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PSP is under new(ish) management

The Philly Soccer Page is under new(ish) management.

Longtime writer Peter Andrews has taken over as managing editor, running the day-to-day operations of the publication.

Ryan Rose is running shotgun as the assistant managing editor.

Jim O’Leary coordinates our social media, while Steve Edling works behind the scenes in a significant capacity as our technical guru.

Meanwhile, the rest of our management team remains intact, with Paul Rudderow as our photo editor and Daniel Gajdamowicz working as our video editor.

I am stepping back to work as an editor at large. I’ll continue to help as an editor and write for PSP when I can. I will continue to play a central role in determining PSP’s long-term vision, but I won’t be the one enacting it.

Each of the above PSP contributors has been in this role for more than a month. I just haven’t gotten the time to announce it.

The moves bring the publication closer to the ideal management model I’d like to see for the site.

Before Ed Farnsworth stepped back as managing editor in February 2017, we had moved to a dual management structure, with him running the day-to-day operations and me running a variety of other matters. After he left, I took over running the show again by necessity, but I never planned or wanted to stay in that role.

Since then, we’ve tried to decentralize and distribute the management duties among more capable people so that no one person has to do everything. It also paved the way for this group to ascend to management roles. Pete and Ryan have been working as assistant managing editors for over a year, so they haven’t stepped into these leadership roles cold.

By broadening and changing the management team, we have diversified our pool of ideas and capabilities. This group is capable, they’re fresh, and they have new ideas and methodologies.

Plus, they also didn’t move to Europe a few years ago like I did, which seems like an oh-so-slight disadvantage when it comes to managing a Philadelphia-based publication. It turns out I’ll be on this side of the ocean a bit longer than I expected. (Well, I already have been — I originally thought I’d return to the States in 2017 — but it turns out I’m going to be in Europe another few years.)

My hope is these moves ensure that PSP remains viable long after its original core staffers are no longer involved with it.

Of our eight original writers, only Mike Servedio and I remain involved. Ed was one of those writers, and regular readers are aware that you can now follow fellow PSP original Adam Cann with Philadelphia Union. (They finally put him on camera, and he’s been awesome, hasn’t he?) Paul Rudderow and Dan Gajdamowicz joined PSP as two of our three original photographers back in mid-2010, less than a year after we launched the publication, so they’re as close to PSP originals as it gets.

The new group is solid. I could list a ton of reasons why and how, but just trust that it’s true. (If I started listing all the cyber intrusions that Steve Edling has addressed lately, we would have no room for anything else in this post.)

But I should say a bit about Pete in particular, as he will be where the buck stops on day-to-day operations. Pete has good vision and is more than capable of running the site. He’s also a fantastic writer. It says something about the guy that he and I disagree on probably half our observations about soccer, and he’s able to defend and articulate his views so that I either change my mind or maintain an admiring and respectful disagreement. He has a different perspective from me that he can defend well. He is a PSP veteran, with the publication for more than five years, and has my full trust.

It means you’re going to see new ideas, and that’s a good thing. If you came out to the PSP tailgate before the Union-New York Red Bulls game in June, well, thank the new crew. Ryan Rose put that together.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for continuing to read PSP. The publication has become a central part of the Philadelphia area’s soccer scene — and we hope it stays that way — and that’s not just because of us. It’s because of you.


  1. Thanks for summarizing and keeping things going and making things happen while in Europe! Enjoy the rest of your time in Italy!

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    Do you really think this is the right time to do this? After all, the Union are having their best season ever and if they suddenly go into a tailspin, people might blame it on the changes at PSP.
    In all seriousness, thanks to both the old and new teams here for all the hard work you’ve done and will continue to do!

  3. OneManWolfpack says:

    Love the site. Always read it. I donate on Patreon – which I suggest all readers do. Thanks for everything ALL of you did and ALL of you do. Keep it up! Go Union!

  4. As always and forever I owe PSP for educating, enlightening, forming, changing, and inflaming my love and passion for not just The Union, but footy as a whole. I can never express or thank you all enough for contributing what you do. Thanks for everything Dan, and I’ll be really looking forward to your stuff now. To everyone else, you all have been doing a great job and I have no doubts you will continue to do so. Thanks to you too.

  5. Thanks Dan. I always thought this day would come. Thanks to everyone who had or has anything to do with site and its content! 9 out of 10 times I’m on my phone reading…its here! Thanks again and the very best to you and your family! Also to all those who stepped up to keep it going and help improve the site. I recommend this site to people regularly! Thanks again for all that you do!

  6. As usual, thank you to everyone who keeps this show on the road.

  7. Thanks again to all the people who keep this site going behind the scenes and to those who write content. This is honestly one of my favorite places on the internet.
    This is sort of off topic but: what happened to Chris Sherman’s statistical analysis and SEBA projection column? Any chance that will be coming back?

    • Chris felt like the feature ran its course, so no, SEBA will likely not return. We’ve told him that we’d still like to see some of his work run at PSP, so the door remains open for that.

      • I think his radar plots of stats would be a good addition to the match tactical analysis posts.
        The quick comparison of what the Union did statistically compared to what average match winners did in MLS would fit well into the analysis. If Chris doesn’t want to do so every week maybe he could share the code he used to make those with PSP to make them an automatic addition?
        It’s too bad that those never really started conversation like some of the other regular posts here (I’m surprised it didn’t, particularly the player +/- stats). I enjoyed reading Chris’ work, and hope he decides to contribute something again.

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