PSP Event: Union vs. Red Bulls tailgate and fundraiser

Good food, music, games, and a Union-Red Bulls match. What could be better?

Here at Philly Soccer Page, we love having you as our readers, and we want to let you know. Before the Union-Red Bulls match on June 8th, we will be hosting a tailgate in the Talen parking lot to thank you all for your patronage.

If you’ve enjoyed reading Philly Soccer Page content half as much as we’ve enjoyed making it, then we encourage you to stop on by and show it! Admission is pay-what-you-wish, but we suggest 10 dollars. Although all of PSP’s contributors donate their valuable time as volunteers, it still costs money to keep this show moving along. At PSP, we get our kicks from delivering solid content to you, the readers. The more of you that choose to give, the better our content can be. All proceeds from the event will therefore go towards the various costs of running the site.

So stop on by, grab a burger, meet some of the team, and get ready for the Union-Red Bulls!

RSVP here.

Event details:

Where: Talen Energy Parking lot. Exact location TBA

When: Saturday, June 8th. From 2:30 PM until match time.

How much: Admission is pay-what-you-wish ($10 suggested)


  1. OneManWolfpack says:

    Gotta be Lot A!!

  2. The Truth says:

    Lot Ayyy!

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    I’ll only come if I can be ‘incognito— in the afternoon.’

  4. Steven Whisler says:

    And it’s Pride Night!!!

    • Pride night does nothing for me and my family but we’d be happy to stop by. My son, of normal birth, will be wearing a black and white Ronaldo Jeventus jersey. To us it’s all about the footy. Cheers fellas.

  5. Keep your trousers on Steve….. did I upset you? My wife gave birth to my two sons. It’s not that complex. You brought up pride night. What does that mean? I’m proud two be fortunate enough to have a beautiful wife and two wonderful, healthy boys. Angry you sound mate. Go U!

    • We’re all really impressed that you’ve copulated, Jeff, but when you define something as normal and not normal you’re being extremely hateful and dehumanizing. I simply hope you teach your sons to be accepting of all people.

  6. Just realized we’ll be in Aruba….have to jump on the patron page when we get home. Enjoy the game all! Come on the U!!

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