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News roundup: USWNT world champions, USMNT Gold Cup runners-up, Union draw

Photo: FIFA.com

Philadelphia Union 

In his first appearance of the season, Matt Real found Kacper Pryzbylko for a late goal, securing a 2-2 draw with Orlando City SC.

National coverage of the match.

Orlando’s view of the match.

Reminder, the Union Festival is set for Tuesday, July 16th.

The Union family lost a member Saturday night, due to a medical emergency. Our sympathies to all those affected.

World Cup 

If you haven’t heard, THE USWNT ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS. It’s the USWNT’s 4th World Cup victory in the 8th edition of the World Cup.

On their way to a 4th star, the USWNT set many records.

On Saturday, Sweden took care of England, 2-1, to claim third place.

Gold Cup

The USMNT put up a fight, but fall to Mexico 1-0 in the Gold Cup final.

Can the USMNT be proud of their Gold Cup campaign?

Copa America 

Brazil claimed the Copa with a 3-1 victory over Peru.

Argentina won the 3rd place match, with Messi being bizarrely sent off.

Was the outcome of the Copa America predetermined and corrupt?


RBNY had a crazy trip down to Atlanta, and their match didn’t disappoint in front of a national audience.

NYCFC finally lose at home, falling to Portland 1-0.

Julian Gressel for the USMNT?

Is LAFC the best MLS team in history?


  1. OneManWolfpack says:

    So half the US roster can go away? I mean I would only keep a handful of guys… Arriola (who I was down on, but I thought played a solid tournament), McKinnie, Pulisic… I don’t know who else… does it really matter? I know they made it to the Final, but I just get a feeling that again, we aren’t good enough and we are going to pretend like we are. Bring up the U-20 kids, let them fill the holes in the roster. Just frustrating.

  2. Remember when every week we would criticize the substitutions Jim would make as illogical and not impacting the game. Last night was Gregg Berthalter’s “hold my beer” moment. Need a striker (well…Josh Sargent is sitting at home because he didn’t put him on the roster)….need a game changer (Roldan?….while Boyd is sitting on the bench?). Final roll of the dice (a like-for-like switch at left back….really?). Why was Miazga on the field instead of Walker Zimmerman? Why was Michael Bradley still on the field? Why was Tim Ream even on the roster? The Gold Cup did nothing to tell me we’re truly moving in the right direction. Yes, we have some better players, but we still have incompetence making decisions.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      The Lovitz sub at the end was literally worthless. And well said about Sargent

    • I do not follow every kick from the USMNT, though I understand that after the debacle that was the last World Cup qualifying cycle, there was a consensus to clean out an older generation of players and bring in new ones. Sure, makes sense.

      But I found myself watching the Gold Cup Final last night and thinking to myself: how come the only holdover among the Old Heads was… Michael Bradley?? Hell, Ale Bedoya could’ve done better than he did last night, honestly.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Jozy’s a holdover too. He’s only 2 years younger than Bradley and will turn 33 shortly before Qatar starts.

  3. Diminishing returns on 12 hours of non-stop footie:
    USWNT v Dutch YAAAAAA!!!
    NYRB v ATL Whoa! This one was insane
    UNION v Orlando Pryzbylko! Real! Fabián! Eh, tie
    NYCFC v Portland oh man, I need a fix before…
    USMNT v México wow, I should’ve stopped 4 hours ago

  4. In Tanner We Trust says:

    Anybody know how to watch the Union game this Saturday? I saw something about the Live Well Network but I checked the guide and found nothing

    • Andy Muenz says:

      Good question. I have my DVR programmed to record all Union games and it is showing that it is ready to record MLS Direct Kick (which I don’t subscribe to).

    • Over the air antenna has live well as 6.2, 6.3. since i don’t have a cable plan that includes PHL 17, i’m forced to do OTA. painful reminder when saturday’s game on 6 was pushed to sunday on 17, forcing me to watch live (No OTA DVR).

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Pretty sure at the end of the broadcast Sunday, I heard Dave Leno say it’s on the Live Well Network this Saturday night.

  5. Andy Muenz says:

    You missed the best news story from yesterday. The postgame coverage after the USWNT win on Fox News:

  6. Still Not Sorry Hillary Lost says:

    “F— Trump”???

    Okay … I say, “F— American Soccer”

    • Andy Muenz says:

      Sorry you can’t see the irony of that happening on Fox News. It would have been just as funny if 4 years ago people were shouting anti-Obama comments on MSNBC.
      I have to say, you are the first anti-American soccer person I’ve seen here today. Are you Mexican or Dutch?

      • Totally Still Not Sorry Hillary Lost says:

        I most definitely an American citizen, having been born in New York in 1969, but thanks for asking all the same.

        Irony or no irony, I still say American soccer can take a hike permanently.

        I must admit that I am truly very, very sorry that I wasted so many years of my life having ever played and/or otherwise been involved in the sport of soccer – even if it IS directly responsible for my college education at a very well respected state university in New England.

        Good luck with ticket sales and other assorted marketing enterprises – please just remember that American soccer will not be pocketing any of my hard-earned money.

        A most pleasant evening to all, then.

      • John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

        If it happened four years ago people would be just as annoyed and not laughed at the irony. Nobody laughs anymore let alone talks. The middle is gone and now things like sports which use to be an oasis is no more.

      • I guess someone forgot to get a quality education at that well respected school. Had you gotten that education, you might have learned about the three EQUAL branches of government that our country is built upon. You may have also learned that a president of these here united states of America, can’t just ignore the policies, rulings, and procedures of the other two branches. If you had learned this, then you would be quite alarmed at the present situation the orange moron in the White House has put this country in. You may also have been able to come the the realization that he is doing everything he can to violate the constitution and destroy it. But unfortunately you missed that quality education and are more offended by people stating their disaffection with the current occupant of the White House than the actual destruction of our country. You won’t support the national soccer program anymore? Awe shucks how have we lost such a great mind.

    • If you hate American soccer, what in the actual fuck are you doing on this page? I never cease to be amazed by people.

      • John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

        Nothing like politics and sports. Let’s get equal pay as we alienate a huge consumer base that could generate revenue. Priceless

      • Conservatives are always telling people to relax and take it easy — to not get offended. Perhaps they could practice what they preach and not get triggered when someone takes a knee or protests – quite peacefully – in their own way. It’s quite possible to disagree with people and respect them and their right to make a statement at the same time. It’s not hard. People truly love to be outraged by things that really aren’t outrageous.

    • Still Totally not sorry Hillary lost, Why don’t you just hate on women’s soccer instead of bringing in the entire organization. The Men’s team needs the most help. They actually have real competition in the region and throughout the world. If you hate soccer and don’t even play, then gtfo of here.

      • Wait a minute…Hillary lost??? I need to pay more attention!

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Yeah, it was recently discovered that Tenzing Norgay actually beat him to the top of Everest by 5 seconds.

  7. All4U , looks like you might need an education as well haha.

  8. OneManWolfpack says:

    Let’s get it back to soccer, shall we… 🙂

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