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News roundup: Familar faces, Aston Villa promoted, Marta injured

Photo: Rob Simmons 

Philadelphia Union 

Union assistant coach Dick Schreuder will leave the team after June 8th. He will join his brother, Alfred, at 1899 Hoffenheim.

The Colorado Rapids come to Chester tomorrow night. Ex-Union players Conor Casey and Keegan Rosenberry make their return. 

Speaking of ex-Union players, John Hackworth’s and Danny Cruz’s Louisville City FC drew with the Steel on Sunday.

Wednesday is Delco Night at Talen. You can get tickets and free shirt here.

Do the Union need another goal-scorer?


With a hat trick on Sunday, Johnny Russell is the MLS Player of the Week.

After Saturday’s defeat, no Union players feature in the Team of the Week.

That’s one way to stop Wayne Rooney. Should Brenden Aaronson been given a penalty?

Who’s better in New York, NYCFC or NYRB?

Is the Supporter’s Shield already LAFC’s?


Aston Villa is back in the Premier League. They beat Derby County 2-1 in the Playoff Final.

The U-20 USMNT won it’s second match of the U-20 World Cup, beating Nigeria 2-0.

Abby Wambach and Sunil Gulati were elected to the US Soccer Hall of Fame.

Marta suffered a thigh injury in Brazil training. Brazil’s World Cup starts June 9th against Jamaica.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    the answer is Alex Mendez.
    do you know the question?

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    Real came on as an injury sub in the U-20 loss on Friday while McKenzie came on as an injury sub yesterday. McKenzie was involved in controversy at both ends. Would have been called for a PK against except that the player he took down had been offside and should have drawn a PK at the other end except the officials missed it.

  3. Another goal scorer? Not sure. I think the loss saturday is equal parts poor luck and a bit of naivete in giving Portland too much on the counter. Two of our biggest (priciest) pick ups from the winter– Santos and Fabian — have barely played yet. Let’s see if they can get healthy and combine and create. They should be able to.

    I will say, though, that I don’t think Picault is a goal scorer. Not a starting caliber one. (Unless, of course, we send him to Chicago, where he’ll score .5 per game at least). If you have an opportunity to upgrade there, I think you have to take a shot. Otherwise, I’m not at all in a panic mode for this team.

    • The Truth says:

      I agree on all points. Fafa isn’t a goal scorer, no. He’s a natural winger with speed boots, not shootin’ boots. While some of my peers have been calling for Fabian’s head, I’m still hopeful that once he’s fit things will start clicking for him. If he can get a run of 3 or 4 consecutive starts, I think we’ll see his quality. As many have noted, including Jim, I believe Fabian still leads the team in shots despite not playing so much. Before Portland and before Seattle we were talking at the tailgate about letting Fabian actually play as a second striker with The Kid at the 10. Why not?

    • It’s going to be a lot harder for teams to successfully bunker once Fabian is playing again. The biggest pickup we could make is him getting healthy. I do think he should be the 10 though, I don’t really like him as a second striker in general.

    • Agree with A on Fabian being better in the 10 role. I actually thought Aaronson had a pretty bad night on Sat. I think Curtin acknowledged as much be pulling him at the half. He looks like he’s got to get used to the physicality of the league. He’s getting mashed pretty good. (and yeah, he should have probably earned a penalty). I think he might be better served spelling Fabian, who shouldn’t come back to the squad with 90-minute shifts. (Now to beat a very deceased horse:) We’re also going to need to be sure not to run Bedoya and Medunjanin into the ground. Aaronson is best as a 10, but he should be fine taking shifts as one of the shuttlers….

  4. Could it be that there is light of the end of the tunnel for the multi-year sado-masochistic existence of being BOTH a Villa fan AND and Union fan……

    My family and pets have recovered from the PTSD of being in my house during the last 10 minutes of the Villa-Derby match (in which Villa actually tried to give Derby the tying goal). I felt like I was living the last two Union seasons rolled up into 10 minutes.

    At some point, the Union were going to have a game like this – they controlled all but about 2 minutes of the second half against a better-than-their-record Portland team, had multiple opportunities, and just got, imo, unlucky. Now, if they crap the bed against the Rapids (who have now won 2 straight), we can start to question which team they really are.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I too was sweating the Villa game. So happy they are back!! Gonna be so mad when Grealish leaves 🙁

      • msg24365 says:

        I’m guessing the Grealish stays this season and there is a nod-wink deal with Chelsea to transfer him there the following season (after their transfer ban expires) in exchange for a few loan deals. Still don’t think that 60m pound exit clause will be triggered.

  5. Wasn’t too disappointed in the loss. Timbers bunkered in the box and put numbers on the wings to snuff the attack. The U just didn’t react to the counters. Bedoya loosing the ball on the second was just unlucky. I thought Arrinson got subbed due to injury. But he was not as good on Saturday night as he had been.

  6. OneManWolfpack says:

    Few thoughts:
    Really hope Union assistant coach Dick Schreuder leaving doesn’t have too much of a negative impact.
    This team needs a healthy Fabian. I think Aaronson is hitting a bit of a wall, but by no means do I mean that in a bad way. I just think he could use a little break and act as a sub for a few weeks.
    A RB is a must. I would also bring in another scorer if possible. Even if it adds competition. Either that or give Santos a run of a few games and see if he can play, or if he is another Jay Simpson. I think his quality is there, but I just don’t think he has gotten the chances to get on a roll.

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