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In pictures: Bethlehem Steel 0-3 Ottawa Fury FC

Photos: Marjorie Elzey

PSP photographer Marjorie Elzey was on hand Sunday afternoon as Bethlehem Steel fell to Ottawa Fury FC 0-3. Here’s what she saw.

(35) Faris tries to create space from (7) Chris Mannella before a failed pass.

(33) Fabinho disagrees with the Referee issuing a yellow card to him for a challenge on the Ottawa’s (17) Christiano Francois.

(35) Faris finds a hole in the Ottawa Fury’s defense.

(35) Faris sprints up the field while (14) Charlie Ward chases him. Teammate (45) James Chambers follows to later receive the pass from him.

(47) Walter Cortés takes a shot on goal.

(44) Ben Ofeimu defends the goal with a header to deny the Ottawa a chance to score.

(15) Olivier Mbaizo receives the ball with Ottawa’s (8) Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare looking for his chance to steal the ball.

(42) Jamoi Topey receives the ball between 2 Ottawa defenders.

(45) James Chambers is ready to strike the ball for a shot on goal.

(35) Faris receives the ball while Ottawa looks for their chance for a steal.

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  1. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Great job, Marjorie. Hope to see more from you!

  2. Union fan says:

    Love the second to last pic of Chambers. At first glance I thought the orb on the ad board was the ball and was thinking “what the hell is he doing?” Good timing on that pic.

  3. Marjorie Elzey says:

    He was hustling to get the shot off and I just felt, he was “going for it” at that moment. I’m glad you like it and I do agree, that the video panel does make it a bit confusing.

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