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News roundup: Wooten available, transfer rumors, USWNT parade

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union 

Kacper “the Polish poacher” Przybylko made the MLS Team of the Week. He had 3 goals in 2 games against Orlando.

Jack Elliott won the Union’s Save of the Month for June, yes your read that correctly.

On October 11th, the Army Navy Cup returns to Talen.

Catch Reading United play the Union during the Union Festival. 

Andrew Wooten is now officially available for selection in the match day squad.


Which Gold Cup players may be making a move to MLS? 

A changed mentality for the Union. Plus a recap of all MLS weekend action.

Has Austin FC found a coach before FC Cincinnati?

I don’t know why this Evan Bush tackled even had to be reviewed.

What teams need to add in the transfer window. Is this the first, time the Union don’t need to add anyone (except Wooten)?


The USWNT victory parade is set for tomorrow at 9:30 in New York.

Was Weston McKennie really that bad in the Gold Cup final?

Neymar is a no show at PSG preseason.

Here’s how you can watch women’s soccer after the World Cup.






  1. My hot take of the day: I think Pryzbylko is the first genuine striker this club has had since Connor Casey. Aristigueta and Simpson were cut from that cloth, but never really found success. Pryzbylko is just a cut above the rest. He’s a prowler and a poacher. Might not be the athlete CJ Sapong was, but he’s a better overall player. Can create and finish chances. He can’t come off the pitch now. I’m not worried about a Pryzbylko – Wooten pairing up top. Wooten will probably need some time to get acclimated. Not expecting him to be a starter next match.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      Does anyone know if Wooten has been practicing with the team or if he needed to wait until today to do that?

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        Can’t say for certain, but it’s my understanding Wooten has been practicing/training with the team. I thought I remembered Jim making a comment a few days back about him looking good.

    • I find it hard not to agree Pete. Pryz is certainly not perfect, but he does do a lot of little things, while scoring too. What I hope is he and Wooten find some chemistry and give the team good inter-play with some quality runs. This team needs more creativity somehow.

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    Actually, it’s not that surprising that a non-keeper gets save of the month, given how saves off the line by defenders tend to look.

  3. Pryzbylko and Wooten are the pair for me. despite the strike Fafa had last match, his finishing has been disappointing. i love knowing we could bring Fafa and Ilsinho as game changers. really excited to see the new formation take shape.

  4. OneManWolfpack says:

    Kacper is really good with his feet too. He can get the ball out to get a shot and also make a nice pass when necessary (see: that Montiero goal vs Toronto). I think this is something other Union “strikers” didn’t have.

  5. I liked Jack’s save, and congratulate him for it. Knowing that it wasn’t him that was in goal at that time, I think that I am more worried about Andre Blake over the past few games that I have seen him, both in the Gold Cup and last weekend in the ORL game. He seems to be giving up more than a few rebounds and several of them have been converted to goals. I wonder if he is tired, or what the situation is. He hasn’t had the shutdown type of dominance that I generally attribute to him, and I am curious about the cause. It might be a statistical anomaly but too many free balls in the box will lead to too many easy goals, just as the back line seems to be settling in together.

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