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News Roundup: Monterio Shines, Gyasi Zardes a DP, USMNT U-17s World Cup Bound

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Philadelphia Union

Game winners get you in the MLS Team of the Week. Jamiro Monterio reps the Union this week.

Think you can run the first place Union better? You can tell Ernst Tanner your ideas on Wednesday.

Need a ride? The U-Ride bus program is adding a third stop on Pattison Ave and Broad St.

Jim Curtin is a good motivator. Also, you can watch the Union beat Toronto over and over again.

Should Alejandro Pozuelo seen red?


Introducing Gyasi Zardes, now a DP striker.

We know the Union have depth, but are they also “ruthless”?

With 2 goals and 2 assists this week, Chicago’s Nico Gaitan is the MLS Player of the Week.

Speaking of the Chicago Fire, that rebrand isn’t definite yet.

Will NYCFC finally leave their baseball stadium mini pitch?

A lot of teams get hot, can the Union keep it? (Union is at 4:15 mark)


Barcelona is set to open a training academy in Nashville.

The USMNT U-17s qualified for the U17 World Cup. The face Canada tonight in the semifinals of the CONCACAF U17 Championship.

Need more excitement for this summer’s World Cup in France? Watch this Nike ad.

For the first time ever, 3 Africans share the Premier League Golden Boot.


  1. The U-Ride bus at Pattison Ave and Broad St: what was the logic behind dropping a bus at one of the deadest parts of the city?
    deep South Philly, where the closest, dense population is at least 3/4 mile and only in one direction (north). this “organization”… amazing.

    • The location makes sense – end of BSL with plenty of space for a bus and quick access to 95. The issue is the price… $19 bucks is a non-starter.

      • SilverRey says:

        Why? It’s cheaper than driving and parking.

        I do agree though that it should be closer to $10 (and what’s up with the $4 handling fee?)

      • lopezzzz says:

        Then we are in agreement : )


        It’s not cheaper than driving – neighborhood lots are 10 bucks. Also, its target audience is the folks that don’t drive.

  2. This isn’t necessarily relevant to the Union, but I’ve been previewing the Gold Cup, and how the heck did the US get put in a group with Panama AND T&B while Costa Rica gets Haiti, Bermuda, and Nicaragua? Maybe it’s a good test for the new regime though.

  3. Yeah I thought that was suspicious when the draw came out. I just look at it as our Revenge tour. Get to play T&T, who knocked you out of qualifying, and Panama, who basically replaced you at the World Cup last year.

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    in the only news that matters today…”Joshua Harris buys Spanish second division side Alcorcon.”
    maybe if the goddamn buy in to the boys club ponzi scheme wasn’t 200,000,000 we would not have to hear again and again how US Soccer is not ready and how owners would be too concerned with losing money.
    such bullshit we’re being fed.
    just one more wealthy american businessman dumping money into the world’s game but not the world’s game at home.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Agreed. Just saw this on Twitter. Really pissed me off.

    • I actually feel bad for Alcorcon. I hope they like Australian biologists as their doctors.

    • I wonder what the money difference is between US investment in overseas pro leagues vs US pro leagues? It would make an interesting report. My guess is that there’s a lot more money flowing out of the country to overseas clubs than is spent on US clubs by US or by overseas investors in the US. Some big teams run by US investors — Liverpool, Roma, Arsenal — then there’s investment in Swansea, Crystal Palace, I think Bournemouth…. I know there are clubs in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, too.

  5. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Bruce Arena taking over the New England Revolution and strong Rumors of them close to securing a soccer stadium site. Makes you wonder if the rumors of a stadium are coming to fruition? Can’t imagine Bruce taking that job if he didn’t think the owner is willing to compete and the Kraft’s have stated they would spend more on the team if they could get a stadium.
    Looks like new franchise owners might be putting some pressure on some of the older teams to spend more after all.

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