Postgame / Video

PSP Postgame Show: Union 0-0 Sounders

Video by 215Pix

Postgame wrap with Mike and Ryan.

Postgame press conference with Jim Curtin.

Player interviews

Andre Blake

Brenden Aaronson



  1. It’s a long season and there will be frustrating games like this from teams who don’t want to risk playing soccer with the Union so they’re going to bunker. Andre Blake has stolen a few results for the Union in the past. When the Union did it in Seattle last season they(unlike the Sounders) came away with 3 points. The Union created more than enough chances and could have won this game 5-0. Medujanin needs to shoot more than he does.The Union are a very good team.

  2. Really good to hear how well spoken Mr.Arronson is. And taking personal responsibility for missing his chances. That guy is and will continue to be impressive. Is his real name Neo.??

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