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In pictures: Bethlehem Steel 0-3 Hartford Athletic

PSP photographer Marjorie Elzey was on hand on Thursday afternoon as Bethlehem Steel fell to Hartford Athletic 0-3 at Talen Energy Stadium. Here’s the game in pictures.

Bethlehem Steel huddles before the start of the game.

Williams chests the ball while Chambers applies pressure and Ofeimu tracks the ball with his eyes.


Daniel—not Alejandro—Bedoya takes a shot on goal with a scissor kick.


Hartford Athletic goalie, Frederik Due, blocks a James Chambers penalty kick. This was awarded due to a foul on Zach Zandi.


Cole Turner jumps in the air to kick the ball away from Mads Jørgensen.


Morton dives to knock the ball out of the way of the net saving a goal in the first half of the game.


Shanyder Borgelin stands up to Alex Davey after fouling his teammate.


Chavany Willis shouts in frustration when goal keep Duo comes out of the goal to stop a possible score.


Morton looks defeated as another goal is scored by Hartford Athletic. Curinga, Williams, Wójcik and Jørgensen celebrate the goal.


Zach Zandi is shown a yellow card by the Head referee. This is one of seven yellow cards given out at this game, with two to Ben Ofeimu resulting in a red card and him leaving the game.


Chavany Willis loosens his boots after the last whistle.



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