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News roundup: Union and Steel play this weekend and USWNT plays France today

Photo Credit: Rob Simmons


The Union head up to Yankee Stadium on Saturday night, kicking off at 7pm. Without Villa, it’s time to get to know NYCFC before tomorrow’s match.

Adam Cann discusses Marco Fabian’s role and what to expect from NYCFC tomorrow.

Last year’s playoffs match means revenge in tomorrow’s regular season match.

Fafa Picault’s grandfather is a 91-year-old NYC cabbie and Fafa’s inspiration.

DID YOU KNOW??@TalenEnergyStdm is hosting the first ever @PremierLacrosse Championship game!

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— Philadelphia Union (@PhilaUnion) June 27, 2019


Tonight the Steel face Hartford Athletic in their first ever meeting at 7:30pm.

“There’s only one James Chambers!”


Nobody can get over Wayne Rooney’s 70 yard goal on Wednesday…

LAFC is on their way to a potential record-breaking season this year.

The 5 most improved MLS teams this year according to Bobby Warshaw.


Player ratings from USA vs Panama on Wednesday night.

The Concacaf Gold Cup quarterfinals are coming to Philly on Sunday, with the USMNT kicking off against Curacao at 8pm.

USA plays France today at 3pm in the sold-out quarterfinal showdown of the women’s World Cup.

Trump has invited the USWNT to the White House win or lose, but Megan Rapinoe urges her teammates to “think hard” about associating themselves with the administration.


England tops Norway, 3-0 in the World Cup to advance to the semi-finals.

The latest updates from top European league’s summer transfer window.

Barcelona doesn’t want Neymar back.

Germany will play Spain in the U21 European Championship.


  1. American Outlaw tickets for Sunday are $50. With fees comes to circa $63. Not bad for 2 games. Anyone going to their tailgate before the game?
    USSoccer is doing a lousy job advertising this game.
    Brazil almost got knocked out of Copa America. Some penalty shootout last night:

    • TONS of tickets still left. I will be incredibly happy when they stop trying to stuff $110 tickets down our throats for these games – (while still only selling a fraction of the stadium).
      Definitely looking forward to the game, and will be hitting the AO party before hand!

  2. Great story about Fafa’s grandfather. Like Fafa now a lot more!

  3. John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

    I find it funny that people who want to speak truth to power won’t do it to their face. Good luck with trying to change things. Meanwhile the last time they celebrated with like minded people….things didn’t get better.

    • Alicat215 says:

      What a small comment………athletes have done this throughout time. Did you feel the same with Mohammed Ali? Rapinoe would kick the crap out of President staypuft…….fact.

      • Alicat215 says:

        How bout Tommie Smith and John Carlos? Same for them?

      • John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

        Kim Kardashian went to the President and got things done with prison reform. Ali went to jail for five years and lost his title, not even the same thing. If you’re pissed go tell that person what you think and how you want to help him make change. What is accomplished by staying home to change minds? God forbid people have hard conversations with each other. Yet all the time you hear people say we need to start a conversation. The irony! You want to unite the country and have a conversation, imagine the press she would get at the Whitehouse. Small….I think it’s big.

      • Alicat215 says:

        Dude, for you to compare a Kardashian and the girls on the USWNT says it all homie…….

    • Yeah, Rapinoe and the U.S. women should go to the White House and ask Trump if maybe he could be a little less rape-y and perhaps not so against LGBT rights and military service. I’m sure that would work.

      • Alicat215 says:

        “She’s not my type to rape”……is what the staypuft marshmellow man was really implying…….yeah, give that jabroni a platform….sure…..

  4. John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

    Muhammad Ali talked to Trump, they were friends. If you think it’s wrong that criminal justice reform was passed and signed by the President and you’re mad Kim Kardashian was a lobbyist for it…..

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