. Kudos to Jim Curtin for backing him, too. Proud of the team for the results and the small but significant stand.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      yeah but….. aw hell…+4.

    • it wasn’t a political statement? Smoke less weed. Whether or not you agree to it, it defines a political statement.

      • Scott of Nazareth says:

        Ultimately it isn’t, but “both sides” have politicized it for their own gain which is a shame for all of us no matter what “side” you choose to be on.

      • Scott is on my wavelength. Calling for action on an epidemic like gun violence really shouldn’t be political. It’s not yelling “Bernie Sanders, 2020!” or “Impeach Trump,” which are strictly political. To me, this is like yelling “Cure cancer already,” or “Let’s help opioid addicts.” It’s not partisan.

      • Dan c formerly of 103 says:

        So, because the poster’s definition of a political statement differs from yours, you’re going to assume that his opinion must be shaped by an outside influence such as THC? I’m not mad David, just disappointed in you….

  2. Scott of Nazareth says:

    Does Atlanta give their tickets away? Are they really bringing in 70K+ at $20 per ticket?

    The NBA’s Hawks only get 15K per game, the Braves are 30K/G, heck even the most optimistic USMNT attendance #’s are in the Mid 20’s…

    I just don’t understand how they’re getting those #’s so often.

  3. All things considered it’d be nice if Ale said end violence. A lot of hate on both sides. BOTH! I’ve found the hate has no home people as some of the most hateful people out there. I work in construction. Also, because of some areas I work in I do carry for my own protection. I’ve had gear stolen out of my truck a few times. I’ve had co workers assaulted too trying to prevent tools from being stolen. Cops don’t do anything. The whole rainbow thing is political too. It’s gross. If you can play than you can play. No matter what race, religion or sexual preference. If some other player was to awkwardly shout something like “support the NRA” that fella would be publicly shamed, suspended and possibly kicked out of the mls. Talk about discrimination…..

    • Dan c formerly of 103 says:

      Aw, did somebody get triggered today?

      • Totally made my point dan. Cheers.
        On another note, kinda bummed to see where we are with spending on the team. Can’t we get closer to middle of the pack. What are we…. 5th lowest payroll in mls. Gotta credit Jim and Tanner.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      While it is reprehensible that your tools get stolen, they are replaceable. And I’m glad to hear that you have taken steps to prevent it from happening again. Unfortunately, the 31 lives lost in El Paso and Dayton are not replaceable. Although you carry protection, I’m guessing you don’t have the firepower to kill/wound 36 people in 30 seconds. That is what happened in Dayton and that is what I think Ale is speaking out against.
      Hate may exist on both sides, but only one chamber of Congress has passed legislation to try and prevent these types of incidents. The other refuses to even discuss them. And unfortunately, I don’t believe we in the Delaware Valley can do much about that since DE, NJ, and PA have 5 democratic senators and 1 republican who is one of the few republicans in favor of stricter gun control laws. (I honestly don’t know the views of the democrats, I’m just assuming they are in favor of gun control as well.)

  4. Dan c formerly of 103 says:

    Jeff, he implored congress to do something to end gun violence. What does that have to do with hate on both sides? Your comment made no sense in the context of Ale’s statement.

  5. Jeff not sure what you read in the Dollars per point chart,but just spending money dosen’t equal more points. Take a look at the 2 bottom teams. Spending about 3 times the money on less points. If I missed what you were bummed about my apologies. It’s been a long weekend.

  6. This used to be one of the only spaces where politics usually did not creep in. Ale’s comment was spot on. This is NOT about politics, BUT sadly the only party holding back SENSIBLE GUN (no one is saying take away the 2nd amendment – but military-style weapons AND ammunition should NOT be available to civilians) LAWS is the GOP which is now lead by an unabashed idiot and racist. Those are the facts. Now, back to soccer, please…

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